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Ace had short striking auburn red hair and dark blue eyes. Ace is 17 years old. He is in 12 grade, his last year of high school. He worked out daily. He is very strong and is in the varsity class in his boxing class. They had practice every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday.  Ace had a twin sister who had the same red colored hair and dark blue eyes he did. Her name is Julia. Julia is very smart and has all As. She also was very talented in painting. Ace is working to be at the top of his boxing class. There are 17 people in the varsity boxing class. At the end of the year the top 6 people in his class would get to go on an all expense paid field trip to Paris,France in the summer. The top 3 people got a scholarship for college. Aceś grades were As and Bs. It was coming toward the end of the year. Ace won all the torments he had so far. He had 5 more people to fight against. So he had a spot to go on the field trip. But he really wanted a scholarship. He kept practicing hard. Ace was at his final fight. This would be his hardest fight. He made it into the final two, The boy he was fighting is named Thomas. He had shot mangy blond hair and green eyes. Ace is in the lead. He won the first round of the match. Then in the second and the third round he knocked over a couple of times and lost the match. He made into the top second in his class. He is disappointed he did not make to first but is happy he gets a scholarship. He came home and told his family about his accomplishments. His parents said they were proud of him. His sister said she was happy for him. Ace decided to go out with his friends that night. They went to diner and talked about what their future careers would be. Ace said he wanted to be a CIA agent when he got out of college. When he went back home, he went straight to bed. Ace had a couple more weeks of school left. He had final exams coming up. The coach let the boxing team be excused from practice the week of the exams. Ace studied hard. He used all the time he could to study for his exams. The exams would count for 20% of their final grade. He ended up making Aś on his exam except for one B. Soon the school year was over. Ace started packing for the trip to France. The next afternoon he met at the front of the public library to get on the bus. He said goodbye to his family and went on the bus. Ace did not know everyone really well. So for the first hour of the ride he spent talking and getting to know the five other people on going on the trip with him. Then he read a book. After a few hours of reading it was getting dark. He went to sleep for the rest of the ride. They arrived at a hotel in Paris at 1:45am in the morning. The coach paid the bus driver and then woke everyone up. The coach checked into the hotel and everyone got their luggage. Then the coach helped all the boys find their rooms. They all went back to sleep once they got back. The next morning everyone woke up at 8:00am. The coach said they would be exploring a cave nearby for the day. Afterward they would have free time. Ace was fascinated by the cave. The month of the cave was in a M shape. Inside there was a little narrow stream next to the walkway. Most of the cave was made from limestone. There were a lot of stalactites and stalagmites with pointed tips. One of the boys dropped a black metal water bottle. It made a loud clanking sound and echoed throughout the cave. Soon a bunch of bats came scaring everyone. Some of the group jumped when bats started coming out of the cave. The group took a few minutes to recover from their surprise. Then they went on. They soon reached the end of the cave. They turned around to go back. On the way back Ace saw something out of the corner of his eye. Curious what it was, he decided to pick up. It was a patch with a symbol on it of two snakes entwined. There was a sword in the middle. Ace decided to show his coach what he had found. When he did the coach started acting strange. The coach rushed everyone to get out of the cave. The coach had a worried look on his face. Everyone was silent for the remaining time. When they got out of the cave the coach asked for the patch that Ace found. Ace gave it to him. Then the coach led them back to the hotel and told them to go to their rooms and lock the door. Then the coach left the hotel. There were 2 boys in each room with 2 twin sized rooms. Ace is in a room with a boy named Joshua. Ace said ¨I wonder what is going on and why the coach is acting so strange.¨  Joushua replied ¨It is something about that thing you gave him. What did you give him?¨ Ace said ¨It was a black patch with 2 green snakes entwined with each other and a sword in the middle.¨ They both wondered what was going on. Then Ace had the idea to look up the symbol on his computer. Nothing came up. After an hour the coach came back to the hotel. The coach gathered up the group to eat lunch. While they were eating the coach then explained what was going on. The coach said the symbol on the patch Ace found was the symbol for the most violent gang in history! This gang had caused the most deaths ever. So the coach said the gang might have been nearby so he rushed them to the hotel. Then the coach went to the police to report Aceś finding. The police were now searching the area. After lunch the coach took them to a museum. The coach knew he said it would be their free time but he felt better if they were all together. After 45 minutes at the museum the coach got a call. The police found the vicious gang. The gang was all arrested with multiple charges of murder. This would be a day of history. The long wanted gang that caused so many deaths was finally caught. If Ace had not found the patch they would have never known the gang was in the area and there might have been more deaths. The rest of the trip was peaceful. Ace enjoyed the trip. Afterwards Ace went to college and majored in criminal justice. He successfully joined the CIA. His twin sister Julia became a famous artist. 

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