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Fantasy Science Fiction Thriller

'Boot 3 reporting- error, error, error'. Molly had his battery half dead, though he wasn't of much importance as his only ability was to receive information from the satellite which was not in Eutopia's orbit anymore. 

Dread filled in every one of us present there, not knowing was there even any human alive out there too.

'No chances, they're all capable of scanning human presence. The eyes are sensor with PIR', said Carl.

'We aren't safe here for much longer', Louis said in a painful agitation. 'Are we?'

Me, trying to act not to get panic-stricken, and advising Phoebe to track their movements. '31 AV Drive clear, no movements specified for robots', Phoebe stated.

'She's unable to track their presence, they are made with undefined memory chips, what only she can do is know whether they're metallic movements out there, which can be anything', said Drake. 'We're safe here, the walls are an IR illusion'.

'When I say it, trust me, we aren't', said Louis. 'We don't know what they are capable of insight, are we?'

We had to think of something else, of course, we can't be here for our whole lives! Moving out of the building was the worst choice.

'There had to be a way', I thought.

Pheobe stating 'Caution! Caution!'. The alarms were there. 'Someone broke through'. 

'Phoebe, cover us!' I whispered. Though I didn't know if the invisibility shield would even work for their eyes. At least there was some hope. That happened what we had thought, the illusion did not work for them, they were there.

'Low breaths please', I whispered. There were in front of us. A fusion of AI and Super High tech! Powerful weapon programming can be assured just made to destroy. They were using their red rays from their eyes and we just got an eye to eye look from them. They were looking at us, approaching. 'shit !' Carl cried. 'We're doomed'. Now it was just the thin 1m invisibility layer difference from them to us. They stayed still for a moment and then?

'Unknown, Unknown, Unknown, Unknown'- they stated,

'Holy Christ!' Louis exclaimed 'They're going back!!' Carl kept a hand on my shoulders and he nearly cried. I hugged phoebe and thanked her. 'High level of relief reported', she stated. 'It's just a little moment of happiness silly'. ' Meaning of silly: absurd or foolish, sorry Drake, robots can't be silly mhm', said Phoebe, and we couldn't help but laugh.

'We need to get to the UN space agency!'I said. 'There's the only way we can get free from the robotic bars of Eutopia'.

'Wouldn't that be a huge risk?' asked Louis.

'It's better than just not trying and dying here, right?' I asked.

'But what if we are able to get out? what then? do we know any of those kinds of stuff? asked Carl.

'Come on, I have phoebe,' I said.

'oh yeah you do', said Louis, 'and what? she's gonna tell us space directions, isn't that much for her to know?'

We were all truly despondent, those moments were just something we had to do rather than give up, and so we chose to get ready to set out. 'Get your earbuds on guys' I said.' mark those out'.

'The direction file printed out?' I asked. 'Yeep,' said Carl.

'Don't forget the stock food, costumes, batteries, and the automatic tickets for the sky train ride; gonna need it; nothings faster.'

We set out. After a long time, the sunlight touched our eyes, it was raining still there was the light the sun was there bright. The weather was impregnated and the destruction around us filled our hearts with despair. But we hadn't time to look around and get emotionally fooled. We rushed off to the entrance of the amusement park. 

'Shhh', I whispered. We tiptoed. It seemed as if they took it as their central point. There were those tall robots with manufactured weapons which is enough to kill more than a planet. My eyes couldn't get out of them, Seeing them it felt like they could communicate with each other, the high smart robots, which was really freaking me out, their creepy smile. I kept seeing when suddenly I hit the level of the train. They all sensed it.

'Shit! what have you done?' Louis cried.

Undefined movement, movement, movement. They all approached faster and steadily.

The train arrived.

'Get on!' I shouted.

They started to shoot at us, and the pellets covered faster and longer distances than we've ever seen. The train kept going, going, and going faster. 

We all became wilted and wearied. Took high breaths and just waited to reach our destination.

It just took us 3 mins 45 sec and we arrived at the gates of the UN space agency. 'Phoebe, get us invisibility shield!' I said. 'Invisibility shield failed to open, sorry Drake', she stated.

