Thriller Drama

With intensity, he furiously tries to scrub the blood off his hands. His mind was already in a state of overdrive, desperately trying to sort what was real and what was fake and who was responsible for killing Rachel. Was it him or her ?


"One body for you and one for me, 

I take the leg and you take the head,

Blood will flow, the flow is blood,

One body for you and one for me" a little voice sang.

For twenty hours, he had been awake. Today was an important day, he couldn't let nightmares disrupt his day, so he spent the entire night sipping coffee and browsing the Internet. Now here he was in front of the court house, he didn't know if he should cry or smile. He foresaw it, he really did. It was impossible for anything to remain constant after eleven years. It was either you breakdown and destroy it or it tumbles down itself.

Their marriage was over and there was nothing anybody could do. They had a good run. They started friends and after years of subtle flirting and night terrors, they were able to move slowly but surely to the direction of love which gave birth to their disaster of a marriage. 

"Where do you get this songs from ? It's creepy and annoying" whined a thirteen year old boy named Gin

"Hm hm, no need to worry about it, Gin chan, it's a normal song, everyone sings it"

"It's not normal in any way, I haven't seen a single person who sings about blood and body sharing, if you want to sing badly then sing of trees and flowers or something" said Gin

The other person laughs and flicks Gin's head

"Don't be stupid, flower and butterfly songs are lame"

He dreaded going inside the courtroom, he knew everyone was going to be there to offer moral support, to her. After all, he was the bad guy in this story. No one believes their marriage would last five years, her best friends made a bet on how long it was going to last. Even his sister believed their marriage wouldn't last up to three years. She said no woman deserved to be saddled with his troubles. Their seventh year anniversary was filled with ooohs and ahhhs. No one thought they'd make it but they surpassed everyone's limitations.

"Ouch, why did you do that ?" Gin said

"Come closer" 

"Do you see that girl sitting on the swing with a book" she asks again

Gin stands up and moved to where the other person was and sits

"Do you see that man standing by the tree, with a green plaid shirt and a cigarette in his mouth ? Tell me,Do you see him Gin chan ?"

"Yes, yes, what does he have to do with anything?" 

"Someone's going to die soon"

Gin looks at her in shock and then at the man 

"Kira, you shouldn't say such things" Gin scolded

Kira stands up from the grass laughing and walks away, Gin watches her as she goes and not once did she stop laughing.

He didn't want to do this, hell if he could, he would abandon his pride on the floor and grovel at her feet. He would not to leave him, he would scream how miserable without her, that he was ready to do anything. He had to go inside but his feet was stuck to the floor, his head pounding and heart crushing.

"Tsk damn, I can't go in like this, I look like a banshee" he whispered to himself as he moves away from the door

He found a cafe opposite the courthouse, a little quaint place. It looked out of place among the tall buildings around him. Like it wasn't supposed to be there. Well it wasn't his job to criticize buildings or anything. If he was a good judge of anything, he would have killed Kira

"Gin, Gin" his mother called

"Yes Mama" he said running down the stairs to meet her

"Do you remember Rachel ? I think she's in your class, ne Gin" Mama asks while making a sandwich

"No Mama, I gotta to go" he said rushing to the door

"Gin, you're to stay inside today" she said

"Whyyyyyyyyyyy, I was going to beat Nate at soccer today" he whined

"Rachel is coming over today,be nice to her" Mama said while cutting a bell pepper

"Oh, okay, that's bad" he said moving slowly to his room

He hears a knock on his window and immediately jumps up to see who it was. He frowns as he sees Kira but behind her stood another girl. He looked squarely at the both of them and in that moment he wonders why one of them seemed so human and the other was simply not.

"Gin chan, I was wondering how long you were going to keep us waiting"

"Tch, what is it again ?" He scoffed

She laughs as she throws herself on the bed

"Is it wrong to visit my dear friend ?"

"Stop saying nonsense, we're not friends" he shouts at Kira

Rachel jumps at the loudness of his voice, he feels slightly stupid and smiles apologetically to her, he hopes Kira wouldn't embarrassed him.

He checked his watch, he had been here for a while. Maybe he should go back home, he would call them later and tell them he was in an accident. Maybe Rachael would be considerate and pull off the divorce for a while.

The both of them were stupid, he wonders why they thought it could work. Why it took them eleven years to realise their bullshit ?. Maybe it was the grief that always seem to surround them or maybe it was plain stupidity. 

Night came fast, Rachel spends the whole day talking about her favorites things, things that simply bore him. Kira didn't try to add anything to the conversation. She just laid on the bed with a smile He wanted to scream at her and ask why she was smiling. He didn't ask her anything, till Rachel crawled out of the window after a hasty and awkward goodbye.

"Kira, aren't you going home?"

"Soon, soon, I want to show you something, Gin chan"

"What is it ? I just want to sleep"

"Follow me" she said

And he followed her, probably the most stupid thing he had ever done, after all how smart was it to follow a girl with horns on her head and demons in her eyes. A girl he only recently met.

