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It was windy, that lovely summer day, when I first met her. She was dressed in a colorful cotton sundress and wore light blue sandals on her feet. Her hair was held back by a greenish ruffled scrungie and small pieces of it had escaped to blow gently in her face with every warmish breeze. A small backpack was on her back and around her waist was tied a silky scarf. 

Looking every bit the essence of summer she smiled at me across the picnic table and, no matter how silly this may sound, I fell in love right then and there. Oh, you do think that's silly do you? I can tell by the expression on your face. Without a word I can read you, my dear. You look a lot like her, you know. The same honey colored hair, the same flecks of green in your big brown eyes.

Your personalities are different though. Where she is soft and gentle you are loud and boisterous. While she has remained slender through the years, you already have a chubbiness to you. I don't mean it as an insult. Don't go getting offended, it will do no good to protest. I promised you the truth in this story, and it is the truth you shall get.

After spying her on the other side of the table I couldn't take my eyes off her, she was the most interesting person I had ever seen. You probably don't think I should use the word “interesting” but rather go with something more romantic, but I did find her most interesting and the word fits perfectly. When she slipped her backpack off and placed it on the bench on her side of the table, I immediately sat down across from the spot so as to be near her and perhaps get a conversation going.

To say we conversed during the picnic meal, served by the family of the birthday boy, is to under emphasize what actually took place. We talked about almost everything and agreed on practically everything that we discussed. Not completely though. If you are looking for someone who agrees with you one hundred per cent on all topics, you will probably never find her. Unless she lies to you, which my someone would never do.

When they brought out the cake, guarding the candle flames from the wind, we sang quickly to allow the birthday boy the privilege to blow them out himself and not have the breeze do it for him. He was my best friend's little brother and you were one of his pre-school teachers. We found this out after the singing of the song, and blowing out of the candles, which was followed by a hearty round of applause. Then he went off to the next table to open his gifts and we were allowed the opportunity to converse some more.

You see, I knew I loved her then, without really getting to know her, which is usually not a good idea. But when I did get to know her over the rest of the summer my feelings were confirmed. I don't know when she knew she loved me. She tells me she knew right then also, and I have no reason to disbelieve her.

For the rest of the summer season we were inseparable, and it was the most beautiful time of my life until that point anyway. I say that because it just keeps getting better and better. You think I'm getting silly again don't you? Well, I did promise you the truth. There were dinners, carnivals, boat rides, skating, movies, even malls. We enjoyed every moment and we knew that together was where we belonged.

Our wedding took place that same summer. I know what you are thinking. That it was too soon, that we didn't know each other well enough, but truth be told the timing seemed perfect to us and we knew each other as well as two humans can. Still do, for that matter.

We rented a small, two bedroom, apartment and yes, this is the one right here. It has all we need for now and we're saving money to buy a house someday. Maybe I'm not that good of a provider, but we have what we need and we are very much in love and really, nothing else matters. In fact we have not only what we need, but also what we want. There is a difference you know.

Life was going along just splendidly until something happened that changed our lives. A third party entered our lives. On another beautiful summer day several years after, you came along and turned our world upside down. Don't worry, I'm not angry with you for it. In fact, I'm rather glad you showed up.

Once again it was love at first sight. The moment I saw you I knew that you were someone that I needed in my life. I love you, my sweetheart, more than I thought it was ever possible to love.

But you look tired now so perhaps it's time for bed. I'll tuck you in and kiss you goodnight in a moment. I just want to hold you a little bit longer and enjoy the sound of you breathing and the smell of your hair. Tomorrow I have a surprise for you that I think you'll really enjoy. And I will enjoy watching you enjoying it. Yes, another new gadget for you to love. 

I guess it's time for nighty-night. If I can put you down without waking you that is. There, you are still sound asleep. Now let me tuck you in and it's time for me to go although I would like to sit here all night and just watch you sleep. But you'll be up again in a few hours for your feeding and your mother will take care of that. 

I'll see you tomorrow. For now it's good night my Baby Girl and have the sweetest of dreams. 

June 24, 2021 01:57

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Gip Roberts
19:45 Jun 24, 2021

Sometimes I wish I could be a baby again, now that I've experienced how complicated life as an adult really is. Which makes the twist at the end of this story a powerful one. Good job, and thanks again for the comments on my stories.


Lavender Blue
20:01 Jun 24, 2021

Thank you, Glad you liked it.


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Driss Boutat
09:20 Sep 30, 2021

smart story 👍🙏


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Francis Daisy
00:07 Mar 10, 2022

What a beautiful love story that a parent can share with a child. Wonderfully told.


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