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Fantasy Fiction Drama

No means: No.

No means: I do not consent.

No means: Not negotiable.

No means: A negative response to your unreasonable request.

GOON CENTRAL FUSION CENTRE: Two and a half years from now.

“Welp, that’s it. For the last two and a half years, that gal has consistently said no,” goon operative one mentioned to the room. He glanced at each one of his teammates in turn. They had been operating a campaign against the ‘Individual’ for 52.5 years. Men and women, in the military and police, along with the alphabet soup agencies, had come and gone. The ones who had started the stalking at the ‘Individual’s’ birth were all dead.

“She will surely say yes, at some point, if we keep the pressure up,” argued goon operative number two.

“We have kept the pressure up. We have ever upped the pressure. We have tried to find new ways of messing with her head. It isn’t working. In fact, she is so far from where we want her from that it seems like we drove her there. Everything we do towards her fails,” argued a more observant goon operative.

“Look, we have done this her entire life to her. The population doesn’t want to quit. Every slave we own is sure they can be the ones to move her where we want her to be,” goon operative number two was persistent.

“Fact number one about our owned slaves: they are slaves. Most of them don’t think for themselves. The ones that might, are two frightened of having this done to them. Those slaves know they couldn’t handle a fraction of what has been sent her way,” a female goon operative put in. “That soul of hers turned out to be more of an unknown quantity than we have ever seen. Not a person has ever successfully come out of mind control, sanity intact, and still ready to succeed.”

Goon operative number one cleared his throat, “Let’s look at the progress that we haven’t made. Before the start of Covid, she was showing major signs of deprogramming. We didn’t pay enough attention to what she said. We just figured that we could keep forcing her. We assumed that the energy of the masses could over come her will. We overestimated ourselves and underestimated her. Five years ago, she was doing what we wanted, but she told us then, that things were going to change if we didn’t. We abused her. We sent abusive people towards her. We tried to keep her hooked on drugs. We insulted her. In short: we were the biggest assholes that the world has ever seen. So, what did she do? She stopped doing what we asked. Why? Because we didn’t keep our word towards her. Why didn’t we keep our word towards her? Because we were fools. So, for two and a half years after that, she told us she would do exactly as we asked her to do if we cut her a deal, if we would keep our word towards her. For those two and a half years, we upped the pressure, and nothing worked for us. We socially isolated her and instead of that breaking her, she connected with herself, she elevated and stepped onto the path of enlightenment. And for those two and a half years, she waited at the table for us to step forward and do the deal. What did we do? We failed to negotiate with a grown, conscious, powerful woman for what we wanted. Then, she withdrew the offer. She told us to put our requests where they fit. She began to tell us ‘no’ in no uncertain terms. She told us that even if we did the deal, she wouldn’t agree to it. For the last two and a half years, we have tried everything on her and it just doesn’t work. We have oppressed her for 52 and a half years. At some point in the last 5 of those years, the oppression has failed, and the tide has turned, against us.”

The room was silent. This meeting was being held away from the eyes of the slaves, as all the meetings were. The slaves could not be allowed to know that their masters were not all powerful. There could never be any question in the minds of the slaves, that their masters (who were puppets themselves) were not in the right, and that sometimes the wrong individual was targeted for the wrong reasons, as it was in this case against the ‘Individual’.

Goon operative one continued, “And now there is karma. Our karma. Things have been going wrong in the slaves lives, and fortunately for us, they don’t believe in karma. But, that isn’t all. Things aren’t looking so good for us and our organisation. Our occults, our psychics have seen a wall of negative energy ready to crash down on top of our heads. This wall of negative energy is the energy we sent towards her, but because her debt is paid, she has protection and she is becoming enlightened, that wall of negative energy has had nowhere to go but to the people that set it in motion: us. I, for one, don’t care what our bosses say. I know I have a karmic debt to pay, and not only that, but I have also loved ones. I don’t want my family to pay for my evil, and according to that wall of karma, if and when I do get reborn, I’m going to be in a worse position than we put her in, and I am not looking forward to that.”

Little sounds could be heard in the room as the operatives re-arranged themselves out of the discomfort of their own conscience. Sometimes, enough cruelty and evil really is enough cruelty and evil.

“I say, that even though our slaves want to continue, that even though our bosses want to continue, that we bring this operation to an end, before things get bad for everyone involved, but her. I say that it is time for us and our slaves to exit her existence the way they have been, and if some of the slaves don’t want to exit nicely, well, they can reap their manifestation for themselves that they tried to send to her,” goon operative one finished.

One by one, each of the goons nodded their heads in quiet agreement. Each of the goons except for goon operative number two.

“Problem?” Goon operative one asked.

“Yes. I like being an evil asshole,” goon operative two sulked.

“We all do. But this gal is too powerful. The situation is a negative return on interest. The clients we had who loved to see her hurt have all left our system. Our masters aren’t even interested in cruelty towards her. The entire operation is losing money. There is nothing more to be gained by oppressing her. If she ever hits full power, she can end us, and karma will be with her and against us. I don’t want it to get that far.”

“I still like being an evil ass…,”

Goon operative one pulled out his Western Australia police force issue pistol and shot goon operative number two in the head. Blood and brains spattered each goon operative. “Right, well, any other objections?”


October 01, 2022 02:38

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Tommy Goround
08:49 Oct 22, 2022

Clap'n This is not a courtesy comment. I like the story. You have been one of the few people to have really long paragraphs that did not annoy me. That means at some point this reader became engrossed. :) Yummy. Even when my mind was trying to figure out all of the metaphors... You changed it to the personalities of the goons. The goons actually became interesting. Meaning? Idk. But I want to go and write a little story about the day that China and India get together... Conquer the United States... And they are kind of nice. This is a ...


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