Trixie the Tricky Pixie

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Trixie adored her new abode. The tiny house suited her perfectly if it weren’t for all the pink. Trixie hated pink. It was an atrocious colour. Her black hair was cropped short and naturally spiky, giving view of her pointed ears, both pierced three times with broken pine needles. Her violet eyes were a sharp contrast to her familiar outfits of varying greens and browns, made with leaves. Her wings were like those of dragonflies; intricate patterns of transparent membranes which shimmered in the light. 

It was quite a change from the pixie grove she grew up in. There, nature ruled the land, with everything constructed from the surrounding forest. She never meant to hide in the human bag, but the deafening noise from their machine had her hiding in the nearest dark space. After quite the jostling ride, she found herself in the most peculiar of places. 

The land here did not sing of life or offer refuge. It was cold, with the strange mini suns offering no heat or comfort.  The tiny pixie spent her evenings exploring the human house finding new additions to add to her small home. Buttons, pins, ribbons, strings now decorated the miniature room in the miniature house. There was even a mini tea set already laid out for her; though she didn’t drink tea, she decided to keep it. The bedroom she settled in was pink everywhere. Ick. The floor and shelves were stocked full of miniature humans that weren’t humans, small animals that weren’t animals and gemstones set in metals that weren’t gemstones or metals. Despite all the pink, Trixie loved this room.

The room next to it was darker with browns and blues, mini machines laying around and a sleeping boy in the sheets. The small human girl in Trixie’s room was even smaller than the boy - so still massive compared to any pixie. Trixie enjoyed her evenings moving the toys and sparklies around to her preferences. She anointed a pretend bear to be the pretend princess with the pretend crown and left the royal procession in the middle of the floor for Isabelle, the adorable human youngling, to find.

Trixie scavenged for food from a limitless stash hidden away in a smaller cave down the one pathway. They must hide their food for the winter like squirrels in the woods. Trixie found very sweet morsels the size of her head that exploded flavour in her mouth and gave her the zoomies. After flitting around the entire house at record speeds, she couldn’t resist going back for more. She also collected some crumbly, salty ones that were stuck in a clear box she had to throw off the ledge to open. She only knocked over several other containers a few times, but left the mess to be found by the four legged creature that roamed this land. Trixie filled her tea set with water from this odd pool that was on the ground. It was next to another pool but that one was filled with pebbles that tasted gross.

Trixie hid from the humans as best she could, only coming out at night to explore and gather - at least until little Isabelle found her playing tea party in her doll house. When Isabelle had opened the entire house, Trixie tried to freeze in place, pretending to be another mini human that pretends to be human. Isabelle saw right through her, such a smart tiny human. They began to play together with Isabelle sneaking in more food and water for their tea parties. They didn’t talk much, but pixies knew how to entrance younglings. One afternoon she dusted her pixie dust over some animals that weren’t animals and had them moving around as if alive. 

Trixie had seen the small boy sporadically watching them play from the crack in the doorway, but she didn’t want to ruin their fun or get in trouble so she didn’t mention him. Soon Isabelle spotted him and, to Trixie’s surprise, invited him to their tea parties. The little boy’s name was Will and he loved playing dress up. He put on some of Isabelle’s dress up clothes and sparklies making all three of them giggle when he drank his tea with his pinky up and twirled in circles. Will never looked happier than when he played with us. The dollhouse was usually their main play area but they eventually went to Will’s room where they set up the pretend mini humans on the mini machines while Trixie moved them with her dust. The three spent many nights playing together letting their imaginations soar.

Weeks later in the late afternoon, Trixie was woken from her nap by shouting that resonated through the walls. She lay on her small bed made of cotton, cloth and tissues and listened until she couldn’t resist any longer. She quietly flew out of Isabelle’s room and peaked through the crack into little Will’s room where the giant human was towering over his youngling waving a mini human at him. Will was wearing a pink skirt over his clothes and some sparklies dangled from his neck. They must have left the dolls and clothes in Will’s room, but why would that anger the giant? The yelling was scary for Trixie, but watching tears roll down Will’s cheeks was worse. Then the giant struck Will across the head hard enough for him to fall down, a sob escaping him as he held a hand to his head. Trixie didn’t understand what was going on. Why would humans fight their young? Even the animals in the forest weren’t so savage. The giant kept yelling and waving the doll at Will as he cowered on the ground sobbing. Suddenly the giant turned and stormed out of the room, each step making the ground rumble as Trixie hid behind the door. 

Once the giant was gone, Trixie flew right to Will who was curled on his side, silently sobbing. She didn’t know how to make this better. She has been a proud pixie her whole life and never felt so small. Will opened his eyes and finally noticed her. His eyebrows came down as he stopped crying. He sat up quickly, reached out and grabbed Trixie in his fist. Her heart plummeted at the strength the youngling had over her. But Will didn’t crush her. He stood up with her in his hand, grabbed the doll that was on the ground, walked to Isabelle’s room and threw the three of us into the empty, pink room. He took off Isabelle’s things like they burned him, threw them on top of Trixie and left, shutting the door firmly behind him. 

Trixie lay there for some time as the real sun went down outside, with no small sun to give her light, and no Isabelle to make her feel better. She went over what had happened; how she had lost a friend so quickly. The giant was angry at Will for playing with dolls, but why? There are worse things to play with. Her thoughts went from the small house in Isabelle’s room, to the trucks in Will’s and those dangerous toys in that first room she was brought into. The eyes that had stared blankly at her. The giant’s toys spread over the room. Trixie didn’t know how they worked, but she has seen hunters in the forest before. How were dolls worse than the giant’s death toys? Her anguish over Will began to morph into something uglier. Something with a plan. 

By the time the giant was deeply asleep, Trixie had a small pink (ick) bag packed full of travel food. She wasn’t sure if she would be able to find food, but she had learned how to get outside a while back. She had stayed for the younglings, but now it was time to find a new grove with her own kind. But not before executing her plan.

Trixie’s pixie dust could only be used in small doses, which is why the little pixie was grateful she had saved some up for a while. She took the hollowed out acorn from her small bed and lifted the cupule to reveal the glittering granules. The light shone on her face, lighting up the dastardly smile she gave. 

Trixie went all the way to the one room she had refused to visit again. She flew into the cold room and fluttered up to the ungazing eyes of the dead. She tried not to look at the beautiful young stag as she dusted his head with her dust. Her worries that he would be stuck to the wall vanished as it lifted right off some hooks. She flew the head to the giant’s resting place and set him up perfectly, right next to the giant in the empty spot with the stag’s eyes staring at the sleeping beast. She then returned back to the den of death and repeated her process until she was out of pixie dust. 

Trixie floated above her work, another devious smile playing on her lips. How she wished she could stay to watch the giant’s reaction. The deer head sat directly in front of his peaceful face, the weapons that brought so much fear and death in her home were surrounding his sleeping form, all pointed at him. A beautiful brown owl was perched above his head, while a hare was waiting where he would place his feet. Just to sweeten the surprise, Trixie left every truck and mini machine from Will’s room right outside his room’s gate with mini humans seated in them. In place of Will’s toys, Trixie had left every single one of Isabelle’s dolls and animals, surrounding him like a pack.

The only thing Trixie felt guilty about was the outfit she took from one of Isabelle’s mini humans. It was a pink top with short, frilly sleeves that fit perfectly over her newly made ribbon top. She also kept a thin skirt that was made up of petal-like layers. It was also pink. Trixie realized she had become rather fond of the colour as she snuck out of the house and into the crisp air to start a new adventure. 

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