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As with life things drummed on for Heather, Juliet, and Maxwell who respectively we’re all doing well. Academically, physically and magically they were doing okay. However, in the case of Heather, her mental status was beginning to Wayne. Her nights were being robbed by a strange forceful dream. The dream was so real it was set inside a small library that was painted a lovely wooden brown. It was filled with all kinds of lovely things. And the bookshelf stretched all around the room touching every inch of the walls. However, the oddest thing occurred when she tried to read the title of the books they were blurred. As if something was blocking her from reading them. Aimlessly she would wander around the room. Tonight was The first night that a door appeared.

     The door called to her so with determination Heather made her way through the door. To her surprise, she recognized the figure sitting at the table. His blonde hair and distinctive blue eyes gave ng it away. His name tasted like acid as she spoke questioning him.

“Samuel?” She said surprised. Heather never expect to see him again. Anger riled up inside her that he would dare intrude upon her dream space.

“Why in the hell are you here!”

“Beats me this isn’t my mind?”

“ well, it sure as hell ain’t mine“ Heather snapped angrily looking around the room for answers a, hint as to who the room belongs to. The ornamentally decorated room gave her no hints as to who it belongs to defeated she sit down. Giving Samuel the stink eye.

“Oh come on your not still mad?” Samuel said doing his best to play up his charm. “Drop dead”

“You’d like that wouldn’t you?” he said looking deflated. “I still think your the presttiest thing to ever walk the earth,” he said sitting back in the wicker chair that threatened to break under his weight. Heather gritted her teeth. 1000 different things race through her mind. How in the hell was he able to do this, it was one thing to make a dreamscape and entering another to bring in another person. Usually, only telepaths could do it. So it begged the question. Why was the cold-hearted loser here? How she wanted to break his pretty little face.

    Before she could walk up and hit him an apparition appeared. It seemed to be amused by the whole situation, chuckling it stalked around them looking almost hopeful and frightened all at the same time.

“Who are you?” Heather growled closing the gap between them.

“The better question is what are you,” Samuel said ducking behind Heather who fearlessly eyeing the green eyes creature. The man laughed, finding it quite humorous.

“Me?” He said it sounds almost deligjtedat the question. And a chipper voice he said.

 “Oh I'm Travis I'm a Grimm but currently I'm working under the fate Council I am here to make sure that you lot stay on the proper path” Heather snorted at Travis‘s words before asking a few very important questions one of which was how he believed that Samuel was on the right path. Heather took the question quite personally. Angrily she snapped.

“And personally I’m doing the best I have ever!” Heather groaned, feeling frustrated by the situation and she looked for a way out of the dreamscape. It had to be there somewhere there was always a way out.

 “Please wait” Travis said, grabbing her hand softly. Thousands of emotions and different timelines ran through her mind. Events that would, will, and never will come, past through her mind in intense she saw herself fall and raise. She saw the destruction of her friends family and coven in an intense everything was gone. Yet in another flash seven young adults stood teary eyes looking out over the ocean. Three of the people looked familiar. As the vision fade Heather looked between Travis and Samuel. She felt defeated there was no way that jerk would ever be her friend. Smirking Travis added some crucial words.

“Someday this clown will be your truest love” Both stared at him in confusion before silently glancing at each other.

    Samuel snorted at Travis words only to receive a sharp look from the Grimm. In an instance Travis turned his attention on to him. “Laugh now because one day you’ll have a little shit who puts you through more hell than you ever give to anyone” Travis prophesied smirked at the twos dumbfound faces. 

“Over the next year life altering, humanity changing events will occur that whatever shape the history of the magical world and whether you like it or not you too will be on the same team”

“You’ll be there” Heather said thinking back to the faces. Travis chuckled. She folded her arms in annoyance demanding answers.

“No thats not me by the time you get this messsage all long have been gone that is my grandson Nicholas, much like yourself he is loving but misguided bring him back, save or species and stop the end of life on earth as we know it” 

“Oj don't look so sad it's isn't all bad, no spoilers for now just be vigilant, say Yes to all presented options and remember be nice” he said looking at Samuel with a pointed look. He just huffed looking away. It wasn’t true they could want him. Besides it was there fault he was locked up. Begrudgingly he frowned shaking his head. He knew it was his fault. 

“If we go along with this what do we get out of it?”

“Infamy, power, friendship and love”

“Love you sound like a old-fashioned bumper sticker” Samuels said snickering. Heather gave him a nasty look and tossed a book from a nearby shelf. Which startled all three of them. Travis turned to her with an amazed look.

“How I wish I could have seen your progress” Travis said fondly the room began to fade to a soft white tone. 

“Wait why is?”

“It’s always been you seven”

“Seven” repeated Samuel as the room vanished returning him to his containment cell. Pecking out he saw the guards. There was no way that was real must have just been a strange dream. Yawning he laid back praying there was a chance that he could be worth of a good life.

July 19, 2021 05:00

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