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Percy remembers the first date her husband took her on. They were teenagers then, he was quiet at the time and spoke with a stutter, his eyes constantly flickering to the ground asking her if she would like to go on a picnic. The place he had chosen to go was next to a river with green flowing grass and wildflowers that bloomed wherever they pleased. She laughed thinking back on it now, the entire week had been gray with solemn clouds slinking over the village.

Of course a thunderstorm had happened on that day.

Hadeon had given her his coat to use as a shield from the pouring rain and insisted on walking her home. By the time they had arrived at her house he was soaked to the bone and bid her farewell with a chattering smile and shivering limbs.

Hadeon had come back after a few minutes still soaked asking for his jacket. Percy returned the jacket gratefully. Hadeon later found a pressed sweet William blossom in the left hand pocket.

Further into their relationship she had given him a flower crown. She loved flowers, they could be deceivingly beautiful hiding poison, or simply lovely. The flowers she gave Hadeon were white camellias, red camellias and white carnations. A sight that made her blush was him in the market later wearing the camellias and carnations proudly even with his older brothers teasing him.

Percy remembered how he never left her. Not even when she was angry. She didn’t remember the reason she got so mad, nor who it was, but his face she would always remember. She shouted at Hadeon, Percy screamed till she felt her voice breaking down on her, but his face didn’t change. Hadeon’s eyes never left her face. Percy remembered the tears and the flowers he laced in her hair calming her down.

They had slowly walked to her house.

“Wait.” She said hoarsely when they arrived. Percy went to her garden scanning for what she needed. Purple hyacinth, asphodel and a lone red rose. She tied the flowers together with twine that felt rough on her hands and presented them to Hadeon. A small smile quickly graced his face.

“Thank you.” She whispered with her eyes downcast.

Hadeon nodded. “Always.”

She remembered when Hadeon asked for her to meet him at the river where they had had their first date. He held up with a shaky hand a sprig of red salvia. Around the salvia was a golden ring.

“Percy Magnolia Demas, will you be forever mine?”

Percy snatched the sprig excitedly, practically ripping the ring off before jumping up and down like an excited child. “Yesyesyesyes! A thousand times yes!” She held the ring so tightly that she was sure it made an indention in her palm. Percy felt as though she was about to burst from joy.

Hadeon gave her a smile filled to the brim with relief. “Are you certain? You seemed a little hesitant.” He teased

“Hesitant?!” Percy gasped wide eyed. Percy unfurled her hand with a straight face. She made quick deliberate motions. She took the ring from its resting place in her palm and slid it on her outstretched ring finger slowly. “Hadeon Midas Aiides, I accept your proposal.” She smiled brightly. “Do you still think I have doubts?”


The next thing Hadeon knew he was pushed into the river. Cold icy water soaked his clothes and dampened the hair he spent the morning on. Hadeon finally got over the shock and stood up in the knee deep water. He “dusted off” his pants with a curt nod. “No doubts.” 

Percy was shocked when she felt Hadeon’s hand quickly grab hers pulling her into the icy water with a shriek. 

They were both soaking wet as Hadeon took her home.

Percy felt nothing else could have been better.

Their wedding was small, but it was perfect. The wedding was filled with more flowers than people with the sun shining. Her mother was bawling the entire time, and Hadeon had tasked his brothers with comforting her mother. 

She never had any doubts about marrying him.

After the ceremony, instead of throwing rice they had those who came, toss myrtle blooms. 

Percy giggled when the blooms stuck to Hadeons black hair.

Once they had their third child, they felt as though sleep was a far off gift. Their eldest, Zagreaus was constantly trying to sneak out into town after dark. At this point, Percy felt as though she should just let him and have him deal with the consequences himself, but Hadeon wouldn’t dream of it. Hadeon had gotten on his knees to talk to their youngest.

“Listen Melinoe, I need you to keep an eye on your brother, if he tries to leave in the night, you have the full right to lock him in his room as long as you want.” He said slipping Mel the key to Zagreus’s room.

They slept so well that night that they only woke up around noon.

Percy found out that Zagreus had been locked in his room till late morning. Z was only allowed out because neither Mel or their other daughter, Macaira, had any idea how to make breakfast. Mack told Percy how Mel had pouted eating a breakfast of hotcakes covered in powdered sugar and eggs.

“She gets it from your father.” Percy said smiling at the image.

Percy remembers getting ready the morning of her daughter's wedding. Hadeon had helped her pin sunflowers in her graying hair, and she helped him calm down.

Percy found Macaira sitting in a chair looking through a window seeing the sun peer through the trees.

“How are you feeling?” She asked her daughter drapping herself over the chair.

“A bit nervous.” Mack admitted in a excited whisper. “But really happy.” A smile slowly overtook her face.

Percy smiled moving to hug her daughter. “I’m going to go wake up your brother to make breakfast, and then Mel and I will help you get ready, sound good?”

“Before you wake them up I have a question.” Mack blushed a little. She carefully held up a forgotten crown of flowers that had been dried. “I found this a while ago and kept it. I thought Dad had made it for you. I,” Mack took a breath. “I wanted to wear it at my wedding.”

Percy felt her eyes begin to water. “I actually made it for your father.” She said slowly. Percy looked at her daughter smiling. “Of course you can.”

Percy hugged Hadeon while her children were all busy, she kissed him on the nose.

“What’s this for?” He asked pleasantly. 

Percy shrugged smiling lazily. “I just got so lucky.” Percy kissed him again before heading off.

Hadeon noticed a lone rose that Percy had left on their desk.

“I love you.” It said.

February 16, 2021 16:50

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Andrea Itt
17:00 Feb 16, 2021

Please read the meanings of some of these flowers. The farmers Almanac would be advised.


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