Title: Android as a human companion by Yakshaya K

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Crime Friendship Lesbian

     In this fast moving times of internet technology friendship of Human beings has been replaced by Android human communication. It has become a most loveable friend connecting people from different countries to have video chats and even see each other. Android has become a life breath of Modern society without any distinction of caste, colour, religion or nationality.

                          Dr K.P.Singh a famous professor of space technology was badly in need of enfolding himself into the Arms of Miss Natasha Gandhi who was the sister of his wife Kamalesha. He felt a strong passion for her and she also oscillated between to reach for him and it is herein that the Mobile became an intervening agent. She was also married to Rai-Saheb, but his sexual demand seemed to be very less. K.P. could fill in the sexual hunger. K.P. had often been calling her. The mobile when one day finally she met him in his cabin. She was a distributor of medicinal products.

                        The Android became their agent and gradually she could not afford to be stiff with her sister’s husband. “Finally she came to the conclusion that her brother-In-law was equally entitled and she too as well.

             “No I cannot meet you today. My younger brother who stays in a boys’ hostel has come to spend his week end with me .Just wait till Monday. Just then he received a call from her husband. Jaspreet was in the habit of calling her quite often times and something always felt some uneasiness.

                  The Android had become an ultra modern flying pigeon of various colours and multiple advantages. It brought People very far in U.K. or States to become close to them and the neighbors around your area were now redundant. They were making friends in New York or Hampstead and even fly by air to see them. One man Mr. Suresh Avasth went to Hampstead to meet Jane Cornforth and he had a very nice Time with her. He was her guest from Bombay and he had to be entertained as her special guest. It is no surprising to know That Android has become a means to profligate indulgence and even helps people several ways of kissing in different styles. Android has become a useful means of fraudsters and cheaters and this part of the story needs to be skipped of.

                            Mrs. Rita Mehta had a long list of call boys who were working as food Tiffin delivery boys or a tuition teacher or other boys in Tomato or Swiggy. These some of the boys who have also given their mobile numbers to fashionable ladies who are interested in this kind of boys.They are usually handsome and they don’t mind to do something if they get one thousands or even fifteen hundred.

     Ramesh Chopra was always available to many women around Delhi University campus.Call him on the mobile and he would go running on his two wheelers.Really Android is giving great service to the present time society.Android also helps fraudsters and cheaters like Nirav Modi or Mehul Choksi.

    Dr K.P loved his sister in law and it is Android that help the both meet each other.Kamlesha wanted her husband’s friend Anil Kumar who worked in some production company.

    They were two together in one garden and they were having Some drinks along with snacks. Kamlesha also knew not with whom Jaspreet was talking. The mobile made it very easy for many people to meet each other.

                      This modern mobile has opened all the world to People of different sorts to imteract and inhibitions have Vanished since long time. The modern mobile has made it possible for every one to meet anyone and it has become a  Hybrid, homosexual and lesbian world of summits of satiation.

                   It has opened the sexual world of all sorts of characters. Several ‘love Jehads’  and the people of this community have caused a havoc in the entire country. There are most wicked stories all around this issue.

                    Helen Fox is with Shirley Foster meeting each other during afternoons and how sincerely faithful is this Android.Peter Crawford meets Henry Johnson meeting in each Other’s bungalow. Never before homo-sexuality was so comfortable. Just a few calls and they met and did what they needed amongst themselves.

                          Imagine the surprise when Jasapreet reached to Meet Natasha. Kamlesha had caught her sister and husband in an uncompromising situations. Android has let loose several Sexual adventures. Tremendous transformation have been caused and one taxi-driver came to sleep with one woman Right under the nose of her husband. How many stories I Can possibly relate. Social inhibitions have ever long since Gone.David Thomson had no time to chat with his wife except a  Call on the mobile. She would send him messages to bring her cosmetics and domestic things were communicated through  Whats ’App. Whenever he had to attend a high business Conference and left for other city. She enjoyed herself with several boys for days together. Just one call to one, then another and then still another. Mobile calls went on ringing Continuously. One Anne Hersford her friend told her to call Black Boy with red belt. He could give her all funs for two hours at a stretch.

                Android caused a whole social revolution all over the World. A girl of thirteen called her eighteen years old boy-friend and I saw her kissing the cheeks of the boy on the bench Itself. It has lead to optimum level and the floods are now overflowing. Android has also inflated live-in-relationships And legal marriage is not being preferred. An irony or blessing.! Anil bhai Bhatt lost all his money for getting entangled with Neha Bhattacharya and was reduced to becoming a bankrupt.Live in relationship of fifty years with a girl who was twenty- two for eighteen months. Lost his five crores of bank balance.

                   Let me tell you an episode of a Managing Director of Good Land who used to get calls from several women. A man With large amounts of money is always sought after.

“ I am passionate to an infinite degree to look into you from face to feet. I will kiss your feet too in my love for you.”

He went on : ‘’ Hang your boss in hell. I will give you a gift of diamond necklace of ten lac rupees’

              Sunita Bhattacharya melted like a burning candle’

But at that very time Harish Malhotra’s wife Mridula was fixing herself with one Om Prakash Batra and she fixed her meeting at Capitol where she too had fixed meeting him. Her room number was 104 and Harish with Mridula Malhotra had fixed room number 105.

                 She looked at her husband and her husband looked at her. They both were damn terrified. Both were caught red-Handed. Before any shouting upon her he realized that he was also with another girl.

                        He should have shot her dead and she should have shot him dead to see her husband with another woman.She realized that both of them were culprits and who had right to be annoyed!None had any right to kill the other.

                          The atendents of the hotel came with good dinner of Seekh-kebab and Chicken Korma along with Black-Horse and Thums-Up and Spiral Soda and Mountain-Dew. They Entered their respective rooms and began taking their dinner with those drinks.

                                Just at that moment the Android of the Hotel Manager gave a ring “ Sir you are wasting your precious time. Stop bothering about your wife. ‘” Sab chalta hai ( Everything is O.K.” The same is going on in all rooms here.

                              Then he sent one song to both the lovers. “ Carry on Carry on. Enjoy the best

Kick all worries let them for tomorrow rest:

Carry on best of funs;

Life time fastly runs.”

The video device was kept on in C.C.TV Camera

Open…… Undress….. Drinks and Kisses.

No more worries .No more fusses. 

February 26, 2021 13:13

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