It started with three: The Serpent's Seal (6)

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Fantasy Science Fiction Thriller

The next morning bright and early several letters arrived at once. His desk was filled with a plethora of letters. For the first time since moving out to Nevada, they received a rapid response from the order. Samuel called each letter out of the envelope and read it in a flurry. The first two were plain old nothing but the next three were from various coven leaders. Explaining the danger of the symbol surfacing. Panic kicked in he wasn’t ready for something this big. Just then he heard a clamor from upstairs. Frantically Samuel shoved everything back I no o the envelopes and shoved the important ones into his pocket. 

    Steadying his nerves he knocked on Heather’s door. By the time he could explain everything that had happened. There was a shark knock at the door and Natalia let herself in.  Her lack is that consisted of three different men got to work. The leader of the men set to work Setting up all the computers and surveillance equipment. It could very easily become dangerous and potentially have people after them. 

    Samuel and Heather were cornered by Natalia as they came down the stairs. It was quite a surprise. With a rushed intention and she told them everything that could potentially happen if the seal was unwound. It sounded like a horror movie. “So it would be the end”

“ The beginning of the end at least“  Natalia reply looking at him with a fondness. “ do I have high hopes that you and your coven will be able to help us get to the bottom of this,” she said with a smirk. “ I mean it’s not every day someone even notices this,”

“ actually it was Max and vera who discovered it“ Samuels replied not wanting to take all the credit for work that wasn’t his. 

“Oh, and where is he?”

“ he’s likely still sleeping“ Natalia just chuckled. “Oh to be young and carefree” she walked away her loud heels clicking as she went.

Meanwhile, just down the hall, Max was struggling to wake up. He was anything but a morning person. Max groaned he had no desire to go downstairs let alone leave his house. Begrudgingly he shoveled into the kitchen. Still in his Pjs. Dimitri the leader of the Lackies was standing there looking pissed.

“You okay?”

“No, I can’t believe they let the murder lead a coven” Max awkwardly took out the milk, pouring himself a glass. He listened to Dimitri rant about how awful the guy was, it started to annoy Max who was a gentle soul. 

“You know it rude to talk shit in someone else’s home,” Max said leaving the room with his milk in hand. He made his way to the living room where Vera was looking quite suspicious.

“You okay?”

“Yea I’m fine, I just hate drama”

“You and me both,” Max said looking around the house at the chaos. Natalia had all kinda people coming and going. “I was kinda hoping to just get used to the house,” Max said exhaling in annoyance. Turning to look at Vera he asked. “ do you understand what’s going on because I’m utterly lost“

“ The samples we found they had a real cause,”

“No way they’re real?”

“Real dangerous” Vera replied with a thoughtful look as she began to process what she knew. “ unaware that Natalia was watching from the corner of the room. With a click of her heel, she made herself known.

     Natalia showed up to see what they were dealing with. Samuel set up all the chairs in the living room and brought in coffee and hot chocolate. Vera and Max explained what they found. “So it’s called the serpents seal, it was first identified in 1642 by an English explorer” Max explained hooking his phone to the TV. Which he then used as a projector. When it started to get late Natalia sent them all to have a Break and stretch their legs. 

      While Samuel was in the kitchen he Felt hateful eyes on him. Dimitri glared in annoyance at Samuel who just shrugged his shoulders unfazed until they were alone. 

“You should be ashamed of yourself” spat Dimitri not reliving Vera was just behind the door. 

“Your some half-breed, fairy killing, coven steal leech” Samuel just let the guy go for it. He had felt all those things at one point.

“Are you done yet?” Dimitri frowned. “You don’t care how vile you are?”

“I’m not vile I’ve changed, people change, I didn’t do that thing because I wanted to, I did them so I would have a home and family that could look at me without hate,” Samuel said truthfully pushing past Dimitri and heading for the doorway out of the kitchen. Vera quickly tiptoed to the living room. We’re Natalia stood staring off into nothingness before Vera could ask what was wrong? she stormed past her into the kitchen. Grabbed  Dimitri by his ear and gave him a firm talk. When he returned he didn’t say a word. After some discussion they decided to look around town for more symbols as to not draw attention to themselves they decided to go at night.        

    Max was still sulking about the whole thing. All he wanted to do was stay home and rest. He wanted to experience what it was like to have a permanent home. Begrudgingly he watched as Natalia and Samuel worked out a plan.

“Does anyone want to watch the house?” Without thinking Max's hand shot up into the air.

“Good, then it settled,” Samuel said standing up. “Max will watch the house everyone else cover your area” and just like that Max found himself all alone in the big house.

     Sneaking around town at night was a little difficult when you knew. Everyone gave you a funny look. Then the sirens flashed. Samuels blood went cold, he hated the law. Heather however greeted him with a smile.

“Hello, sir, could you possibly tell me I could get a computer mouse at this hour?” The officer gave her a strange look. “You knew to town?”

“Yes we just moved in,” the officer nodded his head. The other officer smiled at her.

“The only one open this late is Elmers, it’s the local pond shop, he might have what you looking for,” The lady said giving them directions. The police cruiser drove away leaving them standing in the dust. Samuel let out a low laugh.

“Smooth under pressure”

“That pressure please you’ve never met my grandmother,” Heather said with laughter. Making their way across town they headed to the shop just to check it out. However, before they could step inside The dreaded symbol appeared in the window as a warning. Several men seemed to steep out of the shadow.

“Hey, witchey poo you shouldn’t be out all alone,” One of the creatures said stocking towards him. The creature's eyes seem to stock them with evil intentions. As the creature lunged for them they were stunned and detained by Dimitri who was a master of defensive and offensive magic. 

“ let’s get these three back to the house before their friend shows up, “ they said hauling bodies to a car that was a street away.

    While the group was driving home, Max was enjoying his time alone he heard a strange noise upstairs. Cautiously he made his way up the stairs and into the wind in the hall. Out of the corner of his eyes, he saw movement. Frightened he picked up a lamp and hide by the door. As the strange shadow walked through the door he struck. A young man collapsed to the ground. Max quickly examined him and came to the startling inclusion he was connected with the sigil. Burned into the stranger had the same exact symbol. There went his quiet night.

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