The Secret Book

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Fiction Fantasy Mystery

'No, it can be this,' Tim doubted.

Jack was sure, unlike Tim. They both visited the library in the morning to mark the cupboard as mentioned in the secret book. 

That cupboard would serve as a gateway to the lilliput world as per the diagrams on the secret book. That book was devoid of any words. Only pictures and diagrams convey the intended message. 

'We marked this cupboard, I am cent percent sure,' said Jack.

Both were inside the public library that was built in 1809 by

foreigners to educate the gypsies. 

Those gypsies hide the gateway inside that cupboard and let instructions inside the secret book that somehow Tim and Jack found. Someone had hidden that book inside the false rack inside one of the cupboards.  

'Switch on the flashlight. Let me see.' ordered Tim. 

'No, are you out of your mind. The diagram in the book specifically mentioned not to illuminate any thing surrounding the cupboard. There was a big picture specifically indicating this on an entire page.' 

'Don't you think it is strange that there is a book without any words written on it. Do you believe in that?'

'Now don't hide your fear behind doubt. If you are afraid to accompany me, say so. I will go alone.'

'I do not fear anything. I just want to make sure, that's it.'

'We can't do that with light. We have to go in dark.'

'We will verify that tomorrow morning. Let's go. We will verfiy and comeback again,' said Tim.

'No, this is the one. I am sure.'

'I am not going without verifying myself.'

'Okay, then let's go. We will come tomorrow.'

As they were planning to go back, a truck passed. It illuminated the entire library from the glass window. Tim and Jack both saw the chalk mark on the cupboard.

'Satisfied,' asked Jack

'Okay, let's go in.'

'Wait. Let me check the supplies that was mentioned in book,' saying that Jack opened his backpack. He meticulously went through each thing to validate their presence.

Just like a payload specialist scrutinizing every gram of payload taken by an astronaut on board. They were going on a journey, and they better be prepared for it. 

'I have checked mine. All the things are there. Dude, you should have done that at your home,' whispered Tim.

Both were best friends, and they were reading in the library when someone placed a shiny paper and went away. First, they did not give much attention to it, but after some time, Jack opened it.

It was instructions written to access the secret book. They did, and here they were in the middle of the night to explore the lilliput world. The gateway to the lilliput world was inside the cupboard that they marked in the morning.

'Okay, I have all the accessories mentioned in the book. Are we ready to go in?' asked Jack.

'Yes. But what about our parents. I haven't informed them.' mentioned Tim.

'Don't you worry, we will be out in an hour or so. It is drawn in the book that one hour on earth is about a year in that lilliput world.'

'Okay, then let's go.'

Jack walked near the handle of the door and placed his right hand on it. He looked back at Tim, who was standing just behind him. Tim nodded, and Jack twisted the handle to open the cupboard. 

Nothing happened, and both of them were not surprised. Both knew that there were two more things to do.

'Jack, where is the drawer?'

'Let me look. The book said that it would be at the bottom right side of the cupboard.' Jack started searching with his hands as his eyes were of no use in that darkness. He found a drawer, just like drawn in the book. 

'Found it. Give me the fork.' ordered Jack.

Tim opened his backpack and gave a silverware fork to Jack.

Jack placed the fork in the hole above the drawer. 

As nothing happened for a while and they began doubting the authenticity of the book. 

After some time, the drawer swallowed the fork, and a staircase began emerging from that drawer. Along with the stairs, there was light coming out of that drawer.

'Ready?' asked Jack to Tim.

Tim was terrified with the events unfolding before his eyes. He could not say anything in surprise. He just nodded, and Jack placed his left foot on the staircase.

Jack extended his hand for Tim to hold on and accompany Jack for this quest into the unknown world of the lilliput world. Tim hesitated to hold the hands of Jack and began his journey into the unknown.

It was just a matter of one hour, but his mind imagined the fear that would be waiting for him in the unknown. Tim did something else. Instead of holding the extended hand of the Jack, Tim placed Jack's bag in that hand.

As soon as Tim placed the bag, a non-lethal explosion took place. It was an unusual explosion because it did two things at once. The explosion sucked Jack into the cupboard and threw Tim away. 

Jack and Tim could not fathom what happened to them in a matter of seconds. 

Jack fell into the dark world of the lilliput while Tim fell onto a chair in the library. 

The Janitor found Tim in the early morning on a broken chair. Tim could not remember how he reached here in the library in the early morning. That explosion took away the memory of Tim. He failed to find or explain the reason that he was lying on a broken chair.

'Don't worry, sir. These is one of the many incidents that happened earlier. To be sure, your son might be the 8th child we found this year in this position in the library. Don't worry, sir,' the librarian assured the parents of Tim. That librarian was the direct descendant of those gypsies.

That explosion also erased the existence of Jack from this world. It was not like Jack never existed on earth, even in the memories of his parents or other relatives. 

Now, Jack existed only in the lilliput world where a demon would enslave him for many years to come. That demon controlled the gypsies, just like that librarian. Through them, the devil devised a gateway to enter the lilliput world.

It was a world where the devil enslaved the human children and extracted the work from them. Tim was not selected, and that made him lucky, unlike Jack. 

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