Henry was packing his gear. As he picked and placed each item in the bag he began reminiscing about trips he'd taken in the past. Henry was a staunch loner. He preferred to travel alone because he always felt others slowed his travels down.

His clothing packed tightly with small bags of medicinal drugs for emergencies and back up funds he closed the bag and picked it up. It was amazingly light considering the amount of things he'd put in it. Henry made his way to the door. Set down the bag. "One down, two more to go!"

Henry walked into his kitchen. The travel bag was sitting on the counter where he'd left it the night before. He stepped over to the pantry where he kept his travel supplies. All dehydrated and tightly packaged. As he grabbed package after package he thought of the fun he'd have hunting for game to go with the meals. Henry didn't like planned meals. His mother was particular about each meal she made. Henry liked surprises. As he picked different spices, he placed them in a dark paper bag that was lined with plastic. He smiled. It was really the last of it's kind. Placing the last spice in he closed the container and tucked in to the bag on the counter and resumed packing other meals. On top he placed utensils for eating, a knife, collapsing strainer, variety of spoons, folding swiss army knife his father got him for cub scouts on his tenth birthday. He closed the bag satisfied with his choices and lifted the bag. It too was fairly light given the contents. "Damn I'm good!" He chuckled and placed it next to the bag on the floor. He walked over to a securely locked box and produced a small card. Henry slipped the card down a slot on one side and heard a faint audible click. He put the card back on its ring and dropped the necklace holding it down his T-shirt. The box was large so Henry kneeled down and took a fairly large bag out of the box and opened it before setting it on the floor. He grabbed a net not really sure it would be necessary and set it aside. He grabbed four candles, flints, and camping equipment that collapsed until use. His water container was next. He picked up the container and opened the lid and sniffed. "Gross, guess I missed one!" As he stepped, container in hand back into the kitchen and reached for a cleaner tablet. He filled the container and dropped the tablet in and set it in the sink.

Henry returned to the box and pulled out a smaller box made of wood he'd carved when he was a boy. Inside held a small notebook, a touchpad, solar flares, pen and knife sharpener he'd had from his first road trip his father had given him. Next was two tarps he rolled tight, a tent and poles he inherited from his grandfather, spikes and a jumble of ropes. He thought through the necessity of each item and shrugged and chucked to himself as he placed the net in first. Then the tent and supplies, and wooden box minus the touchpad.

Henry returned to the kitchen and dumped out the contents of the water container and sniffed. Satisfied, he refilled it, closed it tightly and placed it under his arm and returned to the bag by the box. He placed the water container into the bag, closed the bag and picked up the tablet in one hand, bag in the other. His ride was outside.

Henry went into the covered shipping container and leaned into his mini jet. It was cleaned and secured the night before. Henry checked all of the emergency equipment and finally his gun and ammunition he purchased illegally for almost half his pay. He cradled the gun in his hands as a tear rolled from his eye remembering the trips he'd taken with his grandfather before the government took away guns in a law his grandfather lost his life over. He checked the chamber satisfied it was full, put the safety on as his grandfather taught him and put the gun in the console and the tablet next to it. He placed the water container on the floor and securely closed the hatch. He turned and went back inside and grabbed the three bags and walked to the portal on the other side of the mini jet and one by one placed the bag by the hole and pushed a button. He repeated this with each bag adjusting the dial to accommodate each bag. Henry then flipped a small switch on the right to secure the portal. Walked to the side he operates of the jet, and with a collective sigh sat down and strapped himself in. He picked a small chip from the dashboard of the jet and fed the chip into a small slot for music. Music he had bootlegged years earlier began to play as Henry settled in for his adventure. He picked up the tablet, tapped out coordinates and programmed them into the jets navigation.

He always wanted to go to a place where there was clean water, and after a chunk of money to shifty fellow and hella research, crossed his fingers and tapped the button for ignition. He was off, music blaring, and a contented smile on his face. "Roooooaaaad triiip!"

September 06, 2019 21:09

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