Fairies, Witches, and Sorceresses, Oh My

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“Where am I?!” Waking up in an unfamiliar place was never fun. Maxi was having the time of her life last night. Drinking free liquor and being surrounded by half-naked college students was something to be called exciting. This dark and dusty room was nothing close to the same.


Maxi pulled herself up from the floor, stopping to lean on the wall after doing so. Stars spun around her head as she held both her head and stomach for dear life. Was she hit with a sledgehammer? For now, it wasn’t out of the question.


The place was dead silent. The smell was deadly too, something died in here, and Maxi was crossing her fingers she would not meet them. Maxi did not want to be reminded of her high school days. Her emo vampire girlfriend messed around with a spellbook in a graveyard and managed to butcher a revival spell.


After making multiple turns around a never-ending maze of hallways, she spotted something. A faint glowing orb of light. With a tilt of her head, she took a step closer to try to reach it, but it moved away. Her steps got quicker and farther, now chasing after the orb of light. A couple of twists and turns later, the light dashed into an adjacent door. It gave off a loud creak as Maxi pushed it.


“It’s nice of you to finally join me.” Shocked was one word that could describe Maxi’s current state of being. First of all, the room stacked with bottles and bottles of liquor. There was probably enough to fill a whole pool! That is the only kind of pool Maxi would ever want to swim in.


The second thing-and is probably more important thing-was the woman sitting at a table in the duly lit room. It was Alena Levine! Crazy rich Sorceress, literally the face of modern-day perfection. She owned more companies than one could count on their hands. She owned the university that Maxi was attending! Chills went down her back, face went white. Did she find out about her side hustle? This was not good. She was going to be kicked! Her clients!


Alena smiled at Maxi and waved a hand at the chair across from her. Maxi came to her senses. The rumours were true; her teeth did shine like diamonds. She pulled out the chair and sat stiffly across. Alena poured two glasses of wine, offering her one of the drinks. Still suspicious, Maxi waited until Alena took a sip before indulging on half the glass.


“Do you have any Siren or Succubus blood in your family tree?” That was a weird question to start a conversation with, but it was nowhere near the most absurd question she has answered.


“Nope. Got a family of boring, bland people. I have a sister in law that’s a Nymph, but that’s as far as we go.” Maxi put the glass down and squinted her eyes at Alena. “Why are you asking? Are you going to kick me from school because I ain’t got no prissy powers? I earned my spot, fair and square!” 


Alena put up a hand to stop Maxi’s rant. “Do not worry, child, your position at the school is not up for question.” Maxi released her clenched jaw and tensed shoulders. “I am asking because you could easily fool others into believing it. I’ve been looking into your character, and I have to say that I am quite impressed.”


“You have been stalking me?” She spoke with a raised voice and slammed her fists into the table, causing her cup to tip over. Good thing, she finished it already.


“More or less.” Hairs went on edge as feelings of creepiness overcame her.


“Alright then, what have you learned?” Voice was higher pitched, and Maxi did not like the smirk that painted Alena’s lips.


“You are quite the manipulator, finding an income with no job is quite the accomplishment. Only sexually active when beneficial for you, which I might add is more often than most your age. Very socially active, great networking skills. Lastly, you seem to have a malfunctioning moral compass.” Alena spoke while pouring Maxi another glass of wine.


“You know that nothing you are saying is actually explaining why I’m here.”


“Well, don’t get your panties in a twist about it. I won’t be telling you anything until I know you are competent and trustworthy.” Maxi’s face went blank as she comprehended what Alena said.


“What?” Alena chuckled and leaned forward and handed a folded slip of paper to Maxi. Eyes scanned the words over a couple of times.





Light Pink Wings

Blond hair

Green eyes


 “What am I supposed to do with this?”


“Find me a subject like this, bring him to your dorm, and then put him to sleep. After that is done, call me.” She handed over a tiny hand mirror with a golden outline.


“What is in it for me?”


“If you complete this task and prove yourself, you will be set for life.” Maxi liked the sound of that; thoughts filled her head of a very luxurious future. She stuck out a hand to shake. Alena opened her palm, revealing a small blue flame. “Wonderful, now sleep.”




