Sad Creative Nonfiction East Asian

           I am Mira who lived in neighbor country of china called Myanmar. Me and my mother was staying at her parent's residence for years. I started working freelance writing at October 2018. That year end was being nice to me I felt the luck was coming to me. Because I got invitation from my friends who came from Wuhan city and doing business here in Myanmar. After new year party night, we didn't think horrible things will happen tomorrow. 1 Jan 2019, I heard the news about the horrible virus was spreading at Wuhan China. I was feeling shock when I heard this because there were many of my friends in china including Wuhan area. So, I called to them and ask them about the situation at there. They told me their government decided to shut down the area for controlling the virus spread. But they were scare for everything because everyone they knew was getting sick one by one. They didn’t know how to live with this virus. They didn’t even know what its look like and what can it do after entering their body. They told me their fears at that time. I chose to look for more and more information about this virus. I emphasized on search mostly on herbal, daily life tips and things to eat and things to avoid as much as I can. Actually my country hadn’t infected yet so I can go out from home without wearing a mask and make research over the herbals which could do protect and treat. After a month later, I heard the other foreign countries including US, Italy found that virus and kept spreading. So, I get into WHO group for reading what the experts said about that virus. Everyone thought it’s just the virus in the family of SARS and MARS. Because it show the infections after got into the human’s body via inhale or hand. The infection signs were including hard to breath, sick, high fever and etc. Then, they found it can seriously destroy the lungs, kidney and other organs and then lead to dead. On the other hand, I had the duty to take care of my grandfather who had stomach cancer, hydrocele, heart failure and hypertension. But my life over those days were normal just struggle with searching information, testing the treatment and herbal and life tips for controlling virus spread. I made the documents with possible medicine, vitamin, vegetables, meats, cooking style and herbals. Then, I sent it to WHO, my social network, my own blog and my friends. My friends in Wuhan followed my tips and they passed this virus by controlling, eating and drinking well.

                      On May 2019, I heard Chinese government release Wuhan because they did a great job over fighting the virus. I was happy for them and I hoped I can meet my friend’s back. Unfortunately, that virus was being found in my country for a first time. I wasn’t scare of that anyway but everyone in my country got shock when they heard that news. My country was poor but the great leader and government officials were planning to control the virus spread as much as they can. I trusted our leader and government. Not only me but also everyone in my country followed the order of our great leader and we did control the virus. For months later, we could down the virus spread than other Asian countries. At that day, I didn’t know I will face the darkness in my life so soon. In August 2019, my grandfather was vomiting blood and my mother and aunty sent him immediately to hospital. Our situation was being stable and there was no need to worry about virus at all. Only thing for us had to worry was his pension. He was a pensioner and my mother and I were stay at grandparents’ home with low income. His hospital charges were high so we struggled with money issues. Since that day, I didn’t know what day is it today. I faced problems in my freelance writing job and housework. Two weeks later, he discharged from hospital. But his doctor told my mother about his condition so he must go to hospital for medical checkup and filling the blood every month. My grandfather was the person who never accepts he was getting ill. He kept eating the fried foods and hard foods even if he hadn’t teeth and good stomach. I and my mother tried to stop him. He didn’t accept our words and warning at all. Then, he got back to hospital room again because he was vomiting blood and there had also blood in stools. The doctor was angering over the family member but what can we do over his will. So, I said to doctor “we lived in his home under his command, we tried to hide the foods he loved but he kept finding those and eating without letting us know”. Later, the doctor never said a word to us just say when it was a must. 

                         A week later, he discharged from hospital again. This time he was doing the things he must not do again. We tried much harder than before but can’t help it. In October 2019, we faced the much bigger problem because the virus spread was much higher than before. But my family member still went to hospital over and over again. The most dangerous place was hospital and clinic but we hadn’t choice. We must only thanks to our leader she prepared well for us. We hadn’t faced the hard problems on foods, vegetables, meats, traffics and etc. We only had to struggle with our daily life and dates. For me, I always watched the calendar and thought back what day is it. I am the online worker and I had due date to get the work done on time. That was so hard to me for paralleling the works. I hadn’t duty to guard my grandfather’s at hospital but I had much tasks to be done at home. My family was being poor so we couldn’t hire a nurse for grandfather and we had little family members. In December 2019, uncle who was son of my grandfather was coming back from oversea and he took his duty to take care of him. But grandfather’s duty was over my mother’s shoulder still. He and his wife were useless they only take care of money than others. The worst month for us was March 2020, my grandfather couldn’t walk anymore. His skins were starting yellowing because of liver problems. At April 2019, my city was locked down but my grandfather was on hospital on April 14. He was dying at April 15 2020 because of heart failure. Since that day, my mother and I were staying over struggling with date and job and everything. Luckily, we didn’t have to worry about house. Because of pandemic my uncle couldn’t sell our house as he wish. I was struggling with my own life and looking for formal route to stable my future over year. In November 2020, I saw the light for my future. I got into writing challenge and I done it well over two months I was being happy because I was on the right track. But 1 Feb 2021, my country was dying in the darkness again; they killed my dream and everyone’s dream and hope and future. 

March 12, 2021 05:58

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