Christmas Funny Kids


James's Aralm clock was beeping.

"ugh..." Gumbled James as he Turned it off.

"come down for breakfast!" Shouted Mum.

James didn't even move.

"It's Pancakes!"

James was downstairs in a flash.

"Ha! that alwayse works!" laughed Mum as she put pancake's on James' Plate.

james Poured some hot fudge over his.

He ate it in less than you can say 'pancakes' and Rushed out of the house, ready for the school bus.

The Bus arrived, James Jumped into it and Rode off, starting the Day in a happy sort of way.

"why you're So happy then?" Asked James' friend, Barry.

"I had pancakes with fudge-"

"pfft! Pancakes! I have those everyday!" Snorted Barry, He was a bit of a showoff at times like these, It made his feel better, well, sort of (He knew It wasn't true, But james' Alwayse Belived him, and was very jealous).

The School Bus arrived at school (where else would it go?) And all of the kids Got out.

Everybody 'oohed' and aghhhed', Like it was the first time they had ever seen snow in Their Lifetime.

"I Never had!" Shouted Joan.

Joan was that sort of boy that never does anything, No one knows if he's proud of it like his face is, So we're guessing a 'yes' For that one.

The Bell Rang and we all Ran inside.

Bill, The Caretaker Screamed "NO!" AND "no!" as snow was traced on the ground, He was a Caretaker that liked when it was perfectly tidy all the day through, Now I'm wondering why he chose to Be a caretaker at the school, as that NEVER,EVER happens.


We sat down in our desks, for our first lesson, Maths with Mrs.Smingle.

Mrs.Smingle is one of those Teachers You see in Animated Cartoons, She has a long nose and wears Short Purple glasses and has brown hair, Not too long.

"Ok, Could James please answer what is 12x12,"

She never picks Joan, Because he alwayse answers the same answer.

'I never had!'

I wished I would have came up with that Idea a long time ago,

I imadgine I would be the smartest kid in class, For thinking that up! But it has some downers too.

Like, If it's ice cream day and the teacher offers you chocolate-chip fudge ice-cream you just Have To say 'I never had' And she will just miss you Up.

You can't say 'yes please' AS It would get fishy if you just used

'I never had' in Just mathamatics.

So, Anyway, Back to our (boring) Maths lesson.

I'm Not sure if Mrs.smingle Knows how boring maths is, when she hears us chat 'This is worse than hell' in maths, But whever we say that I have a feeling that the questions Get A Bit harder, and she gets happier.

When maths (finally) ended, and the bell rang we all rushed outside, For break, But the Careworker was By the door.

"I Just can't open it!" He shouted.

"let me try!" Smiled Harold, The strongest kid in school, He was famous for openeing frozen doors nobody else could, Like the open freezer in the cafateria, The Dinner lady froze then (with her mushy peas, HURRAY! no Mushy peas for the month! The only person sad was Henry mcough Because he's a vegetarian, and mushy peas are the only Vegetable the school ever serves) and she still isn't unfozen, The teachers tried but the toughestt kids in school are around her, I hear they have Aromour, But Things quickly exagarate in my school, They are protecting her so she can be here in the future, When they ban all mushy peas, or at least they say that.

So, anyhows, Harold opened the door.


He couldn't open the door!

He is probaly known as 'The incredebly bulk' by now.

"Let me try!" shouted the smartest kid in school, Brain Brain.

He got his Lighter machine, and tried to unfreeze the door, But because he only started building it this Morning, He dropped it onto the floor as it burnt his fingers and The carpet set on fire.

"AGHH!" everybody screamed as they started running away.

Brian Had fire on his shoe, and started spreading it everywhere.

"STOP!" shouted Bill to Brian "You die and save us!"

"Damn it!" Yelled Brian.

We all started to run, But we were trapped inside the school, as you know, and there was fire everywhere.

"Run Right!" Yelled CareTaker, Bill.

There was a wall.

"what?" James asked, They coldn't possibly run into a wall, could they?

Caretaker stan pressed his hand agenst the wall, and the wall turned around to reaveal a dark room, Right up Until Bill turned On the lights.

"WOW! what is this?" gasped the whole of the class.

"This is the school's secret CCTV Room" Said Caretaker Bill "This IS Built with Fire and giant invading bogies Proof walls,"

"Did Bogies once invade?" asked Nacy.

"Yes, It was a horrid scence," Sighed Bill the caretaker.

"mmmm" added Principal loons, WHo was working at the CCTV station Today.

"there's something weird in the corridors," he examended.

"THAT'S FIRE!" Yelled Nelson.

"ohh, oh yes, i knew that" smiled nevoursly Loons.

"anyway, Who gave you the name loons?" asked Rebecca.

"OI! that's none of your buisness!" Yelled Loons "we have to get out of here, but how can we? the doors are frozen shut!"

"oh no they aren't!" shouted Brian Brain.

"OI! I thought you were burnt into a crisp, and then eaten by giant invading bogies!" shouted Cartaker Bill.

"no, I just simply Put my shoe in the drinking fountain, and don't drink from there as the water is now of fire."

"How did that ever happe-" Started Principal Loon.

"We don't have time! luckily I had bought a flying skateboard when I sold My Bogie protector machine, and Bought this Flying skateboard as you now see, We will take turns, First me and someone else and then someone else and someone else, So we could hover over the fire, and through the open-because-it-was-burnt-down door. simple as that!"

But, when he finally finished saying that, everybody was gone, and they burnt the skateboard.

"How did I know this would happen?" muttered Brian the Brain who is going to bw burnt by the fire very soonly.


"Damn it!" Yelled Brian.

January 16, 2021 13:03

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15:05 May 01, 2021

Nice story! Looking forward for more!


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Rita Ractliffe
04:52 Jan 28, 2021

Besides the barrage of misspellings, grammar errors, etc., had trouble trying to figure what was going on. The avalanche of misspellings attracted my attention more than the story, sadly. And use of words totally inappropriate to what seemed to be trying to be said. Fantasy? Sci fi? Horror? I honestly could not tell. Left me more confused than anything. The inner workings of a bullied kid? Maybe this is how they write these days? So many sentences with incorrect words defining what they were doing; and never quite sure what that ...


Damian Nowacki
08:34 Aug 24, 2021

No worries, I will fix the spelling mistakes as soon as I can. It my fault since I wrote it in just one hour in time for the deadline


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Creed .
21:16 Jan 23, 2021

A very interesting story. I spotted a few grammar or misspells. Beside those, it's cool.


Damian Nowacki
14:22 Mar 02, 2021



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