" But I have never ever robbed the bank before, " said Max.

" Easy , brother, relax. Just follow my lead and everything will be all right," said Tom with a charged green.

" Look, I do have a perfect plan. Just think about what you are going to do with all those money! You can fly around the world, buy cars, girls, expensive cloth, need celebrities. "

" No can do," said Max.

"I , I cannot steal someone else's money!"

" Look man, don't be a douche. Those banks, they are taking your money and make a profit in thousands. They are suckers who make themselves filthy reach why you struggle to pay your bills!'

Tom finished another bottle of Heineken, put the green bottle on the kitchen table, pull out Marlboro 100 and took a drag, sending

the tobacco smoke trough his nostrils watching as the cloud ascends up to the ceiling.

Max took a small gulp of beer himself, belching loudly then said:

"No Tom, I am sorry I am not made for this. "

" Max, Max. Listen. All you have to do is drive your piece of shit Ford Taurus to the entrance of Wells Fargo near the Wawa when I tell you too. I will do the rest, ok? Don't be a baby, for god sake."

Do you want be rich? Quick and easy. Then listen to me!'

Tom was getting agitated, losing his temper, but... but... he needed Max, Max can be trusted and he is a maniac driver.

" Well, I don't know," started Max.

" No you will do it, you will be all right!' Day after tomorrow, just imagine. Tom lifted his beer bottle and lightly touched Max's one.

" A toast. For a successful money withdrawing operation!" He laughed heartily and Max, loosening a bit laughed too.

" Now, listen how we going to do it."

Next day Max wake up early, he barely slept at all. Worrying and anticipating terrible outcome he wasn't exactly sure he is up to the task. But, but Tom, Tom never failed. Tom knew exactly how to get things done, he got the plan.

Phone rung, interrupting his train of thoughts.

" Yes, yes man I'm ready. Meet you downstairs"

Max put on pair of jeans, a withered sweater, a leather jacket and an old, beat up pair of Nike sneakers.

Tom, skinny and tall with a stern and unsmiling face greeted him on the driveway.

" Hi Max, are you ready for the trill ride?"

" Lets go," Max responded lowering his head down while seating in the driver seat and stating the engine. The radio was playing his favorite rock station but he music didn't lift his dark mood.

" Hey, hey we going to be all right," Tom lightly padded Max on the back. He pulled out a cigarette, opening the passenger window,.

" Do you mind?" Not receiving the response he puffed, sending the smoke outside the window. They were two blocks away, then one, then they finally came to their destination.

Max stopped the car, parked on the sideway. The street was full with people entering and exiting the bank. The sun was bright, the skies were blue and light breeze was blowing into the open car window. It's going to be a great day.

" Im going in" said Tom. He took a pair of leather gloves, full head winter hat and Max could see a bulge just above the waste line from concealed Glock.

" Wish me luck, man!' Tom gave Max a high five and exited vehicle.

" Sit tight and wait for me to com up." When you see me exiting the Bank, start the car." Whistling , Tom hurried up and into the open Wells Fargo door, almost hitting an elderly woman on his way in.

Max looked at his watch, it was 1045 . The time as it seemed, stopped. He looked around trying watching a little bird diving itself a bath in a small puddle of mud then switched attention to a young teen girl texting on her phone and giggling. He looked at the watch it was 10:47. He sighed, turned the radio on, then turned it off. Looked outside, following a respectable man in an expensive suit and a leather briefcase under his arms, hurrying into the bank.

10: 49 and it seems all was still the same. No sign of Tom yet.

Should he panic? Just wait patiently . Oh, he sighted.

Max started to get anxious, time was passing and no sign of his partner. He looked at the bank doors. Nothing unusual. He waited a bit longer, nervously tapping with his fingers on the dashboard. 10: 52 , he looked at the Wells Fargo entrance. Something was happening now, the respectable man was running away, his briefcase tucked in, then some lady and a young guy.

No sign of Tom yet. Max, shaking uncontrollably now held the car key near the key knob, watching expectantly at the bank entrance.

Loud honk and the curse on the right of him distracted him for a moment. Some jerk on the motorbike just cut off a motorist on a white Honda. The car driver opened window and cursed the biker.

Tom suddenly appeared at the driving widow, breathing heavily, fat bright red holding a large bag.

" Max. Max! What a hell are you doing! Drive now, fast!"

Max jumped in his seat, turned the engine and with a loud screech off tires sped away toward the highway. In the rear window he saw two security guards running toward the road, screaming and making treats.

" Yo man . We did it ! Yeah! Ho, " Tom fist pumped and laughed up with relief . The large black bag was laying on the back seat. Couple stops and turns and they were on I 95 South, driving toward Downtown. Traffic was tight. They had to go stopping often, changing line to be stuck again behind the box car or a van.

" See, Max. I told its gonna to be alright" , as they were just approaching the exit.

" We are super rich! We will have fun, do whatever!' He reached in a back, pulling some of the cash, trowing the 100 dollar bills on Max.

" Yeah man! Tom. Tom, you son of a gun! We pulled it trough!'

Just as they were about to exit a city police car, lights blazing appeared from nowhere and was directly behind their car.

" We almost did it." Max slowed down, pulling his car to the curb.

November 14, 2020 15:38

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Man, that was awesome ride. And the last sentence killed it (thumbs up).


Oleg Shleyfer
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Thanks for a review and a thumps up , appreciate it!


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