Romance Drama

Lia held Nancy’s shoulders firmly as they stood in front of a walking wad-rope mirror. 

“Remember,” she said, “keep the pepper spray ready. Make sure you get to know the scent flavor he doesn’t like and spray that one on him. And aim the spray at his dominant eye, the one he uses to wink you. Okay?” Lia was Nancy’s curvy and ‘sassy’ best friend as she called it.

“Oh gurl, why are you so ardently sweet?” Nancy said kindly. “But relax, really, he seems like a decent guy. A nice oval face shape, with brown hair. And two adorable dimples.”

“Nance, you just bumped into him at a cinema hall, then talked for like what two minutes and he asked you out, to which you even said yes.” She gave her ‘the serious glare’.

“Oh Lee,” she turned to stand in front of her watery eyes, “don’t worry. I promise everything will be okay.” Nancy looked into her eyes with golden love frothing out. “With a cherry on top.” She smiled goofily.

With that Lia burst into a hiccup of laughter.

“So May I be granted the permission to leave, my highness?” Nancy said.

“Of course sweetheart.”

Finally Nancy was unleashed on the colossal street of San Diego, like a caged bird set free. She loved her best friend’s company, but she stilling out on streets stress-free was yet a theory in her life.

Now, she felt every step she took. It felt melodious than ever. The heavens bowed down to her, the land disciplined, waves of wind caressed her skin and she could hear music in her head. Her feet started tapping and swaying, her hands blew up and down in the air and her hair bristled against her face in rhythm. Before she knew, she was already dancing. It was one of those streets that glistened with flower shops and cafeteria’s only. But, boy did she know that she had an audience too.

Too soon her freestyle was interrupted by a gruesome car honk.

She walked to one corner, rearranging her hair, to look for the chit that had the cafeteria’s name written. She walked on as she unfolded the chit. Before she could take a look, the chit dispersed in the air with the wind of a raging car. She ran desperately and crookedly towards it, with pointy high heels. She caught eye of the first letter. It was ‘C’. But very rapidly then, the chit was swallowed up in the air.

Feeling hopeless she decided to walk in the cafeteria opposite her, that was named ‘Claire’s Cafeteria’.

The cafeteria was luminous and cheesy enough in terms of sophistication. She scanned through the thick and thin skins hoping to find what she was looking for.

Oval face. Brown hair. 2 dimples.

‘Please, please, please.’

Seated on the corner was a guy who was staring at her. She couldn’t quite make out his appearance. She went closer and checked.

Oval face? Yes.

Brown hair? Tick marked.

Dimples? Well, she had to make him smile for that.

“Hey!” She said with a wide smile.

He smiled back. With dimples.

Wow, she had found him. What a victory, she thought.

“May I take the seat?”

“Yes of course. The pleasure’s mine.”

“So what would you take?” He asked.

“One frapartino please.”


“Yes, copied that.”

“So, tell me something about yourself?”

“I charged myself before coming here, but seeing you dance so beautifully, I need to be charged again.” 

“Aw, thanks. I didn’t know you saw me though.” She blushed.

“And for my introduction, I am an English professor.”

“Gosh, that can’t be, you look so young.” She blushed on that.

They talked randomly for quite a while. Nancy realised that she was in her natural tone and real self with him. His humor, smartness and straightforwardness really took her on an interesting ride.

She felt a tap on her back. She turned back and saw a drunk man.

They both ignored him.

“So tell me something about your family?”

She turned back as her air reeked of heavy alcohol. It was the drunk man, who had now come in line with her face.

“Let’s get outta here.” He said.

He got up. But as Nancy got up, two moderately built men blocked her way.

“C’mon babe. Come to me.” The drunk man said.

She slapped him. The room was awestruck and silenced.

The dimpled guy’s hands were polka-dotted with goosebumps.

“How dare you?!” The drunk man said as he flung his hand atop her. She stopped it and hit him back in the abdomen. Nancy’s date tried to fight with the guys but he pushed and shoveled back vigorously. She turned back to see two men coming towards her. She rose her feet to kick them, but then realised that her long, fish-cut dress didn’t allow her to do so. With a flick, she grabbed a knife and sliced down the dress from mid thigh to toe. She stealthily pounced on them and scared them to a close death.

“Dare you.” She said as the goons ran of the room shamefully.

Her date was beyond impressed. He respired faster and he started sweating.

