Adventure Fantasy Mystery

Winter Prince

~Black feathers flutter around

In a fury of darkness and cold wind

They form into the Winter Prince

Hand clenched on his sword that's strapped to his side

The Winter Prince goes to see the King

~People stay out of his way

For rumor goes around even to this day

Saying that the Winter Prince

And his sour mood has come again

~But nobody knows who he truly is

For the Winter Prince in his wake, is never moody

When his Season comes around

He's at his brightest and most at ease

The Winter Prince strides past the people

Like a rolling wave from the seas

~Some people can't seem to look away from him

For he carries himself like a handsome gentleman

Hair as black and soft as silk

Contrasts against his pale smooth skin

His clothes are that of a deep frosty blue

And no sky can compare to his icy blue eyes

~Striding into the palace

The Winter Prince lets himself get anxious

In hopes that his King has good news

Hoping that the gates to their city are free

No fear can stop the Winter Prince

From serving his people

To the very end of his days

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Spring Prince

~As the flowers come into full bloom

The Spring Prince brings new life and new hope

Replenishing the land after the Winter Prince

Has passed on his Season

Guarding the city with his life

~The Spring Prince never feels anything but joy

And happiness when he's on his way

To see the King of the Seasons

Curious as to what he has to say

~As he rides on his chocolate-colored steed

Through the fields of flowers

Where the children laugh and play

As he passes them by, they giggle and say 'hi'

Knowing that he and his brothers

Do a good job when guarding the city

~Colorful hair sporting colors of different

Shades and hues

Colors like purple, green, yellow, and pink

And eyes that seem to glow like open blue skies

With robes that fit him perfectly

Vibrant colors of greens and pinks

Mixing together to make the perfect splash of color

~Off the Spring Prince goes to see the King

Whistling along to the canary’s song

Happy as can be

Using the phrase "swing and roundabouts" to define his day

Loving each shift in the breeze that causes him to sway

Back from guarding the city

Ready to hear the news the King has to say

Off the Spring Prince goes to see the King

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Summer Prince

~The birds sing a tuneful song

To say that the day will be long

But a good day at that

~The Summer skies shine

Like a new-filled glass of white wine

And the trees stand taller

Looking greener than a sea-green colored shoreline

~No wind stirs, for the Summer Prince has come

Through the moss-green woods

He rides on his glowing white steed

All animals rise to gaze up at this handsome man

With blonde hair that shines like the Heavens

And plump red lips that looks like a blooming rose

And eyes that sparkle like the starry night blue skies

~The Summer Prince rides his steed

Into the Palace of Vibranside

Where his King awaits

To see if he has news about the gates

~Walking down the grand halls of lush green

Listening to the birds in full song

Blonde-haired bangs bobbing along with his stride

The Summer Prince has never felt pride

He takes care of his people as well as the land

Ensuring that nothing can break through

To stop the peace and life that thrives

In the Summer Prince's home of Vibranside

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

Autumn Prince

~Long burgundy hair flows down to his waist

Soft to the touch and flowing in the breeze

The thick Redwood trees rustle in the wind

As if bowing down to the Autumn Prince

Along he rides atop his steed

~With the billowing robes that were cut

Professionally to fit his muscular frame

Colors of red and orange that splash together

In a vibrant wave of power for everyone to see

The Autumn Prince rides to see the King

~The short drying grass is in no comparison

To his hazel-green specked eyes

As he rides through the forest where

The Season is in full bloom

The Autumn Prince carries a thin but powerful sword at his side

As one of the protectors of the land of Vibranside

~He is serious when he needs to be

But when his Season is awaiting its turn

He likes to stay in his castle of Autumnseed

He is the signifying Season when the city is guarded

By himself and the change in the year

He signifies a new life from such a long breath

~Where the birds aren't out as long

And the people of Autumn begin to play

While the Autumn Prince guards them

But now he rides to see the King

In hopes that things will be better

And the people can sing once again

~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~~~~

King of the Seasons

~As the King of the Seasons waits

Siting on his throne

He waits for the Princes of the Seasons

To tell them about his news

~When the Princes arrive they bow down to the King

Rising then, to meet his gaze

The Princes of the Seasons try not to move

Under the powerful gaze of the King of the Seasons

"My sons" the King says, his voice soft yet deep

"I have called on behalf of some news."

The Princes nod in unison slowly

Trying not to grow more eager to see what their King,

Their father, has to say to them

~The King waits patiently, gaging their reactions

And he smiles cheerfully

"In honor of your bravery's on protecting this

Wonderful land, I have set up a feast where

You can all be happy."

The Winter Prince clears his throat softly as he

Looks up at his King

"What's the catch, father? There must be something

Else you're wanting to say."

The King of the Seasons smiles and bows his head

Thinking thoughtfully of the Winter Prince

And his other sons

"As a reward for protecting our people, we

Have been brought news of a blessing. An elder man has four daughters

Who are all wanting to marry.

I have accepted, wanting the best for my sons."

The Princes bowed, trying to contain their excitement in front of their King.

Eager to meet these four women that this elderly man offered to them

For protecting the lives and the land

They so graciously love

~~~The End~~~

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