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Fantasy Drama Teens & Young Adult

They don't know about the things we do

They don't know about the "I love yous"

But I bet you if they only knew

They would just be jealous of us,

They don't know about the up all nights

They don't know I've waited all my life

Just to find a love that feels this right-

The song of one direction continued to play, the phone vibrating against the brown bedside table. An old victorian lamp flickering, and small ten-kilo weight ring sat next to the phone. Beside the table is a large green dresser, doors opened and clothes were thrown over the shelves. A clear window showing the sun slowly rising. Next to it, was a twin-sized bed with messy blankets and large white pillows tossed all over, yet the owner of the bed was nowhere to be seen.

A pair of brown eyes fluttered open.

A groan escaped Martin's lips.

He had floated in his sleep once again.

His red hair is still unruly and his hazel eyes glared at the unkempt bed. How he wished to wake up on a bed one day.

But it was just a wish.

And levitation is not stopping the sun rising.

He quickly urged himself to go down and he landed gently on the cold floor. He looked out the window to see the sun slowly peek out from the mountains.

He better hurry if he doesn't want to be late for school, especially Monday school.

Quickly showering, he grumbled when he began to hover from the ground. He shuffled through his clothes, still upside down. His red hair dripping with water. He didn't even bother drying it off. It would be dry by the time he got to school.

Oh, school. If they knew about his powers, they probably would kick him out. Then ridicule not only him but his family too.

He closed his eyes and shook his head.

His morning just got depressing.


He then moved and planted his feet on the ground one more time. Relishing the feeling of solid under his feet.

And he walked forward as if he was normal.

If only Martin was normal.

But he's not,

isn't he?



Mommy thought you that, freak?

For fuck's sake.

Descending down the stairs, he greeted his mother and smacked his sister's head. She got that for hogging the cereal all to herself. To Martin's defense, it was the good kind.

Now he's got to hunt down some scraps.

why not ask mom?

Martin clenched his jaw and walked over to the fridge.

Martin ducked inside the fridge, there's bound to be some macaroni leftover from last night or maybe some tortillas or some cheese or some juice. He held the orange jug and pineapple jug.

Which one did he like better again?

"Martin, your legs are dangling on the ceiling." His mother's voice called out,

Slowly, his legs began to descent. His head still poking through the fridge. He sniffed the pineapple and scrunched up his nose.

Orange juice it is.

Chugging a jug of orange juice, he turned to look at his mother.

Her brown hair was up in a bun. Smile still on her face as she was cooking, reaching her green eyes. She's thirty-eight. His levitation powers coming from her.

After all, she was his mother.

He has to ask.

He had to.

"Hey, mom why are we so different?"

Tension seeped in the room. His mother staring at him with teary eyes. His sister's mouth gaping at him, milk and cereal bits falling off.

Martin averted his eyes, tears spilling from his eyes.

"Nevermind. You never tell me anyway."

He pulled his fifteen-kilo metal shoes and kicked off.

His mother and sister called out to him but he didn't respond.

This is one depressing morning.

He doesn't want power.

He was fine.

He clenched his fists.

He doesn't need to be special.

He was fine.

He closed his eyes.

He doesn't need LEVITATION!

He was just fine.

He pushed.

"Whoa! Momma, he's floating!"

"What the?!"

"Holy shit!"

"You gotta see this man!"

"What a freak!"

"This is one crazy shit."

"Oh my god! Help him!"

"That's so cool!"

Martin screamed as he started to ascend.

This was not happening!

He had his shoes on right?!

He looked at his feet. His metal shoes are still on his feet so why?!

He was gonna pass a second story house now.

He kept urging himself to descent but with no avail.

Martin is still floating.


Tears began to form in his hazel eyes once more as he tumbles in the air.

People are still crowding below him as he continued to ascend.

He was getting sick.

He pushed his face unto his palms. He didn't want this. Not like this. No no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no no-

"Martin! Hold on!"

His mother's voice shook him out of his thoughts.


He looked down. His mother was so far away from him.

"M-mom!" He all but screamed trying to reach out to his mother.

His mother's eyes glowed as she too started to ascend, but Martin is almost fifty feet away from the ground.

People started to point again. Pictures were taken and live video streaming. His sister yelling at them to stop was left unheard.

He turned away from the ground and looked up at the sky. His face is full of shame. How can he look at his mother now? His friends? School? The whole community?

A hand was soon placed on his shoulder. He turned to look at his worried mother. He all but choked as he sobbed unto her. She hugged back and soothed him with reassuring words as she slowly made them both descent. She had thirty-eight years of practice after all.

"Don't worry, Martin. We'll get through this, together." His mother smiled at him,

He wiped his eyes, looked down at the crowd of people below, and back at his mother. Determination rushing in his veins.

"Yeah, together."

June 28, 2020 15:24

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Tessa Gray
21:44 Jul 08, 2020

This was interesting. Everybody wants to fly, so it’s cool that you took the side of explaining why that might not always be a good thing. One suggestion I would make is to go back over it and double check your tenses, I think they were spots were you switched from present to past them back again.


Quill Porter
01:35 Jul 09, 2020

Thank you for the advice! I'll try to remember that next time.


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