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Today’s menu of the day and the day after and all the rest of this year’s days to follow, is the abundant assortment created by the one and only, Chef Alonzo, aka Harry of the famous brothers of Martin’s Pond. The activities of these lively bunch of daredevils, and that is what the three were back in the day, will be long remembered. Dare was the key word, and it was the devil in the details that made them do a lot of, shall we say, inventive ways to their unique success. Their mother and father would whoop their hinnies if they knew half the stuff the boys used their wits to achieve in their younger days. 

Fast forward to today and what they now offer. The clever local advertisement read: 

Foodies serving a Family Plot Delight is the palate pleaser of the hour and you’ve made the right choice stopping by a family plot today. Our pleasure is to serve a medley of foods one would find at a local fair or carnival. So why not enjoy the same food right here? The only ride in, is the funeral parade procession of our custom glamorously repurposed cars from the salvage junk yard.  

Here is our popular food selection: Popcorn - Cotton Candy - Nachos - Pretzels - Roasted Nuts - Snow Cones - Corn Dogs - Ice Cream - Pizza - Loaded Fries - Grilled Cheese - Falafels - Mac and Cheese- and more! 

And that’s a wrap. And by that, I mean we have an assortment to fill your fancy and if you do want it in a wrap to go that is fine by us. Our aim to always please the next one in line and that is YOU! 

And so, begins another day in the life of Chef Alonso and his brothers. 

Before the boys hit their winning streak in their café-on-the-go, they spent time on the edge of doing dark deeds in the back alleys of the city. This became their new playground not long after the family business was bought out by Super Smart Parts. Two can play the game.  

They grew up in the car business and learned how to get into, go under, through and over every inch of a vehicle to solve a problem that needed fixing. Every size part for whatever make, and model was a new toy for them to play the game.  Until their father was scammed out of a huge chunk of money and saw his business fail.  

It was the times that were changing when one never knew who was friend or foe.  His business partner for a number of years became more of a smooth talker. He knew how to play the game with those that dealt a cryptic hand. Over the years he took more control of the day-to-day business. It was the afterhours high jinks the family was not aware of that brought the end to their livelihood. It seemed, that this guy, was paying others to steal cars, bring them to the shop in the early hours and have his boys completely change the image, repaint the color, then delete or add further details. These were then sold to clients with other agendas and that was to push the trade off to other countries. The money was piling up in their lucrative solution to a high demand car market. They were shipped via RORO as they knew people who knew people and had that fast track going quite smoothly.  

“We didn’t see this coming. Why?” Harry was angry at himself for trusting someone that long ago should have been doused in pig manure. They would make it up to their father. He did not deserve the shame to have his business swindled. The brothers all agreed that they were going to make him pay but first Harry, Bud and Phil were determined to go about this by following the same route. To hell with the Super Smart Parts or the smarty pants as they called them. The brothers would stand out soon, but in a unique way. First, they decided they needed to compete with this car joke jerk. And they did it to get back at him in a way to make him pay for his sleazy despicable ways. They found someone under the radar doing the same work yet going unnoticed in another part of the city. They worked their finesse, and the money factor was soon way over the top. They were that good. Discrete being their middle name to anyone that asked questions. The guy they were working with, who knew them long before this became a thing, rewarded the brothers handsomely and they offered their time soon enough to train others to take over this unique gig. The guy understood how the family was short changed and scammed which ended in the business falling apart. Trust was key to ending their time. He was ok with that, and they walked away.  

Now they decided to get on track for their better idea.  

They split up and worked the pieces of the puzzle. Harry took over the food part since it’s always been his thing. He went over the idea a hundred times coming up with his own menu. Phil and Bud went back off the grid and found better smash and grab vehicles to make into an amazing assortment of unique and a special line of luxury sedans for funeral processions. The three were joking and ragging on each other as the plan became real but they knew this was a win-win. 

Their father was all aboard with such a crazy idea, and his boys were making him proud. Super Smart Parts suddenly closed due to a police sting that broke up the party. Pay back is, you know. 

The brothers advertised their new business idea through the local newspaper and in short order they had a steady stream of interest courtesy of local funeral parlors. 

Harry, Bud and Phil’s up-front business, Foodies serving a Family Plot Delight, was beginning today. They had the food truck painted with positive street art parked in front of the town funeral parlor. The vehicle procession was the best jazzed up street vehicles on the planet! Drivers were assigned as family and friends were seated in each one and the food truck led the way to the Old Center Cemetery all the while playing a medley of happy tunes everyone could hear. They entered through the main gate and parked near where the graveside service was to be held. After the somber moments of respect, it was time to rejoice. And what better way to celebrate a life well lived than with food and drink. Harry turned on the air horn, the music started, the confetti streamed overhead and over the loudspeaker everyone was welcomed to... PARTY! What a day. 

March 26, 2022 03:02

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