The phone rings and he jumps, he didn't expect any calls. Without checking the caller ID, he answers the call

"Hello" he says

"Gin, where are you ? Please don't try to pull any pranks, please don't" the caller says

It's a voice he knows very well, even if he was deaf to the world, he would still recognize this voice

"Rae, I...I uh.. I got caught in traffic, I'll be there soon" 

"Just get here soon, and stop calling me Rae, it's Rachel"

They walked to an old factory, the building was dark. He looks at Kira curiously and she drags him into the building. It was more dark on the inside than it was outside. He couldn't see anything and he couldn't feel anything.

In his state of numbness, he couldn't tell what his hands were doing or what his eyes were seeing. Then there was a loud scream, the voice woke him up from his numbness and he ran outside the building. He could hear his heart pounding incessantly and the cool breeze that touch his sweaty skin as he came outside did nothing to soothe him.

Kira is standing in front of him, with a smile as wide as a saucer and eyes glinting dangerously

"Why do you look scared ? " She asks with a smile, a sick twisted smile "Remember you have to keep this a secret, you won't tell anyone, no one at all"

He nods his head in fear and runs all the way home.

Days later the body was found, and Kira was gone.

He took even breathes, he was going to do this. A ghostly quiet filled the hall as he stepped inside. Everyone was looking at him, hoping to get an answer on why he was late. He smiled bashfully

"Yo sorry, I got caught in traffic" he said

He knew they all knew he was lying, but who was going to challenge the guy whose marriage was about to get terminated ?. He walked straight to where she was.

Standing opposite him was Rachel, his soon to be ex-wife, the woman he had dedicated his life to and now everything was about to be destroyed. He looks at her straight in the eye, trying to figure out what she was feeling but all he saw was pity. He scoffed and faced the wall, he didn't need pity. 

Ten years later, ten years was all it took Kira to come back and of all the days in the year, it was on his wedding. She was still the same little girl, the years didn't change even a hair on her head.

Throughout his childhood, he had lived in fear that she would come and kill him but he would always console himself with the fact that he hadn't told anyone their secret.

This new Kira wasn't different, the demonic glow he had come to associate her eyes with were still there, it was just brighter now.

As he mingled with his guests and friends, he always felt her eyes on him. Watching him like a hawk as if daring him to say a word.

"Gin chan, can you keep a secret ?" He hears the voice again but this time it wasn't one of his nightmares, the owner of the voice was right behind him.

Hours later, there was blood, lot of blood and he finds himself in front of sink scrubbing furiously.

In ten minutes, the annulment was finalized. He looks over to where Rachel was and he saw her conversing with a few friends. He walks up to them and ask them with his most polite tone to excuse them. He didn't need anyone thinking he was going to bash her head in because of a divorce.

"Gin, you and I have nothing to talk about" Rachel said

"I need you to listen to me, I didn't do any of the things you think I did" Gin said, after a few seconds of silent he continued "Rachel, I don't want us to end like this

"There was nothing we could do, this was the right choice" she said with a sad smile

"The right choice ? There were so many things we could have tried. All I needed was for you to believe in me, for you to be on my side. I didn't even care about what any other person thought but you were so adamant, you just wanted out." Gin said

"What was I supposed to do ? There is always something evil that follows us everywhere we go. I tried to ignore it but I can't anymore. The blood,the screaming, the damned nightmares you always have, I am fed up" Rachel said in a calm voice

"It's going to be over soon. I..I promise. I haven't seen her in months. She no longer comes to me" 

"Gin, please stop, just stop" She said moving away from him "If I hear one more thing about this imaginary person that always follows you, I might loose it. You need help, real professional help. Not those psychics and voodoo nonsense."

He wanted to laugh. Of course, no one believed him. Who would believe a thirty four year old man who claimed a demon in the form of a child was tormenting him and responsible for everything wrong with his life ?

"I'm sorry Gin, I really am but I am tired, really tired" Rachel said as she walked away

He runs after her and holds her wrist, he needed to do something fast or else he would loose her. He knew the moment she walked out of the door it was over.

He hears footstep approaching them and immediately leaves her hand. He was the bad guy, they all saw as some sort of sociopathic killer who never get caught and they would be damn if they let him near Rachel. 

He watches as she walks away, arms in arms with the friends she picked on the street. She didn't have any other family, Kira made sure of it. 

He walks to the entrance of the courthouse and sits on the stairs. Tears are flowing freely now. Then he hears a song. A song long forgotten but forever remembered

"One body for you and one for me, 

I take the leg and you take the head,

Blood will flow, the flow is blood,

One body for you and one for me" a little voice sang.

"Gin channn" The little voice called. He doesn't need to turn around to see the person speaking.

"Can you keep a secret ?"

August 20, 2020 20:58

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B. W.
14:01 Aug 25, 2020

I really like this, you did great with it. I'm kinda bad at giving advice for this but just keep writing stories. For this one i am going to go and give you a 10/10 ^^ and i was wondering (if you haven't) if you could check out "Goddess child" and "Legend of Evie" ? i'd like to see what you have to say


Adah M.M
06:22 Aug 26, 2020

Thank you for your comment. I will check it out


B. W.
12:56 Aug 26, 2020

no problem and alright thank you


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