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"So, Ms. Missy, your telling me that vampires actually do exist in human society and people just don't know it?" The news anchor was sitting in the velvet-lined comfy chair asking questions to a woman with curly red hair sitting on a black velvet couch. "Yes, that is exactly what I am saying." The woman spoke clearly with a thick southern accent. The news anchor wrote something down onto his note pad. "Please tell me what the theory behind this was." He started.



"Tomas!" A woman yelled from the small living room, quickly standing up from the ugly floral couch. "Cassy! Matthew! Lillian!" The lady stomped her way over to the chipped white door and forcefully pushed it open. She was taken aback because her children were not in the room. Yet, they were supposed to be sleeping and in bed already. Running out of the room she pushed open the front door to the house, spotting the light that was on in the workshop she ran.

Not noticing the door, which didn't slam shut behind her.

"James! James!" She yelled to her husband who stepped out of the brightly lit place. "Mary? What is wrong?" The man swiftly ran to his wife and pulled her into his arms. "The kids... T-they, I don't know where they are." The husband himself was wasn't really surprised that she had come out. He tightly hugged his wife and consoled her saying; "Don't worry honey, we will find them. They couldn't have gotten too far." He looked down at her and then pulled her into the workshop. Once the door closed behind her she looked up to come face to face with her children's smiling faces.

"Happy Anaverery!" They all cheered loudly.

Her face went from shock to smiles. "Aww, you guys are so sweet. I had completely forgotten..." She looked down but was pulled into a tight hug by her family. "Mom, we know you have been busy with a bakery and stuff like that, and things like this they come and go." Lillian, her oldest daughter said softly. "Yeah! dad kinda knew you'd forget so we planned this about a week ago." Her youngest spilled, which caused her to turn around and lightly hit her husband's arm. "James! How could you?!" She smiled at him as she pulled him into a hug and kissed him.


"Well, you see there was this family that was really weird. They lived on a farm and they had this shop. And you see... One day, it was late in the evening, the whole family was out in the workshop there father had built. Normally around this time, the kids would have already been asleep, but I got from someone that they were awake that night." Her eyes trailed along the anchor's features with a small smile.

"It was their parent's anniversary." She watched as the man looked at her.

"They were having a good time in the workshop, that they didn't even notice that their house was on fire. Once they had stepped out to see what the voices they heard outside. They found it, burning." She held onto the hem of her black knee-length skirt. "I heard all of this from eyewitnesses. But they were met with people dressed in nice clothing, and they watched as they murdered everyone that was in the family." She looked down and turned her head away from the camera. "Those people ripped out their throats. Everyone was killed..." The reporter handed the red-haired woman a tissue. "So, you look very distraught over this incident. Why? If I may even ask." The woman wiped her eyes.

"Because those people were my relatives." She swallowed. "And I trust what people saw that night that happened to them. I don't know why those awful things exist but... I wanna drive a stake through their hearts for what they did to them..."


"So...? How'd it go?" The red-haired woman heard a voice from the hallway next to her as she walked into her apartment. She looked over and admired the handsome man that was wearing a suit. "Well.." Her voice went from the thick southern accent to a low voice without an accent at all.

"It went good." She chuckled and pulled off off the red curly hair that was on her head. Revealing that the female was actually a male with blond hair. "Do you think you threw them off?" The male asked softly as he walked closer to the other. "Well, I think I might have, but we still have to be careful. Remember that we don't like in that area anymore and well, not everyone was buried." He pointed out to the other with a sigh. "I wish that man never showed up..."

"I do with the same, but maybe it's a good thing." The guy wearing a dress froze as he began to take it off. "A good thing!? Are you nuts?!" He looked at him like he was crazy. "I have to dress up like a girl, while you get to sit at home and do nothing. You wanna dress up like a girl?" The male's eyes glowed a bright red, that showed through his dark contacts as he tossed the wig onto the couch. "I never wanted to do this Felix. This was all your idea. Not mine!" He stomped out of the room and into the bathroom, slamming the door behind him.

Felix looked at the door and sighed. He walked over and place a hand on the painted white door, resting his head against it. "True it was my plan." He paused as a smile overtook his features. "But you didn't have to agree with me on it." Felix started to laugh. The door was pulled open, to see the other male already dressed in his normal attire.

"Well, you practically forced me to do this so don't give me that." The smaller male pushed him away and walked past. "Forced you with what now?" Felix snickered. The male turned around and placed a hand on his hip.

"You know what. So, answer that question yourself and really dig deep down into your rotten soul."

October 21, 2020 14:38

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