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Fantasy Mystery

We have all done it. Walk into a room and caught something crossing our path with the corner of our eye and never sure what it was. This is Isabel. A pixie who can change her size in a flash. She can flood the room with a flash to escape or shrink to the size of a mouse and hide behind a blade of grass outside. The reason you can not see her is because she can bend light around her like a prism. She will come to you when you are alone and play tricks on you to keep you guessing where she is. A playful heart who hates sadness and self pity. I found her when I was recovering from eye surgery. I came home and had to live in the dark for a week with my direct vision not yet in tack. I keep feeling someone in the room with me after the nurse went home at night and the house would be perfectly quiet. I caught a glimpse of her with the corner of my eye and could see where she would run off to around the end table. I set up a trap. I have a large glass bowl with plastic cover I use for cooking. I connected a cable with a Kellum grip and trip wire on all four sides. I place a kaleidoscope of miniature led lights on a round battery and a photo cell in the center. So when the room would go dark the light would turn on and rotate different color turning itself back off with the photo cell each time. I wasn't sure what I would catch never being able to see her. When I first heard the trap go off I thought it was a mouse and was trying to rattle the bowl off the end table. I still could not see her. I could not understand her language. I set next to her holding the bowl onto the table when she ask me in a audible voice " Please let me go" I said only if I can see you as you really are. My vison return to me and standing under my bowl was a pixie not 4 inches tall. I ask her will you stay and talk to me if I let you out. She said Yes but, only for a little while. I open the bowl and she step out onto the table. Tell me your name? Isabel she said. How long have you been here with me? Always she said. You have always been in this house I asked? No I have always been with you she said. How can that be? When humans are conceived pixies are form from there thoughts. So are you real or just something I have made up in my mind? I am real just not made of flesh but of the energy you produce by thinking . When you were little we help connect your thoughts by connecting a field. kind of like a magnet keeping your thoughts from stopping when there was no place to go we direct the path of thoughts until you get big enough to do it for yourself. If for some reason you start to think you unable to reason for yourself I come and distract you to start looking a different direction. Does everyone have a pixie that does this?

In the beginning they do but, a lot are killed off after humans reach adults. Mostly by narcissism or extreme hate we become unable to connect with your thoughts and we die without the energy force. So what happens to people when they loose there pixie?

Many live in hate and discontent. The rest become greedy and full of malice. The life of a one tract mind. So why are you with me know? To make sure you do not give up. Humans live by sight and many times losing it makes them feel worthless. You had convinced yourself you were going to loose your sight. When your mind tells you body something you will believe it until something changes that thought. I convinced you that you could see again. People who are blind can tell there pixie are with them. There ability to hear and feel makes it impossible to hide. Many will call it karma or a warm feeling but, they know we are here. So what happens when we sleep? Where do you go? what do you do? This is when we get to be a part of your life. We connect with you in a big way. It would have been easier if you had a mate. Pixie are social so when you have a two humans who live together we get to become one source a single form that is for both of you. that is why married couples sometimes say and do things the same way. They hear one voice. In the morning we go back to the person we where born with. It makes both pixie stronger when humans have good relationships. The truth is what is good for you is good for us. On the same way what bad for you is bad for us. If you use drugs or get drunk so do I. The negative thoughts overload pixie and they cause a panic and leave you drowning in your worst fears. just like the fear you have of being attacked by a wild animal. that is the panic button pixie push when things are all wrong. It is ok to relax its just not ok to loose control. So doing good for you does good for me. I have to go I have stayed as long as I can. One last question before you go Isabel? what would that be? Did you let me catch you? Yes I did. I knew you had a good heart and would set me free. Sleep well and dream of me.

The best part of all this is knowing there is always someone there. Most people will never believe there are pixies that keep you thinking clearly. I am one who knows and still sees mine a twilight just out of the corner of my eye.

March 29, 2021 02:24

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Nina Chyll
20:36 Apr 05, 2021

The text needs quite a few more paragraph breaks in my opinion: it is quite difficult to read as it is. There were a couple of things on the technical side as well, for example: It is ok to relax its just not ok to loose control. - It's OK to relax. It's just not OK to lose control. (OK with capital letters, it's not its, lose not loose, and some punctuation between the clauses). These may seem like little things, but to me, they can really take away from the overall enjoyment.


Richard Hawkins
21:51 Apr 05, 2021

thank you


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