Atelier on The Sunflower Hills

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Mystery Thriller

My name is Evangeline Griffon the sole daughter in the Griffon family. After receiving news about my uncle's will, I decided to stay in his house located on the countryside of Malta. Although there is another reason I want to live here.

"Take care of yourself darling!" my mother,Aline Griffon, said as father helped her into the carriage. Neither of my parents wanted me to live by myself, just that morning my father kept reminding me that I could call them anytime I changed my mind.

"Don't worry mother, drive safely too father" I responded bitterly. "Eat lots of nutritious foods, and write to me okay?" my mother said before riding off. I decided to look around sine it's been years since I've been to my uncle's mansion. I had many memories here.

Opening one door Evangeline instantly had a flashback. "Look uncle! I draw you with sunflower!" little Evangeline gushed, presenting a picture she drew for her uncle. "Oh my Eva this is beautiful!" her uncle replied with a warm smile. "You really do have talent" he added patting her head. "When you become an artist later will you draw me again?" he asked. "Of course! I am going to make uncle prettier!" she responded.

"Eh? So you think I'm not pretty now?" he teased. "Your cool, uncle not pretty!" she giggled. "Aw... but I want to be pretty like Eva!" he replied. I never got the chance... I should have painted him sooner. "That's all for today" I say to myself after finishing the last sentence in a letter to my mother. You'd think that I had a boring day from there, well no- it gets more... interesting.

Now to seal this letter I thought to myself rummaging around the desk for a seal, after I found it in the drawer I rose up and accidentally bumped into the Earth globe on the desk. After a bit of wiggling it rolled over, falling on the floor. "Great, now I broke uncle's globe... I hope it's not cracking or something..." I said to myself.

Looking over at the piece of the globe on the desk that was still intact, I happened to notice a small button in the middle. Hmm... is that a button? Is this for rotating the globe? I thought. My curiosity got the better of me, and well, I pushed the button. It does nothing? Or is it broken? Oh well I better take the globe first-- suddenly a hidden door opens up behind me.

"W-what" I stutter spinning around to face the door. Is that... what people call a secrete door? Peeking inside I thought to myself- since when did uncle have a secret room? My initial thought was, Did uncle hide something down here? After some serious contemplating I grabbed a candle, journeying down the many flights of steps... unsure of what lay ahead.

"Oh gosh, I don't know if this is a good thing..." I said to myself. I just hoped there was nothing weird down there. I stopped abruptly in my tracks, is that what I think it is? Yes. I'm afraid right in front of my very eyes... right in the middle of this room... lay a bloody coffin.

I was shaking with fear, I told myself over and over that it wasn't what I think it was, that my uncle wasn't a murderer. "Keep calm eve... c-calm down" I stuttered over and over again. Maybe it was just one of my uncle's weird collections, just like usual! He probably stored things there right? This is what I thought as I slowly made my way to the Coffin.

Looking over, there was a man inside the coffin. He wore old fashioned clothing with a weird shaped necklace. His hair was silky blue, and his face smiling as if he were just sleeping. Why-- why is there someone here? "Is he dead, there's no movement at all..." I said out loud. That outfit... he's not from around here, I guess. But more importantly why is he here?

But looking at him like this... he sure is beautiful. What a mysterious discovery. Either way, I have to inform father of this I thought touching the glass. All of a sudden the glass shattered, as soon as she touched it. W-what have I done?! "This is bad!" I said out loud in panic; Forgive me sir I will clean it up for you! Reaching over my hand I clumsily cut myself on a sharp piece of glass still intact.

Unfortunately I got some blood on the man's face. Quickly I grabbed a part of my gown and reached for his face to rub it off when suddenly his hand shot up and grabbed mine. He's actually alive... his eyes are glowing... what exactly is he?! Anybody else would have fainted but I was so shocked I was at a loss of words.

Leaning in the man started licking my cut! In reflex I hit him on the head running away screaming. The only thing I was thinking about in the moment was, He's a freak! He's definitely a freak! Run...! Run!!!! Someone please save me... raising a hand over my mouth everything went dark.

"Where am I", Eva said groggily. "Was I asleep?", I ask myself trying to remember, although everything seemed a little foggy. "I don't remember setting up these pillows" Eva said to herself. Looking up she jumped back in surprise, finally acknowledging the man from the coffin. He too finally looked up at her. Oh no he noticed me! Why is he sitting so casually in my house?

I began to cry in fear of what lay in store for me... surely not a good one after what I did to his coffin. "Thou shall forbear shedding those drops of sorrow", he said, gently wiping her tears away, to her unexpected surprise. "W-what?" I stuttered. "Never bee afraid, I never meant thou any harm" he said poetically. "May I know what year I hither now?" he asked. Something told her this was just the beginning of an never ending adventure......

September 17, 2020 01:50

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