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Paradise Screwed.

  “What little I know of it, Voldu, it would have been an era I would have loved. Diverse people mostly getting on with each other. In the broad sense, I mean. They would have squabbled, but that’s what family’s should do. Anyway, I’m sure I would have loved it. Peace and harmony is all very well, but we don’t step out of line at all, in fact, I don’t think I could. I’m sorry they’re gone. I, we, could have done something.”

 “It wasn’t an era, really, Seebu, it was a civilisation of sorts. It didn’t last long either. Well, not in the sense we think is a long time. Whoever engineered them were a bit slap-happy, I guess. They possibly used reconstituted stock that had gone by its ‘best before’ sticker.

“I doubt even you could have made much difference, their final problem was the NWO people. They were not going to let a little thing like logic get in their way, they were on a mission. There were already more rational ways to reduce the world’s population than they tried. It should have been gradually if they had used their collective heads. They already knew when a perfectly healthy individual or species is threatened it goes into a creative mode and tends to try to reproduce, but this was ignored, I believe. 

“As you may know, this is what happened with that engineered virus, which was actually a bit of a ‘damp-squib,’ the population soared upwards during the incarcerations. Even with all of the attention grabbers they had, they ‘dipped their wicks’ in an unconscious effort to save the species, but in the end, almost destroyed it.”

 “That’s why I find that era so fascinating, Voldu, so much information and they behaved like idiots. I would have rubbed their noses in the facts. The broad public should have risen up and would eventually have gotten the 'powers that be' see sense.”

 “Don’t kid yourself, Seebu, you are overlooking the superstitious attitudes of three-quarters of that world at that time, they thought there was an invisible man in the sky and he wanted them to multiply.”

 “I know, Voldu, you’ve told me before. You’re a bit of a history buff but I can’t believe they really believed in that stuff. You keep assuring me that in spite of the evidence of not getting anything back from this fabrication, they talked to it and asked it to give them things as well as forgiveness. Did they expect the things they asked for to just turn up? What happens when they didn’t, did they still believe?”

 “Seebu, we are talking about superstition. It’s a kind of balm that one uses, but not one to look at it too closely. In many cases, the placebo aspect kicks in and there is a result. Of course, in these cases, many will put it down to divine intervention and may even form a religion around it.”

“But they could have gotten much more consistent results with hypnotism, Voldu. You can be made to believe in almost everything with that. Were the people of the virus era hypnotised into believing that it could wipe out the human race?”

“Yes, and no. There had arisen in the East, a man which some seeking easy solutions claimed to be a saviour and would smite the poor and down-trodden into even greater submission. He and his followers which were many, usually followed the pragmatic viewpoint of a Lord shitting on the biggest heap and dived into it taking with them an abundance of metaphorical Cologne to make it bearable. It was said that he used dragons to clear his path and eventually became one himself and started to gobble up the poor and wayward.”

“Do you mean he was altered genetically?”

“No, no that was another metaphor for his burblings on a primitive communication application that incited his followers, I understand, to don bed apparel and with the aid of adherents in law enforcement, and crushed the unworthy darker-hued and poor underfoot.”

“But why did they allow it.”

“Because they were fragmented and believed the NWO propaganda. What was said on their picture boxes was believed. It was also said that those without financial substance could never hope to enter their fictitious heaven as they hadn’t the means to lubricate the sides of the needle to allow them to pass through.”

“But, you told me once, that the one’s that didn’t make a fuss would get more pats on the head than the loud ones.”

“Ah, that was a misprint, I believe. I think it meant the Geek. They were able to amass the fortunes that were favoured by the Man up above. However, the big religious business church controllers were able to change their rule-book if it was inconvenient and limited their financial accumulations. Of course, you have to realise that money was the real God, even their superstitious beliefs were not allowed to get in the way of that.”

“But what really wiped them out?”

“Well, I understand that the huge corporations were devoted to producing products that seemed to alleviate the pain, et cetera, from the human body, but didn’t eliminate the source of it, as this was their primary income. A well society was a sick society in their eyes and they came up with a magnificent solution; vaccination. A vaccination that could reduce the breeding power of the poor that couldn’t afford their drugs, and give more space for the favoured ones with power and money that could afford their products.”

“So what happened to their intended paradise? Where did all the rich people go?”

“The vaccination was fantastically successful for a while, laws were passed and enforced with prejudice, meaning real bullets were used against anyone trying to enter schools and stores without a certificate of vaccination. A separate body of law enforcement uniformed people was conscripted, consisting mainly of men with an insignia of a cross emblazoned across the chest. They were known as the ‘Righteous Brigade and they imposed the discipline. They had a motto, I believe, of, ‘Spare the bullet and spoil the race.’”

“So they wiped themselves out by these actions, I take it.”

“Not at all. For a start, it was wildly effective. Very few children were born over the next ten years, then almost spontaneously a mutation took place in a vast number of women and men, wherein they started to produce triplets and quadruplets in abundance. Whatever happened to the men, but they just craved sex. The population soared in spite of the best efforts of authorities seeking to minimise the sexual excesses that were rampant. Rapes became common-place with the perpetrators claiming they were possessed, which of course, was believed by many of them. They said Satan was walking among them so they resorted to praying at least five times a day. The few Moslems left after the ‘Devastation-wars,’ which almost wiped them out, said; See!” 

“But they are not here, now, Voldu, where did they go?” 

  “Well, Seebu, it set in train a different set of actions a new virus, totally unknown to that species emerged caused the catastrophe and aftermath. The New World Order guys had pushed their agenda too fast and too far; the people of the world multiplied. They overwhelmed the primitive infrastructures of the day and in that collapsed environment a really potent virus emerged. It had lain dormant for possibly millions of years, or was engineered that way. Ninety-nine per cent of the population succumbed in a very short time, the rest died of apathy, I believe. Although there is the possibility that there may be a few of them left, we haven’t found any. However, if any are still in existence, like the indigenous people of past civilisations on this earth, they will welcome us as saviours." 

September 29, 2020 05:42

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Sandeep Kaur
19:32 Oct 08, 2020

I have definitely never read anything closer to this story. It reminds me of the Upotia story, well the world didn't particularly doomed in that one. I am not an avid sci-fi reader but it was a good experience reading the story.


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22:48 Sep 29, 2020

Time to call Netflix and get this series made for the 2nd wave of the pandemic ❤️


Len Mooring
01:10 Sep 30, 2020

The world, or at least the Western world, is walking on eggshells, Deidra. Netflix said Nah, they'll be no one around to view it. Thanks for reading.


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Jesna Anna S.
16:17 Sep 29, 2020

Awesome story! Keep writing! I appreciate if you can read my story, "Agnes" and give your valuable feedback.


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