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Dia dhuit! Hi everyone. Thanks for stopping by. My name is Rody Patrick White and along with trying to be a writer, I’m also a husband, dad, cat lover, actor, and sometime artist. As far as the writing goes, I like comedy, fiction and non fiction, sceince fiction, poetry, and political sattire. A few years ago I had my first short story published. It was called Camping with my two gay dads and it it was published by Camptrip magazine. I really like Reedsy as I love being a part of the writing community. I am an Irishman from a small town called Mullingar but I currently live in Valencia on the east coast of Spain with a bi polar cat, a son who surprises me everyday and a wife who is exceptionally good at putting up with all my tom foolery. I’m a very energetic person and I love reading other writers work then enjoying the chat with them afterwards. I only have 4 stories up here so far but while you’re here, I hope you enjoy reading them. Please leave me as much constructive criticism as you like. I try to write everyday even if it is just small bits and pieces. It is a great release for me. Thanks everyone. Slán leat