The Glass Room Mystery

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Drama Thriller

The two children awoke suddenly with a jolt and when their eyes adjusted they realised they were alone and not at home, they were in a glass room. The children were twins and only at the age of six, but they were no fools and soon realised things were very wrong. Through a combination of fear and confusion at how they had gotten there they decided to do nothing and they sat and waited for a very long time. Most kids probably would have been curious, and decide to go on an adventure like always seems to be the case in movies from the eighties, but this was real life and yes they were curious, but as I already stated they were no fools. They sensed danger nearby and they didn't like it. Of course there was no logical explanation to why they would be in danger but there was also no reasonable explanation why they would wake up in a glass room that they had never seen before. They feared for themselves but also they feared for their mother. She would be worried. She hadn't brought them here surely? She wouldn't do such a strange thing and even if she did she wouldnt leave them here without an adult present. The room itself was quite small and was was made up of two rows of seven metal seats with each row being attached by a metal bar underneath. Behind each row of seats were a row of glass windows with an additional window to the rear of the room and a glass door at the front with two small windows, one on each side of the door. As strange as this may sound and difficult to believe, although they were in a room made almost entirely of glass they saw nothing through any window which would give them any clues to their location. The front door itself was covered on the outside with what seemed to be some kind of poster and the two windows on either side of it were broken and had been boarded up. The row of windows adjacent to the left row of seats (which was where the twins sat and where they had woken up) were not obstructed at all but all they could see was the brick wall of another building and if they had been taller they may have seen the pavement and possibly one or two signs which would have given them a very big clue but as they were only small children they would have had to stand up on the seats to do so and the thought never crossed their minds. The window behind them was not obstructed at all and if they had of looked through it they would have seen a platform with many benches spread out along the length of it. For reason unbeknownst to me they never did look out that window. 

If they had decided to try and leave the glass room, they would have discovered that the door was unlocked and upon leaving the room they would have found themselves on platform four at Crewe Train Station. They may also have discovered that the poster on the outside of the door was advertising a new album from an exciting new up and coming artist whose name I can’t quite recall. The poster may have been brand-new or a few years old I’m afraid I don’t know much about modern music. It is true that if they had have left the room and noticed the poster I am sure that they too wouldn’t have known much about the artist in question being only small children and probably had none or little knowledge when it comes to music but I am quite certain that they would have noticed the blood smeared on the poster that was fresh and was still making its way down the artwork of the poster. 

The children sat in the waiting room, afraid to move. They had been awake for a while now and they had both been crying, but they were now just sat in silence. Their thoughts returned to their mother. They missed her, and they hoped they would see her soon. They hoped she was ok. The sense of danger returned to them, they feared for their mother but they were powerless and terrified. Their mother was single and was a young attractive woman who although she was very popular with the local men she always turned down their advances. The children had never met their father and had never been told about him. He rarely even entered their thoughts. The other children at school would ask where their dad was but these questions were rare and easily answered. They didn’t know where their father was and if they were asked why they would just say “we don’t think we have one.” The topic was bound to come up again and would eventually be a source for ridicule, but they weren’t to know that, not yet anyway. They were still quite young. Fools they were not but naive? Oh yes, definitely. 

On the morning that the children awoke in the glass room, the father question couldn’t have been further from their minds. The fact of the matter was that their mother wasn’t entirely sure who their father was. There had been two men on the scene at the time she had fallen pregnant and neither of them were even close to being father material, not in her eyes, so she had left them in the dark about everything. She could think of no good reason to discuss this with her children so had avoided the question at all costs. 

Of the two potential fathers, one had been living overseas for a number of years, but he was of no consequence. It was the other potential father who became very interesting when the train station became a crime scene. The children never did see, but not too far away from the glass room where they had spent many hours was a dead body which was later identified as a man that the twins mother had known very well. He had bled to death and had been stabbed several times. The police believed that he had discovered he was the father and had abducted the children in anger. This was almost feasible except for the fact that he had never been informed. The Mother had told nobody. That wasn’t the only mystery involved in the case either. The weapon used to kill the man was never recovered and the blood on the poster of the waiting room door did not match the blood of the murdered man. This must surely have been the attackers blood but there were no traces of this blood anywhere else. No matches were ever found and the case is closed. Those of us who despise an unsolved mystery will always be keeping a close eye on this case though. One day, we aim to solve it once and for all. 

July 10, 2020 19:10

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Mwanga Tsidqenu
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- many, many questions. keep writing Gorden. study the writing styles of your favored authors; study even the styles of new authors. explore different genres and ages.


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