The Mystery Man.

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Author’s note: Hello! New story here! This is a first-person story written by a 14-year old girl  about a family (and a cat)  that live in the UK who get a strange stranger that their uncle brought along with him. Hope you enjoy my story!  

Uncle Len was our favourite uncle.

Not just mine, also my big brother’s (Sam, although he likes to be called Blaze since he said that ‘Sam’ is a babish name) and probably my mum and dad’s too.

He was ever so kind, he brought presents every time he visited, that’s why we wanted him to visit every single week, but we knew that would never happen since he lived up in Manchester while we were stuck down in Devon.

I mean, I couldn’t complain because we lived just down near the beach and we could just have a 25 minute drive down to the beach.

Dad always kept an eye on Uncle Len since he was single, so Dad had to watch whenever Uncle Len and Mum were in the same room.

Uncle Len worked at a Lawyer business, Blaze (Sam) would often ask if ‘he’d sued someone’s butt off’, but the answer was always the same.

“I’m not A lawyer, I work among them. I keep track of how much money everybody is earning, how many lawyers buildings are open and what if the profit. 

Blaze said he wanted to be a lawyer but I will not tell you why since it will be inappropriate and I might get sent off to my room(you know, my mum is always sneaky and checks everything that I do, although she always denies it).

Besides, Uncle Len is visiting today.


There he was!

We all rushed downstairs.

Blaze slid down the top of the handle next to the stairs and flew off and hit the wall with a loud...THUD! 

He fell onto the floor.

“You alright, darling?” asked my Mum.

“YES,” he said through his gritted teeth as he stood up.

It was Uncle Len. 


Was it?

He was standing with a creepy man. The man was wearing a black-whooly hat and a black suit and black trigged trousers.

Uncle Len smiled and Blaze put out his hand.

“What present do you have this time? I told you I wanted a PS5 last time!” 

“Sorry. No present this time,” smiled Uncle Len.

We were all very confused.

“You see,” he began, “I’m quitting the lawyer business. I need a better wage. I need something better. So when I was leaving last time I visited, mind you, that was only 2 weeks ago, I saw a poster that a job needed to be applied at the electricity plant. It’s just outside of town. It has double the wage I would get as my last, so I’ll be going off and signing up for this place while my friend here, Thomas, will be seeing how many people have electric houses and what companies they are from. It’s a 3-4 day job so I thought there’s no better place for him to stay than at your house! You still have that extra bed, don’t you?”

What on Earth was going on? Besides, this man looked nothing like Thomas, he looked like a murdered who just murdered several other people and robbed 4 different banks. That’s not the Thomas the tank engine I knew from when I was a little baby. 

Mum was also speechless.

“Well! Welcome in!” 

Dad smiled and greeted the man in.

The man just stood there.

He stood there.

I was pretty sure he had just died from a horrible disease when he said, “well, we’d all better do our jobs now,”

His voice was like he worked as a miner for his whole life.

I went upstairs and lay on my bed.

Then I looked out of the window.

This man just walked past all of the houses and straight down the road.

“Pretty suspicious, eh?” asked Blaze.

“Stop sneaking up on me like that!” I yelled.

“Well, I bet he’s a top secret person working to destroy the world,” Blaze answered.

“Oh, yes. And maybe Mum is a Russian spy,” I muttered.

“Mum’s a Russian spy?” he asked as he jumped down the stairs (in one big jump, smacking into the wall again as he landed) and ran up to Mum, “what do you know about Russia…”

Blaze might be my big brother, but he acts like a 7-year old boy trying to be a detective after watching all of the James Bond movies in one night. 

My head was spinning.

No, Blaze couldn’t have been right, could he?

Luckily, before I said it out loud and probably a man would come into my bedroom and kidnap me or something, Mum called us for tea.

It has been quite a while now. The man still hadn’t come back yet.

“Psst! Psst!”

“Waa?” I asked yawning, “I’m trying to fall asleep here,”

“Remember what I told you before? I was right. That man is evil.”

 “Go away!” I yelled as I threw one of my pillows at him.

Bang! Smash! Wizz!

It hit the light, wich then fell down and smashed onto the floor right next to my cat’s tail, which sent the cat wheezing through the air, yowling like mad.

“I've got evidence,” smiled Blaze.

“What now?” I asked him tirely. 

“Look what I saw in that weird man’s schedule-time something book!”

He held out a book called: “the planning book of the year”.

“Quit reading all his stuff!” I yelled out angrily.

“SHH!” he hissed as he grabbed me by the shoulder and pulled me up.

It really hurt.



He pointed to Tuesday 7th March.


“Blow-Up meeting 12th avenue street 21:11.”

“What in the world is a Blow-Up meeting?” I asked.

“I don’t know. Let’s investigate,” smiled Blaze.


“Simple. We go to 12th avenue street and then spy on them.”

“It’s 9 o’clock in 7 minutes!” I shouted out, forgetting to be quiet.

“It’s just around the corner. Come on!”

Blaze grabbed me by the hand and pulled me out of the bed.

“But we don’t even know what this is! It might be just some meeting about whenever or not to blow up a house!” I protested.

“Exactly! They want to blow up something important!” Blaze was confident now.

 He opened the window and went down.

I went after him.

He was right, it was just round the corner. We hid behind the lamppost, in a bush, luckily it wasn’t too prickly.

The -as Blaze called him- ‘mystery man’ was there. He was holding something.

We were listening.

“We’re going to blow it up in half an hour. Everything ready, I suppose?” The mystery man asked.

“The bombs are in,” another man whispered back.

“Brilliant! The people in the electricity plant won’t know what will await them!”

“Huh! They’re planning to blow up the electricity plant!” I gasped, a bit too loudly.

“What was that?” one of the men asked.

“I don’t know but I think it was coming from those bushes over there,” the mystery man answered as he walked towards the lamppost.

I didn’t know what to do.

We would be discovered in seconds.

Blaze grabbed the man by the collar and threw him onto the floor.


“Hey! Those kids are getting away!” somebody yelled out.

“To the electricity plant!” I yelled as I gasped for air.

We ran for about half an hour before we got to the plant.

I was o tired I just simply layed down on the floor.

I was panting like a dog.

We saw the bombs, they were all around us.

"What do we do?" I asked.


"how?" I asked.

Blaze took a pocket knife out of his pocket.

"which one?" I asked.

"erm... I'll go with the red one..."


A gun fired at us.

We did it! We cut the correct wire! Although the people were still trying to shoot us.

Just then the police arrived.

It seemed someone had gone outside to find out what all of this racket was, and when they saw they phoned the police.

We reterened home with lots of hugs and kisses (except for Blaze, who didn't want any, but you know, that's brothers for you!) and we lived happily ever after, well, until the mystery man was relised from prision, but that's another story.


June 02, 2021 12:29

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