Like a shadow on the surface...

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Bedtime Fantasy Fiction

 When that ghost of the spirit came through – it came to play shadows on the surface of the window...

Well you know? It is all about Lin again. Lin´s mum for sure did believe in ghosts. So growing up listening to magic and to odd stories can make you begin to see things. Both indoors. And outdoors.

The family lived out way beyond city-life. Rather among farmers and peasants and just opposite to the church. The ghosts on that site could make anyone see and sense that vision through all windows in that godamn house. It could be labelled a mansion, as the priests had lived there once way back in history. That is why Lin´s mum talked about priests that she saw when gazing out the garden. Through all those windows that sort of surrounded them from each sides. Everywhere there could be tapping on the chrystal senses of the opening out to the remote place. Countryside that is.

As the priest had been the important once among farmers there were gossips about the priests, both the living and the dead ones. More so about the dead priests as they were thought of to peeping in from the openings of the walls. Weird kind of word it must be, but opening there was.

And one November night Lin could see a shadow flippering in the glass of the window. Aha, John F Kennedy was there to visit them. She spoke nothing about if for the whole night. But when morning came Lin asked her spirit master mum about it. ”How about if Kennedy wanted me to see things? How about if there are political ghosts peeping in, and not the priests as you said? How about?”

Well her mum had a debate with herself. Thought about it with her fishermen´s and sailor´s mood and said that no one could be sure. The next night mum sat down at the very kitchen table, white and round, and began peeping out herself. Did she see flimmering shadows dancing on the surface of the window? But no. She saw none and nothing. How about a priest, it would have done nothing. But a president roaming around their garden, what was it a sign of?

There came many nights after that one and Lin´s mum begged her again to study her homeworks a bit harder. But Lin was in for politics and gave no damn about priests peeping through that magical windows, but -? She wanted to have the political feeling about it all. As a matter of fact she had turned over so much to her rational mind that she was clear about it in the end. The window´s surface was shadowy and let lights play with the dark and the dark had games with the light. All this alltogether made sure that everything could turn a vision. Ever political leaders could dance on the edge of life to come around with messages. How about it? Through that mirror of it all? ts´like your own face play on that glass of something. Like the glass hold a reflection and you become part of both projection and rejection and reflection. So? On and on the same game with the mysteries of projections. Is it on the surface or is it deeper into the windowy screen? Somewhere Lin´s mum had thoughts she gave to her children.

Mum explained lots of stuff about magical windows where ghosts come to visit the family. There were of course several windows in the house, but the one in the kitchen was more of a wonder world os events. Ghosts came there. You could see both past and future things. You could imagine other´s thoughts and let them be played out in the open. As a matter of fact such a window gave a spirit to Lin´s family. As a matter of fact that family life gave the window a spirit and it gave room for more projections. As projection needs mirrors or windows Mankind became more open to playing out their fears as soon as the first house was built way back in the history, cause then the peeping Tom could begin. And as the peeper was out on run the more solutions Mankind needed. And the more questions was asked to the windows. Who there? What´s up? What is out there in the open? So… Steeped in projections because of a window.

Lin began picking her mum´s habit looking through that thing of a flat surface, the flattering visions the more the projections played and intermixed in her brain. That is how she came to be lost…

Window window on the wall, tell me who I see today! Window window´s call, tell me who I come to see! And yes, the very one who has ears to listen can shut the eyes and begin to hear so much more. Window window when it´s fall, fall all flocks of snow just fall!!!

Through the window each season passed by. And as they all came and went so did ghost come to visit the house out in Tävelsås. The small village with the most odd priest, and - ? Still Mrs John F Kennedy must have visited Lin and told her things. Many years after Lin could vividly remember his face but forgot all his words and even forgot his politics.

Yeah, it´s true. Ghosts can be extremely spiritual, as they can be rational, visionary creatures through science, moody, awful, cruel, kind, debating, and: For sure there was Mr John F Kennedy coming through. He wanted to tell Lin about his woman affairs. However Lin said that no gossip of that sort could be listened too. Besides woman´s magazines were all over the world about fashion, kitchen work, cleaning and such. So in the end. Some nights after the first one: there he was again, as a huge flame on the window screen. Mr John F Kennedy. He gave space and time a new dimension. Perhaps he tried to have done so when alive. But now he wanted Lin to tell the world about his mission.

Lin sat softly by that kitchen table many nights after the first one. And he, the president, brought her messages. One hint after the other. And when spring came Lin knew all aboit politicam mission.

She was going to write a book about Radical thoughts. Thoughts that went to the core of the people because of propaganda. Was he killed because of it? Journalism tries to solve information when they are wrapped up in pr and not only that...Information is wrapped up in itself, like a reflection coming from a window of the past. Ghosts may belong to another dimension. Still they can listen to news everywhere. But how about a politician beginning adressing the information society as a threat? He would then become the target for journalism. Better then having a window in the kitchen and no TV screen. Too many projections out on the run, Macha,,,,?

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