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Nano and Sirius both booked their flights to each venture into a new world. The current hot spots were actually two moons that orbited around Planet Neuron. Nano signed up to travel to Plutonius, and Sirius signed up to travel to X2 Factor. The total distances of the flights was similar to the distance between the Earth and its moon. Plutonius had more bodies of water, and its inhabitants utilized hydroponic methods for agricultural means. X2 Factor consisted of sandy, rich loam and a central bio-dome for agricultural means. Plutonius had an atmosphere similar to Earth, whereas X2 Factor had a compressed atmosphere.

During the flights to their respective destinations, Nano researched the varieties of flora and fauna associated with Plutonius. However, halfway to X2 Factor, Sirius grew nauseous and lightheaded. He adjusted his oxygen pack and meandered towards the cabin bunk area.

When Nano arrived to her destination, a group of sirens welcomed her and adorned her with a lei made from kelp. The sirens harmoniously directed Nano towards her dwelling, which resembled a house boat.

Once landed, Sirius was transported in a bubble towards the bio-dome where the air was breathable.

Each volunteer had to utilize their knowledge to the new world and share their findings and solutions back to the home planet. Nano was a biologist and Sirius was an engineer. Nano focused on potable water solutions and eco friendly methods to harvest foods. Sirius studied the air pressure and soil levels. Besides harvesting vegetation, Nano wondered if protein sources could be harvested where the environment contained mostly bodies of water. She thought if life back home could grow in a liquid environment for approximately 9 months, could she use that known fact and create a method for protein sources. Sirius, on the other hand, thrived in the bio-dome where a variety of flora existed due to the rich soil. He wondered if the fauna could be genetically altered to automatically balance out the population.

Word got back quickly to home about the newly founded environments, and other inhabitants of Planet Neuron hastily booked their flights. Little did they know, each contestant would have to pass a physical exam and exertion test because of the travel distance and different atmospheres. The shuttles offering the flights each held about a third of what a Boeing plane occupies. Also, each shuttle had a built in infirmary for those contestants that grew weary of the flights. Some political advocates of Planet Neuron insisted that nobody would survive such a flight. This did not stop the diehard travel connoisseurs from completing the voyages to either Plutonius or X2 factor.

The arrivals to each moon had no casualties and each newcomer signed off on the rules and regulations of their respective destinations. Nano and Sirius became known as the pioneers of the two moons.

Life on each moon flourished to the point there was no more room for expansion. Both Nano and Sirius eventually grew homesick and made arrangements for return flights. However, re-entry into Planet Neuron's atmosphere posed an issue due to velocity and potential combustion of the space craft. Sirius reinforced his heat shield for added protection. Nano created a cooling device to surround herself in the interior of the space craft. After each lift off, each of the space crafts steered back toward Planet Neuron. While descending into the atmosphere, Sirius controlled the speed by activating parachutes and watching the tachometer. Nano, on the other hand, was baking in her craft due to the velocity combining with the cooling system. She immediately acquired assistance from the home office. They told her to activate the parachutes and guided her in her travel back home. Upon re entry, the Coast Guard awaited the return for each craft as both plummeted into the seas. One at a time, the weary pioneers were extracted from the crafts. Sirius was spent from the voyage and the Coast Guard told him to lie down in a bunk on the ship. Nano was pretty much fried, literally and figuratively, and had to be promptly treated for dehydration.

After days of recovery, both Sirius and Nano each received an invitation to attend an honor ceremony on behalf of the welcoming committee. They each RSVP'ed to the event.

Sirius arrived at the ceremony, adorned in a crisp, light silver dress shirt and black slacks, surrounded by a teal duster jacket. Nano arrived at the ceremony in a strapless, tulip shaped formal gown with a pointed bodice. The fabric of the gown was shimmery and a pale ice blue color.

One by one, they each made a small speech when presented their award.

Sirius addressed his adoration for the inquisitive nature of the civilians. He also stated that another voyage would be in the future for him.

Nano addressed everybody who gave her support. She then stated that her maiden voyage was her only one she would ever do.

A huge round of applause came from the audience as the two pioneers exited the stage.

Then the guest performer and lead singer from the Aeronautical Authority introduce himself and began singing his tribute.

Both of the pioneers met in the back of the house and congratulated each other.

Sirius peered through the side curtain and saw the audience displaying light signals as the tribute was playing on the stage. The tribute ended in a high note and the audience gave a standing ovation.

Outside the auditorium, the rides home for both Sirius and Nano hovered next to the docking station. The gull wing door of each cabin opened and the pioneers each got into their rides. Sirius ushered the command to venture back to his abode, while Nano directed hers around the block.

When Sirius arrived to his abode, he promptly displayed his award, and checked his messages. That took over 2 hours because of the plethora of messages.

Nano came back to her abode eventually, and she placed her award carefully on a shelf. She then retrieved her bed from the wall and called it a day.

May 26, 2021 00:21

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Writers Block
02:02 May 28, 2021

I had fun composing this story.


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Gip Roberts
20:28 Jun 01, 2021

I can tell you had fun because this story is good. Science fiction is probably one of the harder genres to write, which is why I shy away from attempting. You made Nano and Sirius two very distinct characters while still doing a nice job with all the technical details. This story made me think about our own space exploration over the past few decades. I even hear people are already booking travel tours to the moon.


Writers Block
23:48 Jun 01, 2021

Thank you! I come by scientific mode of thinking honestly. Normally, I tweak true life events and make them into a story line. But other times, other ideas come to me early in the morning. I wrote another SF story titled Christmas in July.


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Writers Block
23:50 Jun 01, 2021

If we travel to the moon, would our eardrums implode???? I hope not 😰


Gip Roberts
19:32 Jun 02, 2021

There would be plenty of things that could go wrong for sure. Think I'd wait until time has proven moon travel generally safe first (and the price of tickets had gone down). I wouldn't want to end up in another Apollo XIII predicament.


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