'Oh nooo,' I said.

'Drake do something fast!' said Carl. Louis checked her out again but it was destroyed by the bullets.

'They could track us now, know our movements, see us where we are', Louis said in terror and fright, hopeless.

'Let's run! Fast'; I said. 'Anyhow, we need to reach the launching area.'

And just to add an extra heartbeat to our fright, the sound was like thousands of troops of feet running towards us. I could hear the loud bangs the robotic reels. 'Ruuuunnn!' I screamed. 'Carl turn on the electric wires', I ordered. 'Louis move the levers and open the gates, and Phoebe watch if there are any mechanical defaults in it.'

And in the drop of a hat, we were surrounded by our enemies. We were amidst thousands of robots! And they could see us. Literally, they could see us. We stood there still; and they looked.

'We have to get going,' I whispered.

'No, they'll kill us!' Mark stated.

'But we have to make a move!' said Louis.

'On my three', I said. 




And it all happened in the blink of an eye. As we started to run, the robots took their hands up and shoot.~

Phoebe took her chip and threw it above us, for just a protective shield.

'Phoebe nooooo!' I shouted! She fell on the ground as she gave us her life! Well, I mean her controlling device. 

We got inside, and the rocket launched. I looked through the window leaving my Phoebe there. I burst into tears. She was always the best robot for me, and she never let any worse happen.

'I'll miss you Pheobe', I cried.

We all had relief and hugged each other, at least now we were safe from the danger of Eutopia. But not safer as we don't know where we are heading to, now we travel and wait for an unknown destination. As I sat down I wrote the destruction of Eutopia. The world of perfect glee which ended not simply by an eruption or bang, rather one scream at a time, one fear at a time, family friends everyone lies there. Dead.

Eutopia was a planet of the perfect example of AI and what comfort meant. The beautiful memories passed by me. People were very happy. There wasn't any point in being upset. Each had their own robots at service. Children would romp around, fly and laugh and the adults would engage themselves in having fun learning something, being productive. Everyone loved one another. There weren't any hard feelings, guilts, or jealousy. The citizens lived in joy until the last day when killer robots arrived in Eutopia, made to destroy humanity. And they left no mercy.

September 24, 2020 20:05

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14:57 Oct 14, 2020

Ooh! Great story. It was full of vivid description and I enjoyed it a lot!


Sadika Sharif :)
14:59 Oct 14, 2020

Glad you enjoyed!! :)


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Felicity Anne
18:37 Nov 30, 2020

Hey Sadika!!


Sadika Sharif :)
18:39 Nov 30, 2020

😇 U got me!


Felicity Anne
18:43 Nov 30, 2020

Haha! I'm glad to finally get to connect with you!! I'm very excited to read your stories and comment! It may take me a few days, but I'm putting you on my list!! :)


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The Cold Ice
08:22 Oct 31, 2020

Wow this is a lovely story.I liked your story.Keep writing.


Sadika Sharif :)
07:24 Nov 02, 2020

Thank you!:)


The Cold Ice
11:54 Nov 02, 2020



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Sally Persons
06:37 Oct 12, 2020

Wow that was my First story I have read I like it a lot.


Sadika Sharif :)
08:41 Oct 12, 2020

Glad you liked it, check out! There are a lot more fantastic stories out there:))


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Charles Stucker
08:54 Oct 01, 2020

"The weather was impregnated and the destruction around us filled our hearts with despair." Rather poetic, but not as informative. Clouds? Wind? What sort of weather? A quick examination of surviving robotic apocalypse. It works well in most ways. You have a few quirks of language, but those are the difference between American and British (influenced by Hindi?) English. The only major problem is Phoebe, the brave little robot, is the only memorable character. The others sort of blend together. One trick to keep characters separate is to ...


Sadika Sharif :)
16:14 Oct 01, 2020

Well thank you so much for pointing them out! Do really got a lot to improve. And talking about language ,I'm under British English but do really get messed up while writing ig😅. Those were helpful, gonna pay heed next time :)


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