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Fantasy Adventure

This story contains themes or mentions of physical violence, gore, or abuse.

3 March 20XX

I’ve woke up again with that strange dream. It’s been over a month since it started. Every night I see the same dream, with the only difference that each time I see a bit more of it until I wake up screaming. This is insane.

The dream is so familiar to me now, that sometimes I cannot say if this is a dream or reality. When it starts and I find myself on a plateau, floating in the sky, I say at once that this is a dream. Then, everything that happens is so real, feels real too, and my mind gets confused.

I found myself within a group of ‘human-birds’ I think is best to describe them. They speak the same language with me, but their appearance is totally different.

Their form looks like human, they stand on their two feet, however their arms are covered with feathers, as their whole body as well, ending in sharp claws on both hands and legs. Their faces resemble more like birds. With big bright eyes and beak for mouth.

7 April 20XX

I live among them every night that I close my eyes. I’ve become part of their village, although I’m an alien to them. They treat me well, making sure I get whatever I want the moment I ask for it. I did some research on their scrolls. What I found; I wouldn’t believe it unless I see it with my own eyes.

The picture in one of the scrolls looks exactly the same with me. However, our clothes are different and she’s also carrying on a longsword and shield. Her clothes, a dark green dress with a red row of fabric crossing her chest.

That’s why they welcomed me. They think I’m the same person. Wait until they find out that I’m not some sort of warrior, instead I’ve been afraid even my own shade for as long as I know me.

10 May 20XX

This is getting serious and I’m starting to freak out. After I found out that they think that I’m the champion they’ve been waiting for so long, I woke up this morning and found myself wearing the clothes I saw in the picture.

I remember I got to bed last night wearing my pajamas and I haven’t got a dress like that, ever! I screamed so loud when I opened my eyes and looked at my attire, that my mum came running downstairs to check on me, but thankfully I managed to put on a robe to cover it up before things get too messy. After all she wouldn’t believe me. She never does.

The bad thing is that even if I tell anyone about this, no one will take me seriously. And it’s rational to show some disbelief on my story, I hardly believe it myself.   

24 May 20XX

The longsword and shield have been added in my accessories. This morning, I opened the closet and found them inside, wrapped in linen. I stop trying to figure out what it is and what it isn’t. I believe it’s real.

I don’t know if I’m transported magically in my sleep or whatever happens. It’s a real pain in the back and I have to deal with it properly.

I spoke with their chief last night. He thinks I’m ready, however, my training will continue.

3 June 20XX

The threat has made its appearance last night. Taking the form of a giant crimson bird, it dived into the village out of nowhere. The inhabitants scattered around, taking cover inside their homes. Some of them returned shortly after, carrying bows and firing at it, but the damage was minimum.

After a couple of circles above us, I heard a loud voice crashing my ears. Its voice. When the threats were over, it made its move. I ended up injured and the beast left, saying that we’ll meet again.

I woke up and found on my body the very same wounds I suffered from the fight. The beast has got me by surprise. All this time, I’ve been preparing for something which I had no idea how it looks like, how strong it is, nothing.

16 July 20XX

My life outside of this is very immaterial to be dealing with it now. I do my daily routine keeping minimum interaction with people. Throughout the day, I long for the night when the adventure begins.

I’ve been practicing intensively since the attack of the beast. The whole village is alert, reinforcing the establishments and preparing for battle.

This time I won’t be easy on it.

3 August 20XX

The day has come. The beast made its appearance as promised. At first, flames start spitting from its beak. The villagers were running to put down the flames, while others, with bows at hand started shooting at it. This kept going for a long time, or so I thought it was.

I stood there with them, sword and shield at hand, making my way forward. This was a battle between me and it.

“Are you scared? Come face me!” I scream.

The beast turned towards me. Finally, I got its attention.

“Puny champion, are you sure you want to die?”

Its voice reminded me the demons in movies. But this was not a movie. This was pure madness.

“I’ll send you back to the pit where you came from.” I state, placing the shield in front of my chest. The sword held up, ready to strike.

The beast dives letting a loud cry, flying towards me. I can see its thick black claws coming forward as it takes position for attack. I dodge, rolling on the side. It flies up, takes a turn and dives again. This time, I managed to make a cut on its foot. I paid it with a scratch of its claws on my shoulder. I feel the warm blood dropping down from my wound, but I stand my ground. This is tougher that I thought. I need to somehow bring it on the ground.

“Aim at the wings!” I shout towards the bowmen.

I see them dripping the tips of the arrows inside small pots they had in front of them. Bringing them up to the bows, they shoot it as it dives again spreading fire. Some find their target on its wings. It doesn’t appear to make any progress.

Every launch forward I made results only in making cuts on its feet but nothing more. My hands begin to tremble, the sword and shield are heavy. I cannot carry them for much longer.

Suddenly the beast looks like is losing its balance. Whatever that liquid was it’s working. Maybe it’s some kind of poison. The beast’s fly becomes clumsy, ends up landing on the ground with speed. A huge cloud of dust lifted the moment it touched the ground.

When the dust settled down, a crater had formed around it. Without wasting more time, I run for it. I let a cry as I get any strength left in me and lift the sword up.

I still remember its eyes pinned on me as I push the blade between them. The ground shakes. I don’t know if I should stay or run. The beast crumbles into dust and the sword beams an eerie light. The dust starts lifting, floating around me before with a swift move is absorbed by the sword. I can hear its distant cry, coming from within the sword. The beast is not dead?

I felt a hand on my shoulder and jump back by surprise. It was the chief.

“You sent it back to its place.” He said calmly.

16 August 20XX

After spending almost two weeks repairing the damages left behind from the battle with the beast, I grew fond of them. They also promised to build me a machine that will allow me to fly, if I decide to stay. This is what troubles me since this morning, when I opened my eyes and found myself back.

I spent all day writing the implications of any option, and yet I cannot make a final decision. From one part, I have people who love me, although they may not show it regularly, but they don’t need me. On the other part, I have people who need me, and I don’t know if they love me.

This may be the last entry on my diary. Or not.

April 01, 2022 09:53

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Mike Panasitti
01:06 Apr 07, 2022

Evina, despite the grammatical and idiomatic difficulties, this was a great fantasy story. I'd delete the penultimate paragraph. I don't think it is necessary. I hope there are future diary entries.


E. Roux
04:29 Apr 07, 2022

I'm happy you like it! Thank you very much for the feedback!


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