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Heaven and earth has seen many love and hate stories venture through time, father time himself could not keep records of. With the buzz of romance a sudden heartbreak will bring a void to one’s heart and leave it an empty space.

Filling that heart, now an abyss, is all but an act of letting someone reach out and touch your center soul, well mostly. Sometimes, we may never fill that void, or it takes sailing bravely through known and unknown obstacles. Just so happens I know two God’s whom had a ambivalence problem that took years for the two God’s to achieve a solution.

Cupid, the love God, sent an arrow towards a man who had hate surrounding him. The arrow however missed the man and hit hate instead. Cupid became appalled and flew off towards the heavens embarrassed. Not knowing what hate would do, Cupid stayed hidden in a secret heavenly cave, behind a sparkling waterfall.

 Hate, whom the Gods called Erida, got so angry at first but then instantly fell in love with Cupid when Erida went searching the heavens for Cupid. Hate searched to the ends of heaven looking for Cupid to no avail. Erida had been distraught since Cupid filled the empty space in her heart and shrilled out in pain. Her heart came to be a black void at the very beginning of her existence, therefore, no one ever touched her heart before, until Cupid’s arrowly mistake.

Time went on, but for everyone on earth love consumed them and no bad behavior occurred amongst any. For a hundred years love was the only thing in the world because hate no longer had hate. Soon, a unbalance transpired on earth as well in heaven and under the heavens, which we call the bottomless pit. These empty spaces which no longer held hate, in time disrupted the course of balance which time itself needed. No longer did man hate the killer, thief, or misanthrope and people would need this emotion in case a possible occasion would arise.

Eventually though, the more Cupid denied Erida the angrier hate became and she got her hate powers back. Hate at that point destroyed the world because of her rage towards Cupid. Earthly humans cried out to Erida to relinquish her anger yet she stubbornly would not listen. As time went on the humans had to find refuge anywhere they could as to avoid Erida’s wraith. With all the hate currently engulfing love, Cupid took noticed and he arose out of his hiding place up in heaven.

Venturing down to earth Cupid saw with horror the sight Erida had created upon all the world. Cupid flew fast and he swiftly reached where Erida happened to be drizzling her black hate magic on a few remaining survivors. Erida’s face lite up wildly with vengeance when she saw Cupid fluttering her way and she stood motionless waiting for him to get near.

 Hate fumed at Cupid once he arrived at her side. “I will destroy the thing in which you love because you annihilated the only love I ever had. Why did you hit me with your arrow and then vanish towards the heavens?”

“My operation of decision towards an awkward situation is no concern of yours. What have you done to these humans?” Cupid hovered and looked sadly at Erida.

Cupid had not been distressed because it was Erida he really loved not the world. Erida seemed confused and asked Cupid why he did not tell her, or ever except her offer of a relationship when she searched high and low in heaven and earth. She even raided the depths of the bottomless pit scouting here and there to find the only one that could ever bring a twinkle in her heart.

“I will always hate you for that disgusting and wonderful feeling you gave and took hastily away.” Erida put her hand across her heart and one, just one, single tear rolled down her cheek. The tear at that moment, transitioned from Erida’s hate magic into a tear shaped heart, turned black, split into and abruptly shattered.

Cupid replied with regret, “you think the world or us are ready for a love hate relationship. Besides I would probably end up hating you and where would it end up as. Just hate in the world. A very disturbing unbalance, and you know it.”

“Exactly, that was my goal the whole time. To spread my hate. You think I would love you. I actually got in front of that human man you tried to shoot the arrow at. You think yourself a clumsy bow God?” Erida evilly glared at Cupid.

“I know that you black God. Do not be fooled, that hate for me is desire. I wanted the arrow to hit you to see how you felt about me is all. I knew you would try something like that one day and it does scare me. Other God’s told me how you eye my way when we bring reports to heaven. That is why, since you desire me, I hate you and why I also love you.” Said Cupid with a heavy heart.

Erida gasped and paced back and forth stormingly. “ I know you love me you love God. The reason why I hate you and the real reason I got hit by the arrow. This strange attraction I have for you is overwhelming when I see you. These sprinkle of emotions when I am around you is also why I know I really do love you.”

All God’s and humans get mixed feelings. I have been ambivalence on people and love myself, however, I try to decide on what I think or feel. Nevertheless, some like the variety of mixed emotions and get a sensational thrill. Cupid the love God and Erida the hate God had went through a lot to finally show and tell each other how they felt towards one another. May the heavens shine on their ambivalence balance of emotional passion.

The end.

August 22, 2021 03:46

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Zahra Naazir
09:01 Aug 31, 2021

This was a really fun read. I have always loved the Greek gods and their obvious charm. Use them to provide a story to this prompt is very creative. The read was simple and interesting. Thanks. Keep writing.


Brian Rains
14:20 Aug 31, 2021

Thanks for commenting on my prompt. I am very interested in all the mythologies, including the Norse and China. Maybe I will try and write stories about them in the future. Thank you again.


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Kathleen `Woods
08:17 Aug 30, 2021

This was a pretty cool use of some lesser greek deities, and the "character who’s trying to fill an empty space" part is definitely covered, considering Cupid's actions. thanks for writing!


Brian Rains
13:34 Aug 30, 2021

Thank you, it was a blast writing it.


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