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Romance LGBTQ+ Transgender

Step by heavy, apprehensive step, Becca walked up to the juice bar where she was meeting her blind date. Well, where she was supposed to meet him. If he didn’t show, that would be understandable in her mind. Blind dates are so strange and you never know what to expect. She almost didn’t come herself. However, the picture her coworker, Dani, had shown her was quite convincing. Flawless skin and dark brown eyes, a killer combination in Becca’s mind. Pair that with a nice smile and she knew this man would be the death of her. He hadn’t been smiling in the picture, yet she felt a sense of calm when looking at his dark features and slight yet defined frame. Who knows, maybe it was just lust. She’d been fooled by her hormones before, the damn traitors. Either way, she was about to find out. She turned the corner into a small courtyard, which housed apparently every plant in Portland. How the hell would you find anyone in this jungle, let alone someone you were supposed to recognize solely by your memory of a photo? She began ducking around full-foliaged trees and nearly tripping over potted plants, trying to get a peak at each table to find a lone man sipping on juiced fruit.

Suddenly, something hit her hard from behind. As she fell, all she could think was “For the love of everything, please don’t let him see this if he’s here.” She caught herself just in time before her face went into a freshly potted rose bush. Disaster averted. She quickly jumped up, brushing herself off and discreetly looking around the courtyard to see if anyone had noticed the incredibly large commotion of which she was at the center. Of course they did, Becca. As everyone quickly, yet obviously, glanced their eyes back and forth between her and their own table, a figure entered Becca’s peripheral vision on her left while a hand lightly grabbed her arm. She looked then into those same dark brown eyes from the photo, only a couple of inches above her eyeline. She stared as her date’s mouth formed several phrases including “I’m so sorry” and “Are you hurt?” The last thing she saw him utter before he swept his palm over his face to rub his temples was what looked like “I’m so clumsy.” She smiled slightly, her cheeks still flushed pink with embarrassment. When he met her eyes again, she formed the letters “ok” with her fingers. She could see him mentally assessing the situation before surprisingly signing back to her.

You're not hearing?

Becca shook her head no.

Wow. Dani didn’t tell me that.

Well, watching someone panic as they realize they can’t communicate with their date is so much fun, and you know how much Dani enjoys a good joke.

She smiled teasingly at him, finally taking a seat at an open table. He swiftly sat opposite her, smiling slightly to himself, as well.

That she does. However, she knows I sign so I’m sure that was the reason this time.

So you're hearing?


Why did you learn to sign? She watched intently as his fingers deftly formed the next words.

My mom is deaf, so my siblings and I all grew up using sign. Had I known it would get me a date with a beautiful woman, I would have told Dani about it earlier.

The red in her cheeks from the earlier incident had almost faded out completely, but this comment had it rushing back with a vengeance. She dropped her head quickly, biting her bottom lip to hold back a grin.

She pulled a notepad and pen from her pocket and set them on the table. I guess I won’t be needing these then. I always bring them on dates. It’s fine for a couple of times, but most people tire of it, which I understand.

Well, I’m glad that we can communicate easily. I feel like I’m already a step ahead of your other dates.

Becca didn’t attempt to hide her blush and smile this time. However, as taking compliments was not her strong suit, she changed the subject again.

So I just realized I don’t actually know your name. Dani probably told me, but I have a horrible memory. I apologize in advance for that. She watched him chuckle at this.

No worries. My name is Miles.

Miles, that’s a really cool name. Was it in the family?

Actually, if we’re being completely honest, I chose it because two of my favorite people are named Miles. Miles Davis, my favorite musician, and Miles Morales, my favorite superhero. I guess the last one is more of a character than a person, but you know what I mean.

Wait, you chose it? Becca asked, raising one brow and squinting her eyes a bit. You must have been a really smart newborn, she joked.

Miles opened his mouth wide and threw his head back. The sound of the laugh may have been inaccessible to her, but the sight didn’t fail to give her butterflies even so.

Actually, I chose it when I was seventeen. I’m transgender, so I had the luck of being able to name myself. Not many people get that opportunity.

Becca’s face was even, though this news was certainly unexpected.

Oh wow, I guess Dani left out a lot of information about us, she signed warily, a pleasant twinkle still in her eye. She certainly didn’t want him to think that this was in any way an unpleasant discovery for her.

Actually, Dani doesn’t know. I don’t tell everyone about it because for me, it isn’t relevant in every situation. In my mind, I’ve always been a man. However, I do like to tell anyone I go on a date with, since I know people have certain preferences. I like to be open about that in case it changes someone’s feelings about the date.

As his hands slowly dropped back down to his lap, she knew his last statement was more of a question, checking to see if she was ready to call it quits and head home, one more failed date under her belt. She looked into his eyes, seeing the same vulnerability there that she often felt when her dates found out she was deaf. It was the constant question of “Is this person going to lose interest in me because of something that I can’t change about myself?” It was in those moments that her lack of hearing most felt like a disability.

To be honest, those things have never mattered to me. You can’t change who you are any more than I can. We were both born a certain way and from birth, that is who we were destined to be.

She knew her answer pleasantly surprised him as his face went from a portrait of apprehension to one of ease and comfort that can only be felt around those who can truly empathize with your struggle. Becca was glad she had taken her time to answer when she saw his demeanor return to the light, conversational aura from before.

She didn’t feel like he wanted to linger on the subject any longer so she just signed, I would love a solid food right about now and I’m looking around seeing nothing in that category. Would you want to grab a bite to eat? There’s a great place a couple of blocks down if you’re interested. We might could find some Miles Davis on the jukebox if we’re lucky.

He grinned widely, the type of smile she had felt certain he had when she saw his picture. He replied with a very enthusiastic, Hell yeah! Although, I’m feeling like maybe I’ve already used up all my luck today. With this, he gave her a very pointed look.

She was still not used to such open flirting, so she blushed again and quipped back as she stood, You think so? I guess I’ll save the Miles Morales costume in my closet for another date.

He stood to follow her out with a look of excitement. I’m loving the sound of another date, but I’m loving the sound of that costume even more. You should definitely tell me more about that on the way over.

Practically leaping out of her comfort zone and praying that the gut feeling she had about Miles wasn’t wrong, she replied, Well there will be plenty of time to talk at lunch, but right now I was kind of hoping to do something else with my hands.

She nimbly laced her fingers through his before she could change her mind as she turned around and began walking to the foliage-drowned exit. Feeling the same warm feeling that radiated from his photo, she stepped confidently, lighting pulling him behind. For a split second, she caught a glimpse of him in a window as they passed the juice bar. He was grinning from ear to ear and she found herself hoping that she would be able to produce that smile on many more occasions.

February 15, 2021 18:52

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Emily Chalkley
19:08 Feb 25, 2021

I love it.


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