Oh goody, the bloody lights are flickering like they did in haunted ghost stories. Seriously, couldn't this night get any creepier? It isn't like I came here looking for murder. I don't want to die yet, thank you very much.

I just need some space. Well, okay, lots and lots of space. I had enough blood sucking from clingy friends and psychotic family. I could do a breather. It isn't like they could find me here, could they? I mean, come on! It's half an hour to midnight. Not like people are awake and floundering around. No. That's just me. All because I couldn't sleep and I feel suffocated staying at home with Dad's relatives. Why did he even bother inviting them to stay? Can't he see they hate Mom? Why force us in the same space? Our house isn't even that big. And then there's Carrie! Just what in the world is wrong with that girl acting like she's the queen of everything fancy? Ughh, I hate having to keep up politeness in front of those witches.

Oh gosh it's cold. I should have grabbed a thicker jacket. What I would give to get a steaming cup of coffee? Wait, perhaps the convenience store is still open. Yes, of course. It's supposed to be open 24/7! Why did I only think of it now? Oh Lydia, what is happening to your brain? I blame my cousins and aunts, those ancient crones!

Is that a person I see? Gosh, that's creepy. What is he doing here? Is he a serial killer? A stalker? A murderer? A ghost maybe? Maybe I could pretend to be someone else. Like an agent or something. Wait, it has to be cool. Calm your heart Lydia! Just walk faster. Yes, that's it. All we have to do is keep calm and walk faster. Pass the fountain and the bench and you'll be safe again. Don't make eye contact. Oh dear, did he just wink at me? That is so gross! I need to walk. Walk away. Walk away. Walk away.

Oh gosh, oh gosh, he's standing now! He's really looking at me, isn't he? What do I do? Wait, I think I have a pepper spray in my bag. Yes, yes, that's right. Thank God Dad always insisted I have one. I could put it to test. Oh, please don't follow me you creepy stalker!

Where are the police when you need them? Darn it, I left my phone at home. What is wrong with me? 

Wait, just be cool. Oh thank God, he's not following me. I thought my legs are about to give away. I should have studied self-defence when I had the chance. I want to do some ass kicking. It might actually even earn me points when I tell Garren. Oh Garren, what would I do when he finds out I'm walking alone in the park quarter to midnight? Will he kill me? Will he worry?

(Sigh) I think I'm going to swoon. He might actually be crazy with worry for me. I mean, he did last time when I didn't tell him I was going home late because of our English project. Bloody professor couldn't let us have a break without giving home works! It's like he exists to give us students misery. It isn't our fault he couldn't get laid now, is it? He should have done something with the hair. Maybe get a wig. I doubt it'll help him though.

Oh look, a fountain! Gosh, I miss seeing those! It even has dancing lights. Cool. Makes me wonder why there aren't people here. It's too beautiful to miss.

I wish I had thought of coming here sooner. Maybe I could actually enjoy sightseeing. Maybe I could even bring my bicycle for work out. Yup, that would totally be cool. Maybe I can ask Garren to go with me. Maybe I can invite him early in the morning and ask him to bring coffee. Oh gosh, oh gosh, I'm squealing! That sounds like the perfect date. But then...Dad...what do I do with Dad? Well, to be fair, I'm already nineteen so that makes me legal. I can make my own decisions for myself. I don't see why he needs to treat me like a child. I'm a woman now! Well...am I? I must be. Dylan from Econ did say I looked pretty. Surely he wasn't just messing around. I mean, I like what I see when I look in the mirror. Of course, he wasn't lying. I made certain he knows better than to mess with me when I punched him in grade 3. That should teach him. The nerve of the guy to throw muddy stones at my pink fairy ball gown! Gosh, I still hate for him it!

Wait, are those azaleas I see? Wow, I can't believe they actually have azaleas here! And peonies! Oh gosh I love these flowers so much! I wish Garren would give them to me on Valentines. Should I give him a hint? Maybe I should. I should, right? I mean, what harm can it do? Worst case scenario, he'll find out what my favorite flowers are and remember it for future reference. And then when he finally gets the balls to ask me out, he'll wait outside my door with a bouquet of azaleas behind him to surprise me with. Then I'll squeal and throw myself at him! I might even plant a kiss on his cheek. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep! I can't believe I'm thinking this. I must be crazy! Oh I am crazy! I'm even talking to myself now.

But hey, doesn't everybody? Surely I'm not the only crazy person in the universe. And give me a break! It's almost midnight now. I'm like Cinderella, and Garren is my Prince Charming. (Sigh) I wonder if he'll think I'm crazy when he finally realizes all these fantasies I've been having about him. But he can't blame me, can he? With eyes as blue as the ocean, cheeks the shade of rose when he blushes, and gosh, those muscles! He's any girl's dream guy. Well, he's my dream guy. It's his fault for saving me when I forgot my lines in the play. 'Oh Garren, Garren, wherefore art thou Garren? Deny thy father and refused thy name. Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, and I'll no longer be a Panadugan.' Oh please, what am I thinking now? It isn't like we're star crossed lovers. There'll only be a bloodbath if my Dad actually finds out I'm crushing on Mom's best friend's son. He might actually stop me from joining them in thei weekly lunch outs. Dad the overprotective sod he is. He means well, I know, but come on! I'm a girl and it's about time I get to be on a date. Fall in love and all those crap. It's what adults do, isn't it? It's not like Grandpapa stopped him from dating Mom. If Aunt Cecelia's gossips are true, then Grandpapa even gave him money for dating. Plus, I know he used to sneak out of class to woo his ex. Mom still uses it against him. I can too. HAHAHAHHA. I'll just have to be evil. But wait, Lydia. Stop that thought. You aren't a bad person. Psychotic, sure, but not bad. You just have a few screws lose.

Oh look, is that the time already? I think I could actually fall asleep now if I go back. Yup. That's right. And then I'll dream. Garren my love so sweet, wait for me, will you? I'll dream of you. But first, I'll have to make sure I don't get killed when Dad finds out I sneaked out. Yup, he loves me, but he can be bloody scary sometimes. I’ll just remind him I’m his angel.


Yeah right.

March 28, 2020 17:57

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Rody White
10:17 Apr 10, 2020

Casheyane I liked the story a lot but I doesn't give you time to breathe. I feel like it needs a break in the middle so the reader has a chance to take in everything they have read from the first part. I like the pace of it but it needs that breather. Also be careful with changing tenses mid sentence. Other than that, it was a really nice read. Good job.


15:30 Apr 11, 2020

Hey, thanks for the review. :) I'm glad you liked it. I'll try to work on them.


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