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Margaret graduated from the university with honors at the end of the Fall. Relieved but weary, her next chain of events was to find a place to live and acquire employment. She briefly moved back with her parents so she could save up some money while working and getting accustomed to a new schedule.

As you would expect, the first month or so went fairly smooth as her parents were happy to have her again. Margaret was getting out and about, distributing her resume and going on interviews. She even filled out a few applications as she was quite the Renaissance student in college by taking a variety of classes and volunteering here and there. She wasn't holding out for the perfect job but just for the right conditions.

Another month went creeping by. Margaret tried not to get discouraged but was getting a little desperate for a job. She needed something with stability. Her major at the university was in Design Studies. She could work as a coordinator, or a sales associate. She even applied for lead positions. Margaret eventually land a non supervisory position as a window treatment specialist in an anchor store. She loved to browse sample books, and on her first few days, walked up and down the aisles that housed the window displays. Little did she know that each client was testing her to see how she responded to questions. Margaret began to notice a pattern over the first few weeks as the regulars trickled in.

She dealt with seasoned designers who were specific and a little demanding. She also dealt with a few high end contractors looking for one of a kind treatments to use as a show piece. Margaret's preferred crowd were the housewives looking to spruce up their home decors. She learned each of the personalities on how to prepare and direct her sales pitch. She tried to take each client with a grain of salt. Sometimes, she intentionally diverted her client to the showroom while she referenced the manuals. Her clients grew to adore her because she kept up with the trends and was a good listener. She also developed a good memory for names.

One day during a lull in foot traffic, Olivia the Specialty supervisor, came around and complemented Margaret on her latest track record. Olivia said to keep up the good work and not to stop what she was doing. Margaret nodded and Olivia went on her way. Margaret was also in the midst of thumbing through paint chip cards she confiscated from the neighboring paint department. She thoughtfully distributed the paint cards in pairs and coordinated them with the treatments. The housewives loved her creative flair but not so much with the designers. The designers would take the liberty in rearranging the cards when Margaret wasn't looking. She wasn't extremely bothered by the action because the housewives would eventually move the cards back to the original spots.

Margaret learned each of the vendor representatives and they loved having her demonstrate their products on a regular basis. She was liking this new job turned career so far.

However, the day of all days came when her patience was tested by royalty, nonetheless. Margaret carefully listened and happened to pick up on the dialect. She continued to display sample books of color, texture, and brand. The client and Margaret each went back and forth, describing their own imagery. Normally, Margaret would step aside to compose herself by diverting the client without interfering with the sale. Not today! The client began to hurry the process so Margaret exchanged contact information and jot down their order. The client left in a huff without saying bye or have a nice day. She then composed herself by going over to the Paint department to briefly chat. She came back over to her desk and entered the order into the computer system. When Margaret completed the order, the grand total cost as much as a small army corp. She arranges payment from the client and faxes the complete order over to the expeditor. After production time at the manufacturer and persistent phone calls from the client, the treatments arrived at the store. She scheduled an install at the request of the client. The installation went remarkably well and the client was never heard from again.

24 months goes by, and Margaret is living on her own. She still is employed as a window treatment specialist at the same store. Her array of clientele grew by word of mouth.

One day, Margaret looks up from her desk and notices a familiar face. This client smarts back to her, and she immediately remembers that ill fated day. Margaret asks how she could be of assistance. The client slams their order sheet down onto the desktop, raising their voice so even people in Europe could hear.

“I want my money back!”

“Why is that, may I ask?”

“They don't fit my windows!”

Margaret looks over the old order sheet.

“Why don't they fit anymore?”

“Um, me and my husband relocated down the street.”

“Ma'am, those were custom made shades. If you want, you can schedule a new measure for your new residence.”

“How much?”

“$35 but it comes off the . . . .”

“Yeah, yeah, I know the drill”

Margaret then sets up a new measure, and the returning client hastily takes the invoice out of Margaret's hands.

“$35. . . .mumble. . . .$35. . . .hmph!”

“Have a nice day!”

When Margaret gets the new measurements back from the installer, she compares the new sheet to the old sheet. It just so happens that each of the measurement is off by a quarter of an inch. Margaret snickers, writes up the new order for the client who is a creature of habit. Same color and brand! Margaret thought to herself that the client was lucky to get the same type of shades after two years. She finishes up, faxes it to the back of the store, and hopes and wish things will go smoothly.

December 14, 2020 03:17

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I loved this story so much! :)


Writers Block
18:05 Dec 27, 2020

Thank you....based on a true event


Really? I didn't know that, but your welcome!


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