The rain of destruction!

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Thriller Mystery Drama

It was the most awful and nerve-racking view of the most beautiful island in the world. In a blink of eyes, everything shredded. The island was no more beautiful and the tranquility sickened. The breathtakingly made, the world-famous monument Donjon Emerald had mixed with the soil now. And left only the blanket of dust, destruction, and disaster. Almost two days had passed, the dust particles would come in every breath stroke, the wind was whipping up the eddies of dust, and the vision was a blur — the sky couldn’t be seen. Nothing had left to hide the head. The unexpected air raid had destroyed everything — no siren, no alarm. The devils could start bombing at any moment. The government had wrongly taken the war with a terrorist organization.  

The anticipated fear scattered everywhere; the catastrophe made the thread of living fragile. Kate’s mother would be worried. She told her about the gathering storms of war, she urged Kate not to go, albeit she came over here for her graduations. Now she would regret it. She shouldn’t have come here.

She rested her ass on the stone where many homeless sat already there, awkwardly. They all had been lost their houses in the bombing, and the underground air-raid shelter was their last hope of living. However, they had to die anyway, either of bomb or hunger. Everybody had packed with dreadful fear, and the sun of hope was setting down in front of their eyes.

The boy with blonde hair looked very helpful, courageous, and ready to risk his life for the civilians. Kate was observing him from the first day. He didn’t sleep at night like a sentry awoke to help the needful. He had been working like a re-vitalizer of hope for Kate. She found herself reliving. Everything will be fine — she filled with optimism. The guy had the utter satisfying glow pulling Kate towards him. 

She started feeling like she would know him for decades; any invisible thread had been attached to him. The air bombing wasn’t stopping, anyway. Every next hour was aghast. They would be in the mood to destroy every bit of the island.

It like a minute was spending like a decade in the hopeful wait of the Emergency team, but no help came. The three-year baby died of hunger; he cried for almost five hours continuously. Eventually, the poor tired of playing the hunger game. 

That night clouds were pouring the havoc incessantly. It had been seven hours since the rain started, followed by menacing lightning and intimidating thunder. Kate was afraid of it. She sought solace on the shoulder of the boy with brown hair. The manly scent would fill her nose. She kept her head steady on his shoulders, sideways, and listening to the last hopeful cacophony of her life and saw far in the darkness in the longing. This rain, she would not be reading novels sitting near her French widow, she would not be making falafels, and not playing hide & seek with her father. The guy’s shoulder was everything now. 

“I’m Kate from Virginia,” she said to him with her head still on his shoulders clumsily.

“The conditions you guys have today. My life is always like that, packed with fear, troubles, chaos, and anxiety. I was a vagrant, as always. By the way, I’m Evan,” his voice would fill her heart. His every word was saying a tale of pain and courage.

“You’re soo nice. Don’t you afraid to die?” the hidden interviewer in Kate intrigued to ask more questions, she asked.

“No way. I would love to die with the blessings of these peoples. I don’t want my life finishes to be usual, unambitious, fake, and merciless,” he was sounding quite astounding to the burgundy hair girl with brown freckles, and eyes were quite hazelnutty.

“I fall in love with your beliefs, how anyone could not be selfish about his life?”

“It is the way I’m,” he hissed gently.

“What do you do?” Kate asked.

“I’m a student, as well as working in an NGO, to keep myself involved in the service of humanity, isn’t it great, Kate?”

“Wonderful. I’m a psychology student at North Island University. They say love is complicated, I say it isn’t. It is deep but not tough to understand, anyway, this is what I had learned so far in psychology. I think I would research the personality of peoples like you, don’t I?” she pushed her forehead more hard on his shoulder. He would feel her kiddish behavior.

He laughed hilariously. “You’re exaggerating me, it sounds more like you’re jibing, don’t you? I’m doing a job that every human should do. Then I must say, this world would be the better place to live, isn’t it?” 

She sniffed, not bothered to speak.

Their conversation continued for longer. And so the rain. She was almost dozed off on his shoulders. He sat quietly, looked not intended to disturb the utmost satisfying sleep of her life. The wind was escaping from somewhere, anyway; it was satisfying to the fainted civilians that were looking like a dead body. 

He gently settled her head to the giant stone with his jacket as a pillow and went out in search of some food. Every house had destroyed, no store erected safely, the bricks and stones were scattered all around. The dust had almost collapsed with the rain. The street ought to be the central attraction of the tourist, crowded always. Foreigners wandered around at any time of the day and blazing with their ecstatic charm. But today it was 8 p.m., and everything had devastated. The beautiful Robins couldn’t be seen anymore. People smashed under buildings like insects all the way down; it seemed this flock of people in the bunker would be only alive. The charm of the city had snapped; it was as silent as he could listen to his heartbeats. Unluckily, he returned safely in the bunker with nothing in hand.

