Coming of Age Romance Fantasy

RECAP: Amelia Lawrence fought her way to become Queen without needing a king, a mean old priest tried to stop her but she succeeded and is now Queen.

I smile down at the crowd of people. I am their queen now. I decide what happens. When it happens. What laws there are. I can fix so many things. With the click of a finger.

Six months later

Being Queen sounds all fin and games, but once you get through the first couple of months things start to change. people expect something of you, they expect you to do as your told. People belittle you. it's horrifying. I sit down on my throne and have in a deep breath of air. A guard walks in, carrying a letter from our neighbouring country, Meyrin.

"Thank you, Ju,"

He nods and I open the letter. A seal of the kingdom is engraved into red wax and I rip it open. Wondering what it could be about. A small slip of paper falls out and a single rose petal floats to the ground. Frowning, I start to read.

Dearest Amelia,

Joyous tidings to you! I have missed you so much, perhaps we can meet? I would love to catch up with you. Please don't disregard this.

Your loyal friend,


I frown but reread the last sentence. Caspian. Caspian was my childhood friend. Best friend. We broke apart when I had to start preparing for my loyal duties. Why does he want to meet now? Does he not know that I am queen? I frown again and am about to throw it away when something catches my eye. A small symbol in the bottom corner. We used to flash our torches at each other through the window. Like morse code. But it was our own code. There are four dashes and two dots. He wants to meet in private. Secret. This isn't junk. I tuck it into a fold in my dress. No one can know about this. I know Caspian, he would only want to meet if it was something really important. I sit back on my throne and think of where and how we could meet.

"A visitor for you your highness,"

I jump at the sound and sit up straighter, flattening my deep purple gown and straightening my bow.



"long time no see," This is weird, can he read my mind or something

"Guards you are dismissed," The guards nod and leave us be.

"What are you doing here?"

"I believe a congratulation is in order,"

"Well, yes I am queen but that can't be the only reason what about-"

"The letter?"


"That was merely a cover, I just needed to see you Mil,"


"There's a rumour going around that you aren't fit to rule without a king,"

Seriously? I thought I fixed that problem. I bet that Priest started it. "Thank you for telling me, I will see to it," I stand and try to get down, but I feel so tired. So weary.Β 

"But Mil," Caspian starts reaching forward to steady me, "What if you did marry? Would that be so bad?" My face flushes and I look down at him. He's holding onto my arm to steady me and I can feel my arm tingling where he touched it. I shake my head and the feeling goes away. I can't fall for Caspian. It wouldn't be right. I really need to get a grip on my life. My mother passed away several months ago, and now, well, I have no one to rely on, no one to lean on. I don't want to be Queen. I want to be a normal person. A normal teenage girl. Who can fall in love.

"Help me Caspian, I need to not be Queen anymore, I can't take it, it's draining me,"

"Slow down Mil, I wasn't expecting that reaction, why don't you want to be queen?" His green eyes look into mine, his pupils dilating and pulsing. Is he in love with me? I shake my head. His dark hair glints in the late afternoon sun. I have to stop this. Now. The world stops as Caspian's eyes search mine. The moment lingers. For what seems like an eternity. Just him and I. Me and him. No one else in the entire world matters. Someone clears their throat. I turn my head and the spell is broken. An old lady stands slightly to the side. She has dark grey hair and twinkling blue eyes.

"If I may your majesty, I would like to say that it is beautiful to see young people in love," My face flushes bright red, as does Caspian's.

"Would you like to leave this life and become a normal girl who can as you put it, fall for guys?"

She read my mind. I can't believe she did that. I don't know her. What is she doing in the palace?

"Calm yourself, Your Majesty, I come in peace, I have an offer,"

"And that is?" Caspian answers, half angrily

"I can make you normal, just like you want to be, but there is a price you have to pay,' My smile fades as she continues, "The price is that you can never come back here, otherwise the spell will be broken," Never come back here? Never come back to my home? That's too much to ask. I can't. But I need to escape this world that I'm from. it's suffocating me. I gulp and nod my head.

"Are you sure?"

"yes," I grit my teeth and tears crowd my eyes as the lady moves her hands around me and Caspian. She grins and mutters a word. I scream as the ground beneath my feet disappears. Caspian grabs my hand and steadies me. I don't know what I would do without him. We stop spinning through the air and land on solid ground. My how is gone and in place of it are peasant clothes. I have no idea where we are.

"Shall we?" Caspian offers me his hand and I take it willingly. He grins like crazy as our fingers touch and he pulls me in. He kisses me ever so softly on the lips and I immediately know that I made the right decision. This is where I'm supposed to be. Where I need to be.

"Grab her!"

April 09, 2021 01:20

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