Everyone clapped for her. 

She sat back on her chair. He also sat down.

“Yeah, so regarding my family, I love my family. It’s the best one can ever wish for. I have my best friend, Lia, who is everything, my mother, father, siblings and grandparents. And she does her job brilliantly.”

He just couldn’t stop staring at her. One time, she was unbelievably sweet. Next, she sassily slams the villain. And now, she is so freaking grateful and appreciative of having a best friend, regardless of being an orphan.

His heart beat. For the first time. Ever.

“You are a gem.” He said, still in his own world.

“Huh?” She said.

“You are such a powerful women! So independent, confident and grateful for life and beautiful inside out. And my heart beat for the first time after what you did right now. Fuck, I love you.”

She looked at him in utter shock.

“What did you say?”

“Um, I think I’ll just take the last line back.”

“No not that. Before that.”

“That my heart beat for the first ti- oh shoot.”

“Yes that. What do you mean by that?”

“Okay, so I don’t want to lie to you about this. I know it'll be a heavy dose for you. But it is important for you to know that, I am a human robot.”

She was taken aback.

“A Wh-What?”

“Yes, a human robot. So here’s the thing."He didn't stop rubbing his hands in nervousness as he said," I can feel all emotions, except love. In the same way, I have a heart, but it doesn’t pump, until today.”

“Oh dear!” Nancy said. His emotional life now depended on her response.

“This is so individualistic and interesting. I think it’s cooler that you a human robot.”


“Yes, totally! This gives our relationship a novel, thrilling blend, which I think I'm going to love!”

“ Oh girll, I couldn’t be happier!”

“So when is the next date?” She said.

“Anytime you say.

"By the way, we forgot something." He said.

After a small pause they both said together.



They talked for a while and then hugged a goodbye.

Nancy went back home, strolling on the street. Suddenly, she saw a familiar face and she couldn’t believe the situation. He was the guy who asked her out in the cinema hall. Her weak visual memory and the cinema hall’s darkness was to blamed for going on a date with the wrong face and not realising it. She couldn’t believe she sat down with a random person, whom she definitely likes. But, to begin with, the cinema guy was first a stranger too. Nevertheless, she was so impressed by the crafty manner in which such accidents or rather, co-incidences can build beautiful relationships.

Daniel replayed today’s events in his mind. How he was abruptly introduced to a girl, and she slowly and steadily and unknowingly made such a special place in his heart.

February 14, 2021 17:24

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Daniel R. Hayes
18:48 Feb 15, 2021

I absolutely loved this story. It was beautifully written and I was hooked from beginning to end. My favorite line is: "The heavens bowed down to her, the land disciplined, waves of wind caressed her skin and she could hear music in her head." I loved this :) Very beautiful. Also, I loved the twist (right up my alley) I didn't see that one coming. I can't give this story enough praise. You are a true talent. Thank you for writing this story, and sharing it with everyone.


Vibes Blossom
19:07 Feb 15, 2021

Oh dear, thank you so much Daniel. Yeah I that's one of my favorites too cause it's true for me, I feel that kind of an imaginary aura build up when I'm on a breezy street and feel mentally free. I'm glad you liked it cuz I was hoping to add more twists and surprises for readers. Thank you so much for your appreciation and gratitude!!


Daniel R. Hayes
19:21 Feb 15, 2021

Thank you for writing such a wonderful story. I hope you have a great day :)


Vibes Blossom
19:24 Feb 15, 2021

My pleasure! Your comments made my day!!


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01:26 Feb 15, 2021

Okay, so that beginning was amazing, what with all the tension between your two characters. I was expecting a twist, but I’m really glad you didn’t add one in; it would have been cliche to break away from a different cliche. Great story!


Vibes Blossom
04:11 Feb 15, 2021

Aww thanks! From the 2 characters you mean Nancy and Lia or Daniel? Ah twist! So where were you expecting a twist, I'm curious to know?


12:51 Feb 15, 2021

Ahh... I meant lia and Nancy with the two characters. Also, I didn’t trust daniel. Like... something felt too perfect.


Vibes Blossom
16:21 Feb 15, 2021

Ok, kinda had a feeling about that; I'm happy about that too though. Oh, ok. I'm glad u told me what you thought about Daniel. I wanted the readers to trust him, sure, but you unveiled a different perspective that I'd never thought about. Thanks


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