Christmas Fantasy Happy

Standing on tip toes, Kathy gripped the window ledge with her fingernails and pulled herself higher, the skin of her knees scraping against the wall, until she could see outside.

Her breath against the glass pane blurred her view but she could still see the thick snowflakes falling to the ground, and the stars twinkling behind them.

Yes, she thought, it’s snowing!

Dropping back to the floor, Kathy shivered as she felt a cold draught travel up her legs and under her nightie, her bare skin goose bumping through the thin material.

Wrapping her arms around herself, she crept as silently as she could back into her bed and pulled the covers up high. The sheets were still warm from when she’d left them only moments before and, just as she felt her eyes begin to close, Kathy heard it.

The front door slowly open and close.

She held her breath.

Santa? she thought, and then shook her head. No, it wasn’t the right night.

Unless, maybe, but no, there’s no way her parents would cancel Christmas. Or would they?

Kathy chewed her lower lip.

They had said only that day that Santa wouldn’t come if she didn’t tidy her room and then, well, she’d gone out to play. Oh no! What if it was Christmas, and it had been cancelled?

Sitting up in bed, Kathy looked around her darkened room. Surely Santa would be too busy to worry about her bedroom?

A small cough came from downstairs. Kathy heard it.

What if she went and told Santa that she was sorry? Maybe he would give her Christmas!

Stumbling from bed, Kathy grabbed hold of Rufus’s furry paw and dragged him with her. She could sense his tired, glassy eyes staring at her.

“I know it’s cold,” she said. “But we have to see Santa.”

Rufus didn’t say anything. Maybe he was still asleep, or just excited about meeting Santa. Either way, a teddy was still a good ally.

Slowly, Kathy sat down on the top step and slid her way to the bottom, her bare feet feeling for the next step, her arms clutching Rufus tightly on her lap.

It was dark in the hall, she could see darkened shapes and silhouettes against the wall, which during the day were coats hanging on dozens of hooks.

The door to the kitchen was open, and a thin, bright light coming from the open fridge door lit up the room.

“….there must be something in here,” a small voice whispered, shuffling aside bottles and packets. “Ah, here it is!”

A jar smashed on the floor as it fell from a shelf.

“Santa?” Kathy asked.

The shuffling stopped in the fridge and then, slowly, a small, hairy face peered around the fridge door.

Kathy screamed, and so did the small, hairy face.

“You’re not Santa!” she gasped, squeezing Rufus tightly.

Slowly, several long fingers gripped the edge of the fridge door and a pair of large eyes, almost hidden by the rough tangle of matted hair, stared back at her.

“Santa?” it asked in a high-pitched voice. “Who is Santa?”

Kathy stared at him.

Who hadn’t heard of Santa?

“He delivers presents on Christmas to all the good children,” she started to say and then, as the creature turned back to fridge and started shuffling and pushing out more jars and bottles, she stamped her bare feet on the tiles. “Hey, you can’t do that!”

The creature tore open a packet , and a few chocolate biscuits scattered on the floor.

“They’re for Santa!” Kathy yelled, rushing forwards and slamming the fridge door, standing with her back to it.

After a few moments, the creature starting knocking from the inside.

“Urm excuse me, I don’t know if you’re still there, but it’s very dark and cold in here. Would you mind letting me out?”

“No! Those biscuits are for Santa!”

The creature started sniffling,” I’m so sorry, but I was so hungry and it looked so nice and warm inside your house when I looked through the window.”

Kathy looked down at Rufus as he stared back up at her.

“What do you think?” Kathy asked him.

He continued to stare at her.

“Oh, alright then,” she muttered, opening the fridge door.

Stumbling out with his arms wrapped around himself, the creature shivered,” T-thank you.”

Coughing and sneezing into his elbow, the creature started to shuffle slowly out the kitchen, his little shoulders hunched.

“Wait,” Kathy said, picking up the biscuits that were on the floor. “I’m sure Santa won’t mind if you have some of the biscuits.”

His eyes lighting up, the creature spun around and grabbed the biscuits from her hand, shovelling them into his mouth.

Crumbs dropped all over the floor, and Kathy giggled,” I do that to.”

Grinning, the creature burped and she giggled again.

“Now,” the creature said, “what can I do for you?”

“There’s nothing you can do for me,” Kathy said, shaking her head.

“Well what about you?” the creature asked Rufus, bending down and smiling at him. “Quiet, isn’t he?”

“He’s just tired.”

“Oh, I see.”

Shivering, Kathy hopped from one leg to another,” I’m going back to bed now, I just thought you might have been Santa, and then I could have said I was sorry.”


Kathy nodded,” Yes, I did mean to tidy my room but then it was so nice outside, I just wanted to play.”

“Oh, I see,” the creature said again.

“And now Santa might not visit me.”

The creature smiled,” But you were nice to me, I’m sure that counts.”

Shrugging, Kathy smiled as she started to climb back up the stairs, placing both feet on each step and reaching up high for the railing.

“Good night Kathy,” the creature said softly, before clicking his fingers gently.

Kathy looked back over her shoulder as the reached the top but the hallway was dark and empty.

Yawning she snuggled back under the blankets. The warm spot had gone.

“Good night Rufus,” she whispered, tucking his arm under so he wouldn’t get cold.

Rufus was already asleep.

“Merry Christmas!”

Kathy opened her eyes. Her dad danced around the room, opening the curtains so a brilliant white light lit up the room.

“Merry Christmas Kathy!” he repeated. “I thought you’d have been up ages ago! Never mind, you should see the snow! And…”

Her dad looked around the room.

“Kathy,” he said. “ When did you find time to tidy your room? Good girl, now Santa will visit!”

Rubbing her knuckles into her eyes, Kathy looked around.

Her bedroom was spotless, except for a small piece of paper on the floor. With a few chocolate biscuit crumbs.

“Well,” she said, tucking Rufus tightly in the blankets. “It just depends who you meet in the middle of the night.”

June 06, 2021 04:17

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Kyle Edelman
11:03 Jun 13, 2021

Absolutely wonderful. Book marked it for future reads!


Vicky S
12:22 Jun 13, 2021

Thanks so much


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Suzanne Elson
20:03 Jun 12, 2021

Hi! Oh my lord I absolutely loved your story-I love everything xmasy! I would love to collaborate with you on a picture book if you'd ever be interested. I've written 2 picture books so far-not xmas themes of course, I just love your style :)


Vicky S
01:01 Jun 13, 2021

Thanks so much suzanne.id love to work on a kids book with you


Suzanne Elson
19:34 Jun 14, 2021

Hi! Do you have a personal email that you could forward me and I can send you my manuscript my first book and that’ll give you a feel of my style and then we can move forward from there? Thx!


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Suzanne Elson
19:35 Jun 14, 2021

Hi! Do you have a personal email that you could forward me and I can send you my manuscript my first book and that’ll give you a feel of my style and then we can move forward from there? Thx!


Vicky S
03:59 Jun 15, 2021

Hi, my personal email is symondsvictoria5@gmail.com Can't wait!


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Zelda C. Thorne
11:02 Jun 08, 2021

Hi Vicky, This was such a cute story, it made me smile!


Vicky S
01:05 Jun 09, 2021

Thanks Rachel


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