Three Days Later

It was again a rainy day, misfortune for the civilians. The collapsed buildings were blocking the way out to the water. Slowly, water was cutting down the aisle and started flooding the bunker. 

“Oh, God!” Kate screamed. She would see her approaching death. A fear struck on her face, and her tears were increasing the volume of water.

“I love you, Evan. I don’t want to die. I would spend my entire life here in the darkness with you. But I want not to die,” the juvenile girl cried, who understood the love well but just had fallen for the first time in the abyss of love.

The civilians wailed for mercy to Jesus. No hope left. Outside they were bombing, and inside water had already swallowed their body till waist.

He embraced Kate. “I know my love. But, don’t worry, we’ll die together, and I heard the love life in heaven is more euphoric, and calm isn’t it? I wouldn’t go anywhere. I’ll be right behind you.”

She shook her head, crying. The big fat bubble of tears still shining like a pearl in her eyes. They hugged for so long. The cloud was up-roaring. The anxiety was rising in civilians. They cried, tried to move out. But the way to out had blocked already. 

“We’ll stay here, folks. That bomb is more brutal than the water. It would shred your body apart, wouldn’t it?” awkwardly said one of them and looked like the old lady convinced the entire crowd. They closed their eyes and reminding their God.

It was their luck water stopped seeping. They were safe for now. But even though they had to fight with hunger.

It looked like the war had started in the air on one side, it was the emergency helicopter had arrived for help, and on the other way, they didn’t stop the bombing.

“I’ve to go, Kate. The emergency team would have some food for us. Your tears are making me weak,” Evan huskily spoke.

“Please. Don’t go. The bomb would fall anytime on you. I don’t want to lose you,” she cried lecherously. “I’m coming with you, do you understand?”

The civilians were looking at one’s face; all were afraid to go out.

“Don’t be silly, Kate. What you had said to me, you’ll accept me the way I am. I must have to save everybody. How you forgot about it? I promise I’ll back to you. Let me go otherwise, I’ll miss them,” he said. Her tears dropped directly over the effervescence over the water.

It had passed a minute or two since he left. A disastrous tumulting sound of blasting something shook everybody. It looked like any planet would burst. Thundering. She smeared with fear of losing her love. Nobody stopped her as she strolled out the aisle.

“I’m coming, Evan. I’ll save you anyway,” the bomb was falling in every minute, the emergency helicopter was burning far in the distance. The terrorists burned the emergency helicopter, as well.

“A Satan isn’t that merciless that the human becomes,” she thought. She ran without resisting her emotional outburst. Crying. Wailing. Evan would be there. She didn’t see anyone there; she looked around in grief. The smog of burning helicopter filled her nose, and she fell down of excessive coughing, there since her asthma deteriorated when the black-smog entered her nose. A bomb had fallen over her head directly and blew her out in pieces.

Evan just entered the bunker empty-handed, looked disappointed. He didn’t find her around. The fearless and invincible guy felt helpless for the first time. He would cry for the first time. He cried till the day last. Civilians started dying of hunger, Evan wanted to die first, but he was the last of them.

The story brooded in darkness and ended in the darkness. Hopefully, they would meet in heaven and will continue their love story.

September 25, 2020 13:39

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L.A. Nolan
11:11 Sep 28, 2020

It seems to me this is a translation or English is the second language. The story is interesting and well thought out. Struggling with English is a common thing, hell, I do it and it's my native tongue! Keep writing!


14:29 Sep 28, 2020

Thank you, Lee. But, the story isn't translated from any other language. But English is my second language, anyway. :D


L.A. Nolan
02:21 Sep 29, 2020

Very brave to tackle a story in your second language. I live in India and would never dream of trying anything in Hindi! Good on ya!


04:37 Sep 29, 2020

Ah, Hindi is toughest language. But, thank you so much for your beautiful words. 😍😍


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Keri Dyck
18:11 Sep 26, 2020

Alright, so the idea was pretty cute and tragic. You do need to work on your grammar, though. There were several extra words and phrases thrown around where they didn’t fit. I’d advise you to read more.


18:58 Sep 26, 2020

Thank you, Keri, for your precious feedback.


Show 0 replies
19:07 Sep 26, 2020

I insist you, Keri. Please mention some of the errors you are talking about. It'll be so nice of you. Thank you💖


Keri Dyck
20:25 Sep 27, 2020

I won't list them all, but here are a few. "The breathtakingly made, the world-famous monument Donjon Emerald" This a really long phrase. You could either remove the second "the" or only use one set of adjectives: either "the breathtakingly made" or "the world famous". "Nothing had left to hide the head." I know you meant "dead" instead of "head", but that is not the issue here. Use "was" or "had been" instead of "had". "They all had been lost their houses in the bombing," Very confusing use of verbs. Take out the "been"...


14:27 Sep 28, 2020

Thank you, Keri. For your feedback. It is not a translation. I'd written it for the first time in English, only. I'll work upon that.


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