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Sid made a robot for his school exhibition. He wrapped it up in newspapers and kept it in the corner of his room. At night , before going to bed Sid practised his speech . " Good night Zen , " he said , looking at the robot . Yes , that's what he had named his robot , Zen' .

Next day Sid took Zen to his school . Zen was the centre of attraction . Sid won the award for the best project . He returned home and showed his trophy to his parents . Then he kept Zen in the corner and went to change and have his lunch.  After lunch Sid picked up the book , 'pinnochio 'from the shelf.   

    Zen started feeling bored and tired standing all alone . It was dark and quiet . Zen wanted to hug Sid and sleep as he was feeling cold . When he tried to move, he could not move . He was feeling frustrated. " I wish I could move about ," he thought . He wanted to go to Sid's school again and enjoy .

 One of Sid 's friends, Ron was jealous of Sid . He challenged him to a game of chess . Sid was tensed as he knew that Ron was a strong opponent to defeat . Seeing Sid's predicament , Zen decided to help him . "But how can I ? I am just a robot . I can't even move,"he sighed sadly, unable to help his creator.

Just then a fairy was passing by in her Cosmocraft . She heard Zen . She came down and went inside . She patted Zen on his back . She promised to grant him his wish . She said some magic words and stroked his head with her wand . She breathed life into Zen . 

With great difficulty Zen took his first step, holding the fairy's hands . Soon he was dancing and hopping in the room. " I can move . I can breathe, " shouted Zen in excitement. " "Calm down Zen.You will wake everyone by your noise ," laughed the fairy . " I have granted you your wish but 

promise that you will not go anywhere without Sid's permission. If you disobey, tell lies and behave badly you will lose all your strengths to walk about . " Zen thanked Fairy Godmother and promised to be well behaved . 

Next day at school , Sid and Ron sat facing each other for the chess tournament . As usual Ron was winning . Sid felt the game slipping from his hands. Zen was very curious to try out his new powers . He invoked his Fairy Godmother and asked for help . She made him invisible . He won the match for Sid by cheating . Sid not knowing about this was very happy that he was able to defeat Ron . Fairy God mother warned Zen ," as this was your first offence,I am forgiving you . "

   He slowly slid out of the room and went outside . To his surprise , the fairy had left behind her Cosmocraft in the garden . Curiosity got better of him . Zen got into the Cosmocraft . He tied the seatbelt and wore the helmet that he found on the seat .

Zen saw three buttons, red, yellow and green in front of the seat . He began fidgeting with the buttons . With trembling hands he pressed the red button. Nothing happened . On pressing the yellow button , there was a slight jerk . Suddenly the Cosmocraft moved forward . Zen almost lost his balance and was about to fall . He tried to hold the rod , but by mistake he touched the red button . The Cosmocraft began to move up with great speed . In no time , it was flying high above the clouds . Zen was enjoying himself .

The Cosmocraft was flying over parched fields, dry rivers and barren lands . His eyes were burning and he felt chocked . He was feeling exhausted , hungry and thirsty. He began looking for a place where he could rest for sometime . Suddenly, he saw a huge golden castle. He flew down and parked his Cosmocraft outside the gate . There was a board with the words , 'Trespassers will be prosecuted .'

The two guards standing outside the gate saw Zen loitering around . They caught him and took him to their emperor . "Who are you and what brings you here ?, " squeaked the emperor . Hearing his voice , Zen couldn't control himself. He began to laugh . He just couldn't believe that a tiny creature with a squeaky voice was the emperor .

The emperor got furious and ordered his guards to chain Zen and throw him into the prison . All his pleas to forgive him fell into deaf ears . The guards locked him in a cold and dark room and went away . Zen felt scared . The chains were so heavy that they hurt his body .

 One day he overheard one of the guards telling the other that the emperor was planning to attack the Earth and drink the blood of humans . An idea stuck zen . He called the guard and told him to take him to the emperor ." Why do you want to go to him?"

"I have just come to know that the Emperor wants to evade the Earth. I can help him ." 

The fairy Godmother by her magical powers, heard Zen telling lies . She got worried that Zen would land up in trouble when the truth would come out. She made herself invisible and quickly flew to him . She told Zen that she was very upset that he had broken his promise and told a lie . But she would at the same time help him .

  She went to the emperor's room , disguised as Zen and offered to help him. He told the emperor how he would attack his enemies. The emperor was very impressed by Zen and even promised to release him .

   The fairy Godmother called all her angels and asked them to help her in her mission . She gave Zen some supernatural powers. By these powers he could enter any human body . 

The fairy God mother, holding Zen flew out of the castle. Soon they were airborne and landed on the land , with the emperor and his guards following them.

   On the Earth the Emperor began to create havoc . He killed whoever came his way . Zen was very sad to see humans dying .He decided to help them at all costs. As he was flying,he saw a big building . He could here people talking about some problem. 

    He made himself invisible and went inside . He found out that they were scientists trying to find out solutions to combat the menance on humans . He entered the body of the head of the mission,Dr. Vishal.

"Eureka! We have found a solution to kill our enemy ,Dr.Vishal shouted . Zen and Fairy Godmother winked at each other . Zen left Dr. Vishal's body and flew out of the window with his Godmother. She congratulated him for his good work. 

" I had purposely left my Cosmocraft outside Sid's house . I wanted to see how good you are at keeping promises . Your disobedience had landed you in trouble . But you also helped the scientists to find the solution of their problem . So I am releasing you of the condition I had put on you." They hugged each other and flew away to the Cosmic land .

" Hope you are safe Zen .Don't leave me and go away . Don't.........."

"Wake up Sid dear . Daydreaming again ! Robots , space and you will always be inseperable ." It was his mother , ruffling Sid's hair.


January 26, 2021 06:51

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Michael Amadon
08:52 Feb 01, 2021

I really love this, honestly. It gives me the same feeling that the old original German fairytales gave me--this is sort of like a big mixed batch of everything that's awesome.


Mousumi Biswas
00:24 Feb 02, 2021

Thank you for your appreciation .


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