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Hi, my name is Zahra. Firstly, I'm Sri Lankan. I'm also a mum of three and an educator. I find myself pretty exhausted on most occasions, but I do love my life. My eldest daughter is morphing into a teenager (yikes) the other two have unimaginable amounts of energy. Still they light up my life and make it so much more meaningful. I love my students so very much too. I teach English language at the boys section of the school I teach. I've learnt a lot from them and love absolutely every moment. The Reason I Write 🌈 Well, I'm actually pretty new to this. It all started a few years ago when my dad wrote me a poem for my birthday. It was the sweetest thing ever. Unfortunately he passed away a year later and I hold on to that poem quite closely as it means so much. The poem touched me so much I wanted my kids to feel the same amount of love. I decided to write three poems, one for each of them. Something amazing happened. You see, being a working mum of three is no easy feat. I became a stressed out gal who expels it all through insane bursts of anger. The poems felt like a huge part of that anxiety had been removed. I began to write a lot more poems. A lot! I did it every time I felt low, inadequate, unloved, insignificant, angry, frustrated and the list goes on. I guess its an outlet and I became very grateful for the fact that I had finally found a way of expressing all that was brewing inside. I then moved on to bigger pieces and now write short stories. I am still petrified of trying out bigger projects. I feel I do need to improve and grow as a writer. I would be honored to receive constructive feedback so I know what I must do to gain the standards required. I feel Reedsy will help out with this. I'm sorry if I've bored you but this is ME. HAVE A GREAT DAY!