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Firstly, I appreciate all feedback! That is why I contribute to Reedsy. To read, to learn, to grow, and to sharpen my skills. Editorial comments are fine, but what I am truly after, are thoughts on style, voice, expression, plot line, character depth... You can say " I didn't like it." that's okay, I'm not made of glass. Just make sure to tell me why... I was born in Toronto during the glorious flower and LSD fuelled summer of 1966, becoming the first Canadian born member of my family. The rest of that motley crew had their roots set firmly in Liverpool. A turbulent first stint in high school forced me to seek out my heritage, and after living in England briefly, I returned home to finish my secondary school education. A serious relationship with a college followed, but unfortunately, it was torn asunder by a brief affair with a university. I had started writing by then and had some limited success with short stories in rag magazines and college presses. True to my Generation X stereotype, my restlessness eventually led me to settle in the Asian sub-continent and with India as a base of operations, many years of extensive travel around Asia and Europe ensued. After tiring of plane travel, motorcycling became the focus in 2014. I joined the largest (and coolest) motorcycle club in India and crisscrossed the country with reckless abandon. Several times. I maintain a website, The Wandering Hippy, littered with accounts of these misguided adventures. https://thewanderinghippy.com/ Then, after breaking several bones on a desolate mountainside in the Himalayas somewhere in Nepal, I returned to New Delhi and refocused on my genuine passion of storytelling. I’m now living in Bombay and at last have achieved some level of peace, I do however continue to menace the population riding my Harley alongside my club brothers. I am now writing full time and have published my first book, Memoirs Of A Motorcycle Madman. https://www.instagram.com/sir_wordsmith/