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Science Fiction Adventure Friendship

I recalled true past events to tell you my story and how it ended. If you don’t believe me, please visit planet Gilt, and ask for Stacy Linganore. So there.

It all started with her, anyways. I believe everyone has a “Stacy” in their kindergarten lives. She was blonde, cute, and sweet. She wore blue dresses because blue was her favorite color. Her genuine inviting smile made you want to be around her. Stacy, Brett, and I --- the three of us were the best of friends. We grew up together, went to the same elementary school, even the same college, and we pursued the same space career. And a year later, on a routine mapping journey we discovered a worm hole. The three of us kept it a secret, of course.

What’s a worm hole? Well, in simple terms, it’s a space tunnel that connects one part of the universe to another. It also helps level space like a sink hole. Going through it was an amazing experience like an intense water slide that you wished would stop and continue at the same time.

Roughly two years later, Stacy had died in a tragic car accident. Brett and I were at a loss for words. We both loved her so much and would do anything to take her place. We were heart broken and deeply regretted not being there to stop it.

A month later, I felt horrible to suggest this Brett, but I knew how to bring her back from the dead. Yes, from the dead. I had an idea that hounded me at night and felt it could work. My theory was to carry Stacy through the worm hole to the other side. We had packed her lifeless body in a gel space bag. Imagine being inside jello, it’s like that. Brett and I wore our spacesuits and took her through the worm hole. It was one chance in a million. I think at this point we were willing to do anything to bring her back.

On the other side of the worm hole, we landed on the nearest planet. It wasn’t named at the time. We brought Stacy outside, and we were surprised to see her eyes open. She immediately tore out of the gel pack and breathed in the air. We thought she was dying because the atmosphere wasn’t breathable by any means. But somehow, she survived it. I didn’t expect things to have happened turned out this way. I really didn’t. Stacy breathed the air comfortably. Brett and I had to wear our spacesuits. When we explained everything to her, she was distraught. We had missed her so much. It was great to have her back from the dead.

Earth’s theory about how babies can breathe oxygen after being born from the womb was incorrect. The truth was that your body adapted to the first air you breathed into your lungs. Which meant Stacy’s body had, to this new planet and so, she couldn’t return to Earth. It also meant one of us had to die to be with Stacy. There was no way we both could because we didn’t want anyone to know about the worm hole, and our ship’s computers wouldn’t understand about transporting dead bodies with no living aboard. It was quite a complex situation we were in.

But who would it be? The three of us would reminisce over our youthful days. While Stacy would tell us what she’s learned about the new planet, we would talk about the past. That’s when I realized Stacy loved Brett more than me. Just from her talking about our games, how she would tease him, or have the same classes with him. It didn’t connect with what I remembered. After much thought, I made the decision Brett would have to die. When I told Stacy and Brett, they were sad and torn. I would be making the sacrifice for my friends to live on. It truly scared me, but I felt this was the right decision.

Back on Earth, I stayed with Brett. He chose to die with pills. After a month or so, I took his body into space. And through the worm hole. Stacy was there when we landed. Brett awoke and tore open the gel. And yes, it did work. He could breathe the same air as her. They were both happy. It was bittersweet for all of us.

I had carried as much oxygen as I could on the ship. And on this planet, we mapped the region we were in residing in. And named it Gilt. We talked about everything. The joys of living as kids together to how we grew into adults. Our times at vacation to just being silly.

When I was down to the last tank, things got serious. We cried, hugged, and had one last hoorah. They buried me on my last day.

Stacy and Brett lived the rest of their lives on Gilt. They had children and named their first born after me.

One day, Stacy and her daughter saw this flying creature. Not a pterosaur, mind you. It looked like a stingray but bigger and wider, obviously. It flew over them, startling them. Puzzled, she raced back home to inform Brett and their son, who was curious to see it himself. They had mapped several regions parallel to the ocean, so it didn’t shock Brett at all. Stacy discovered new creatures as she ventured deeper into the land.

They packed their supplies and hiked together to the spot Stacy had visited. It was a wondrous sight. A large flat creature like a stingray skimmed over the clearing. It oscillated its pectoral fins. From where they stood, they could feel the electrical static energy. It moved out in a curve and right into the sky. Its long gray tail ended in a point. Other “stingrays” joined it as well, rising from there comfortable seats. Brett could see their black friendly eyes.

I don’t want to ever forget them which is why I wrote this so you would remember and maybe, stop by planet Gilt, and say hello for me.

October 02, 2020 18:10

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Vivek Sehgal
17:14 Jun 26, 2021

Are You Indian Bobby? Your name suggests but writing doesn't, your command on language is nice.


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