The start towards the end (Part 2)

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Fantasy Adventure

15 years ago Purple snow hit u. everyone with red blood were the unaffected while those with purple blood were the affected. I was one of the unaffected and now lived on what the government gave. When I started high school I met Rae, she is a cheerful girl. But she showed me that my life was a lie and I am one of the affected. And in the end she asked me something I could never believe.

“Leave with me if you want or stay here. It’s up to you.” she said.

I stared at her and then to the charm in my hand. It happened so quickly that I don’t even remember if I even did it. Nanoseconds later the charm was on my phone and I was pointing it at Rae. She gave me a smirk and heading home. I walked home still uncertain at what just happened.

The next day Rae had shown up at my place, since it was a weekend but I was curious how she knew where I lived. I let her in even though my gut feeling told me otherwise. She wasted no time in pleasantries and came straight to her point.

“Since you have decided to leave with me here is the plan” she placed a map in front of me and explained the route we must take. I noticed she wasn’t the cheerful girl I knew at school, she was serious about all this. After she was done she handed me a list of items.

“These things, make sure you pack them”

“Ok. But when are we leaving. We didn’t set a date for time”

“Next weekend. That’s 4 days before new year’s celebration”

“Don’t you think they will notice we aren’t there?”

“You’re anti-social so I don’t think anyone will notice you and as for me I’ve already told them I never celebrate New Year’s since I lost my parents around that time. So you don’t have to worry about me”

She left as soon as she came leaving me alone in my little apartment. I spent the rest of the day going over the plan memorizing each part of it. The next whole week I spent collecting all the items on the list, water bottles, granola bars, flashlights and matchsticks.

Then came the day we had to leave. We met at 1 am at the same bridge. As she instructed I had dressed in all black and carried a separate pair of cloths.

“You ready?” she asked. She was dressed in all black as well and I could only see were her eyes. We headed to the abundant building that Rae identified as the base for the government officers who keep check on us.

At 1 in the morning the building lay silent and pitch black. We lay low and walked slowly making sure there weren’t any cameras and took cover in the pitch black environment. It take us much time and we made our way towards a door that looked fairly new compared to the building it was in. Rae instructed me to open the door with a hand gesture and very slightly I moved towards the door and opened it enough for us to walk through. As the door opened a rush of cold air hit our faces, I knew that air any where it’s coming from an AC. Rae may have been right about all this even though I was still skeptical.

I took a flash light from my bag and shined it so we could see our path. We walked and walked for what I assumed was an hour but we weren’t even close to where we had to be.

“How far do we have to do?” I whispered.

“I’m not sure, the map and the blueprints showed we are on the right path but the outer gate show have appeared by now”

“So are we lost!!!”

“NO!” she all but shouted.

At that moment the lights came on. Everything was now illuminated by a bright white fluorescent light. Rae grabbed my arm and ran to the nearest door she could see. She opened the door and thrust me inside and then closed the door quietly.

“What doing on?” still whispering I asked in horror.

“They knew we are here”


“The gate should be a floor down from here and we have to run because if they found us I don’t know what will happen”

“No we should o back try again later”

“I am not waiting another day. You can go back if you want but I am leaving this place today even if I have to die to leave”

“Don’t be an idiot”

“Look I gave you a choice, you didn’t have to come if you didn’t want to. I never forced you”

“I know but I can’t leave you like this”

I reach for her hand to tell her I’m with her but that it’s not safe but she backs away. She rushes out of the room and bolts to the staircase. I sit thinking for a second but then I run after her. Within seconds I catch up to her and then together we head to the gate. The door wasn’t far from us now but there weren’t any guards in our way. It was strange, for a hidden government building there was no one here, not a single soul.

We arrived at the place the gate should be but it wasn’t there. The gate wasn’t there instead a wall stood in front of us. I had a very bad feeling about all this and I turned to Rae to question. But she struck me with a rod. I didn’t see a rod with her so how had she gotten hold of one.  The whole place started to spin and I could feel a hot liquid flow down my forehead.

“Why?” was all I could muster.

“You can neither live nor die. You will wake in a land where you will be free but will remain imprisoned. That is my life and now it is yours”

Those words make no sense but I could not question further as the world before me went dark.

I opened my eyes screaming at the top of my lungs. Someone came rushing through the door and grabbed me to keep me in place. I couldn’t see their face as they were wearing a hazmat suit. When I claimed down another person appeared. Now she I could see, her face was visible through her suit.

“Nathaniel please claim down. I know this might be hard for you to understand right now but please listen” she says.

I nod and listen to her explain.

“last year we came in contact with a plague and you are one of the few who has been able to survive a little over a year. We kept you in a dream like state for the past 3 months to monitor your health. And before you ask you had accepted the terms for this experiment like the rest of the other affected individuals”

“I can’t be here for a year. I distinctively remember my entire life” I asked desperately.  

“Well three months ago your health started to deteriorate when we told you your sister Rae has given into the plague and we had no other choice but to put you in this dream state. Please have it in your heart to forgive me but it was the only way for you to live.”

“My sister Rae?”

“The memories will come back in a few days. But the good news is we have managed to develop a vaccine and it has been given to your parents. They seem to be going well and you will be administered with the vaccine very soon”

“I will get better?” I asked hopeful that soon I might get to see my parents.

“Yes we are very positive. Now I suggest you take rest while we bring in your food”


The women and the others left my room. I couldn’t believe this was all a dream and the plague’s only been here for a year. The more I thought about it the more my head felt heavy. Then things started to get blur and then the world faded away.

I wake up in my bed in my small apartment and headed to school as always but with a weird feeling I was missing something.

-The End- 

March 12, 2021 07:39

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15:50 Mar 18, 2021

Oh wow! This is really creative.


Aman Fatima
15:51 Mar 18, 2021

Thank you so much!!!


15:52 Mar 18, 2021

You are welcome!


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