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Is it weird to say that I've learned my current writing style through instant message? you might see a preference for the fantastical, but this is mostly inexperience on my part. I believe in going first by subject then by sound, which is why I sometimes edit with an E-reader. Those who I've bothered in their comment section may be aware of its alternative use. I like knowing that unrelated people read my work sometimes. I sometimes get bogged down by my style, and by attempts at subtext. If this helps you to make the choice to comment, Remember that it's easier to cut a hemline with distance than with a mirror. By that I mean, you aren't doing anything wrong by telling me what you see, even if it wasn't intended on my part. Also I don't know whether this counts as pressure or not, but shoving opinions on my older stories is actually a really good idea, and you should do it.