"We got carried away by pranking." by Ye Wint Aung

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Working can be very People get bored every day; every day can be the same. Sometimes we are sad, angry or others, but the one thing that cheers up everyone are laughter and joy. Even the saddest and the angriest person will laugh if they hear a joke, a really good one.

April 1st, also know as April’s fool’s day is the day when everyone pranks each other. Pranking each other and having fun is the only thing in your head on April’s Fool’s day. Some people will avoid being pranked, and some are having fun pranking friends. It’s the only one day in the world when every one pranks each other, their friends and family.

You can’t expect every one isn’t going to prank. Even in some big companies, they can’t resist the fun and laughter around them and started to have a little fun of their own even thought they are still at work.

Lucas Black works at a world wide company called “Futuristic Galaxy”. The company creates and designs Phones, Computers, Televisions, Apps and software, Remotes and everything you can imagine that will be created in the future.

Working is hard, exhausting and boring. But his boring day is over for today.

It’s April’s Fool’s day and he woke up without even noticing the date. He had breakfast and went to work. “Hello, good morning everyone.” Lucas said. “Hi Lucas, good morning. I saved a seat for you.” Ben said. Ben is one of his friend and a co-worker at the company.

“Thanks Ben, it was nice of you to save me a seat.” Lucas said. He knows there’s something fishy today, but he doesn’t know why.

Every one was looking as they expect something to happen. “That’s awkward.” Lucas whispered.

Ben pointed Lucas to his chair, everyone was looking awkwardly and some of his friends are chuckling, they wanted to laugh but they are holding it down. He put his briefcase besides his desk and pulls out his chair to sat down.

As soon as he sat down on his chair, it made a fart noise and everyone laughed. He looked down at his chair and there was a balloon. The whole office was filled with laughter.

“That was very funny. Please don’t be mad. We did it because it’s April’s Fool’s day.” Harry said.

“Of course not, it was kind of funny. By the way, I didn’t know it was April’s Fool’s.” Lucas said.

Lucas didn’t know it was April’s Fool’s, now he knows it was April’s fools and started to think about his plan to prank.

He was thinking about his plan to prank them back, but he still has work to do. People from down stairs and up stairs of the company were laughing. He couldn’t resist the laughter around him, he can’t concentrate on what’s he doing. The only thing he can think about is pranking and laughing. He can’t concentrate on his work, so he decided to prank his friends back right away.

He was wondering around the halls, finding his first victim. He found Jimmy; he makes designs of the products they make at the company. He was one of his friends at the company and at high school too. He was a perfect victim for his first prank, but he needs to get the items he needs for his prank.

It’s time for lunch, he quickly eat his lunch and went to the prank store nearby. He came back in about 15 minutes with a box full of items and stuff for pranking. His friends who pranked him were at the entrance waiting for him.

“Hi guys, what are you doing here?” Lucas said. “We just wanted to give you this letter.” Harry said and gave the letter to him. He grabbed the letter from Harry’s hand and read it. The letter read: “We are sorry for pranking you this morning. So, that’s why we made you your favorite Blueberry Pie.”

“Really guys, my favorite Blueberry Pie, let me have it.” As soon as Lucas said that, Harry threw a Blueberry Pie at his face.

They all laughed, Lucas couldn’t resist their laughing and started to prank them back.

“Ok guys, if you guys are going to prank, don’t mind if I do. Count me in!” Lucas said. “Guys, I have a perfect victim to prank. Follow me.” Mary said.

They all went upstairs and followed her to their office. Pete, he’s one of his friends at the company. He was sleeping, he haven’t sleep for a while. Pete always has to work day and night.

Pete was sleeping with his mouth open. That was a perfect opportunity. First, they have to set up their prank. Lucas dressed up as a realistic killer clown and stood up besides him. Then Ben squeezed a lemon juice into his mouth.

Pete woke up and he looked besides him. He started running away shouting “Help!” as he saw Lucas dressed up as a killer clown. It was so funny to see him run away. He thought it was real. His face turned red and shouts as loud as he can. He never shouted that loud before. He was running in fear.

“Hey, Pete.” Ben called out. “It’s a prank, we’re sorry.” Then Pete turned around and came back laughing. The whole office was filled with laughter.

They never had this much fun before in their life. It was the funniest day of their lives.

“Guys, there’s one more person I want to prank, Jimmy.” Lucas said. “If you guys are going to prank, then count me in.” Pete said.

They bought a burger, which is Jimmy’s favorite food. Then they put chili sauce and hot peppers inside the burger. The burger is so spicy tears will come out.

“Hi Jimmy, would you like this delicious burger?” Lucas said. “Oh thanks guys, I’m so hungry.” Jimmy said and took a big bite.

After a few seconds, tears come out of his eyes. His face turned red and he drinks lots of water from his water bottle on his desk. They couldn’t believe how funny it was!

“Hey, April’s Fool’s Jimmy.” Lucas shouted. Jimmy was laughing at himself, thinking about how funny it was. “Are you guys pranking, even Pete.” Jimmy asked. “Of course, it’s April’s Fool’s.” Ben Answered. “Then can I join?” Jimmy asked. “Yes, we will make even more pranks with you.” Harry answered.

They all started to prank the whole company. The more they prank, the more people join them as they pull off other pranks on other people. After pranking the whole company, they got a little carried away and started to prank random people on the streets.

When their boss found out they were pranking random people and not working, he got really mad and they all got into trouble.

That wasn’t their last April’s Fool’s day, they pulls off the funniest pranks every April’s Fool’s day ever since. But this time, they have to make sure they doesn’t get carried away by an April’s Fool’s prank.

Many people will get carried away by something they like doing, but when it comes to reality, they have to be careful by what they’re doing. They need to be careful not to break the laws or the rules; otherwise they will get into huge trouble.

March 31, 2021 13:25

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