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They were malevolent humans forced to roam the earth as demons, attached to someone corrupt who's about to die and become a demon as well. After being attached to 5 villainous people they must then attach themselves to a human who is soon about to die and become an angel. They must protect them from all types of danger and evil forces for 6 years and see first hand how kind good people can be and also the domino effects of their evil deeds. After their humans have turned into an angel and they finished their six year attachment they are given three tests to see if they have learned the power of love and kindness or if they will have to stay demons and then forced to be gargoyles. If they have learned their lesson they can say goodbye to one person. Then they transform into gargoyles who are spiritually split into statues and heaven to protect the good ones of the world. 

Only the extremely ferocious demons are forced into becoming Gargoyles immediately and their bindment is their punishment. They are forced to watch over corrupt churches and holy centers because the most heinous crimes against innocence and humanity are seen there and they must feel the pain of every victim. They must give the victims small pieces of happiness straight from the mountains of spiritual joy, awakening and love. That is why some gargoyles that you see look distraught and hopeless and why others seep vile and dark energy. 

What he, Max, did in his life that made him into a demon was ruthlessly running the cartel and he truly enjoyed separating families and psychologically and physically torturing individuals. Max lured people into human chicken fights and made the survivors be auctioned off to gangs who either killed them, sold them, made them into lab rats or worse. For the losers he cut up their bodies and fed them to people preparing to fight. Max also took different types of drugs and used them to dip over the counter meds in and got people of all ages hooked. He recruited teenagers to whom he sold and made sale drugs to make a profit and recruit new junkies. Max had a reputation to everyone in the underground world and as a human he was proud of himself for it. Nobody messed with him and people always apologized for upsetting him and his family. He was what one might call a “Boss” because he ran and controlled a certain territory and maintained a level of respect from all at all times. He was fierce, dangerous, darkly attractive and evil. Max had a demon attached to him for the last three years of his life. The demon rejoiced in the misery Max gave others and the demons’ negative energy led to Max’s gruesome death. 

However, Everytime earth angels did a good deed a bell, tuned into their energy frequency would ring. Everytime the bell rang, two hundred and twenty two kilograms of the human body became replaced with light until they eventually transcended up to heaven to receive their wings. Then they return to earth helping other humans reach inner love and peace. With every good deed after they become filled with light they are given 100 angels to look over them and help them in dark times and to pray for them. When you are an earth Angel and have a soon to be gargoyle watching over you, you are shielded from different types of pain and trials in life that your light would otherwise misjudge. Livie is unaware of her power and purpose in this life and that’s the main reason why Max was given specifically to her. Livie Is about to move to a different french city where she will meet a man that promises to give her a great future but has other plans to steal her precious life force away from her. 

You know, humans say it's the little things that matter and the small things that count but that's only true for a small percentage of humans. Livie volunteered almost as much as she brushed her teeth. She gave to charity often and did everything she could to be environmentally friendly and aware. Though, the main thing Livie did that made Max fall in love with her was her ability to calm any angry and deranged soul while also being kind. In all situations with angry people all she had to do was put her hand on their left shoulder, look them in their eyes and say “I hear you and I see your pain”. It was like magic and Max was hypnotized and hooked. He began to become expertly aware of all their surroundings. Making sure she didn't accidently step in puddles or cross an empty intersection with a speeding car right around the corner, touch a poisonous leaf or speak to a violent person. He promptly took his role as a protector more intensely than he did anything in his human life. It’s extremely rare for an ex-demon to have any feelings for the humans or earth Angels they accompany but she was rare and worth the wait. The only item of possession he owns is the mirror of existence. It shows the seer the world without the veil draped over it. The only gift he can give her is the truth even though he wishes it was his love. 

Max, The Gargoyle, leaves a note to Belle and tells her which of her good deeds made the biggest impact on the world. He planted a mirror within the note with instructions to close her eyes and put the mirror two inches above the space between her eyes. He shows her how everyone around her knows that she's an angel, as well as his afterlife since he was blessed to protect an earth angel and how he’s super grateful for her love and kindness. The night before he had to leave her side he ran his fingers through her aura on top of her head to help her fall asleep. He swayed towards the open breezy night sky cascading the moonlit room. He looks up and begins asking why. Can transitioning demons cry? If I had met her in my life I’d leave the evilness behind. Why wasn’t I brought to her in my life? I don't trust anyone to protect and love her more than I do. My darling. My sweet earth Angel. My calm in the darkest storms. Please do not forget me, don’t forget the way my aura feels as I sit on your shoulder. As I run my fingers through your thick brown curly hair. As I kiss your adorable round cheeks in the dead of night when the swamp frogs and dragonflies are most awake. Please my lost love, please do not forget about me. I will be near every gargoyle you pass and if you remember me just say hi or give me a little rub. I’ll see it through the magical eyes of all gargoyles. Even in Heaven you will be my happy place and the truest place where my love resides. Thank you my darling Angel. Thank you!


June 11, 2021 17:43

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