There were not that many requirements for the subject, but it still sucked to locate him. Fairies populated almost half the school, but everything seemed to be getting in the way.


So many fairies were almost perfect, but always had one thing that ruined it. One fairy had dark blue wings, another had gray eyes, and another was super buff. Maxi was getting frustrated; days went by with no success. It was not until the towel was thrown in did she find the perfect subject.


She was studying for a Psych test in a café when she spotted him. A thin fairy with light pink wings, blond hair and green eyes. This is it! Maxi lurked closer to see that he was reading a history of magic book with a laptop open while typing away.


“Hi! I’m Betty, are you a History major?” Maxi made sure to over-exaggerate excitement and a cheery attitude.


“Um, uh, yeah. I’m James, a third-year at Kingswells University.” How cute, he had a stutter. This was perfect.


“I’m a first-year at Levine University! I have a super big test tomorrow, and I don’t think I’m ready. Will you tutor me?” She put emphasis on her words and fluttered her eyelashes.


“Sure, I’d be happy to help.” Maxi smiled and helped him pack up his stuff to lure him to her dorm. She made some fake conversations while planning her actions to put him to sleep. She didn’t have the fancy spells that Alena used on her, but that didn’t stop Maxi.


“Step right in! Ignore the mess, I’ve been busy busy busy!” Maxi said in a singsong while the fairy walked into the room. She snuck around to her nightstand while he started listing off concepts from first-year history classes.


One of Maxi’s late-night claims was a witch in a potion’s major. After he passed out, Maxi helped herself to his stash of lab concoctions, which included a draught of peaceful sleep. The fairy had set himself up at her desk across the room and called her over to start. Once he turned to face her, it was lights out for him. Sleep tight.




“Very well done. I expected you to take longer or give up. You have impressed me.” Alena walked around the sleeping body on Maxi’s floor. Her face was painted with a smug expression as she felt the pride pump through her veins.


“I did the job, now I want an explanation.” Alena laughed softly and took a seat at her desk chair.


“Very well, I suppose you deserve it at this point. I run many different types of businesses, most are open to the public. Still, one of them is quite special and very demanding.” She waved her hand over the desk and summoned two glasses and a bottle of wine. “This one is my favourite and has brought me most of my fortune.”


“What is it?” Maxi was starting to piece the puzzle together, but she still wanted confirmation from her voice.


“Some people are willing to pay top dollar to have a toy all to themselves, have someone else to do the dirty work.” She referenced the unconscious body on the floor. “This is the dirty work.” Maxi wasn’t surprised at this point, accepting the wine while staying relatively calm.


“Why did you need me, though? Not to be rude, but I’m pretty sure you could manage this on your own.” Alena smiled and stood from her spot and stepped closer.


“I am getting old, and I have no partners in this line of business. I’m planning for the future, and darling, you play a big role in that future.” Maxi almost dropped the glass out of shock.


“You want me to be your partner?”


“See, you understand. I can give you anything you want. Follow me, and you will never suffer a day in your life. What do you say?” Alena was the one to extend her hand this time. Maxi contemplated, but only for a short moment. There wasn’t much to really think about, this was the kind of career she dreamed about. One firm handshake later, she would be set for life.


“Deal, partner.” Alena beamed before turning suddenly.


“Now let’s get this cleaned up, we have an order to fulfil.”


“Wait I have a question, its super important!” Alena stopped at the head of the fairy.


“What is it?”


“Do I get access to your liquor dungeon?”

March 12, 2020 19:48

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Oliver Paradox
22:25 Mar 13, 2020

Please tell me you're making a sequel! I absolutely love this! It's just amazing.


Lynn Penny
18:05 Mar 15, 2020

I might just have too! Maybe if I find a prompt to work into it, and I'll be sure to let you know. <3


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Graham Kinross
22:37 Nov 16, 2021

This is interesting. I feel like Alena has been tricked into being the scapegoat for the witch’s kidnap to order business. Am I reading it wrong?


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