Christian Drama

It was a cool evening in the city of Jerusalem, it was the night of the Jewish Passover. Families were putting together meals for the feast, inviting friends or drinking together.

“Arella please go check if your sister Gevira is back from the market” Hedya shouted from the kitchen as she kneaded bread dough. A little girl of ten walked into the kitchen pulling the hem of her dress

“Mama, she hasn’t returned yet” Arella replied softly. Hedya groaned silently and pounded into the dough with more energy.

“Your sister knows what today is and she decides to be late and I don’t even know where Ditza went off to with the water I sent her to fetch” Hedya murmured. She was still kneading when she turned and saw Arella still standing behind her, seeing the expression on her child’s face she already guessed the situation. Wiping her forehead with the back of her hand she stopped kneading and turned fully.

“Okay, dear what did you do?” she asked folding her arms. “No, mama I didn’t mean to” Arella said trailing off. Hedya’s patience was growing thin

“You didn’t mean to what?” she asked her voice raising

Arella whimpered “I am sorry mama, I broke the vase. The new one” Hedya just stared at her too surprised to speak. She pressed her wrist on her forehead before she spoke

“Just clean it up and check on your little brother after” she said waving her away. The vase was a new one her older brother bought for her on a trip to Bethlehem. Taking a break from her kneading she walked up to the kitchen window, leaning on it she looked outside. Breathing in the cool evening air she smiled as she watched smaller children play outside, her smile turned to small frown as she remembered her son Idan, he was too frail to play outside like other energetic children. She walked back to her dough saying a small prayer for Idan then she remembered another of child who wasn’t around, she moved swiftly back to the window leaning out she called out his name

“Lavan! Lavan!” she shouted frantically, she always worried about her children, they often went about without telling her where they were. Leaning out to call him again she saw him walking towards her calmly as ever

“Where were you?” she asked he didn’t answer until he came into the kitchen

He brushed his long brown hair out of his eyes before he spoke “I was just by the front of the house, thinking and writing” he said pointedly. “Mother I’m already 15” he added

“Oh” Hedya gasped her faced flushed as she tucked a strand of her bouncy brown curly hair that escaped her scarf behind her ear. Lavan was in school studying the law. “I am sorry for disturbing your thoughts” she apologized returning to her work

“By the way do you know where your siblings are?” she asked as she put the dough in the oven.

“Mother you know that’s not a particular question to ask” Lavan said as he washed his hands “they can be anywhere, they can't be in one place for long” he continued smiling, she frowned and turned to stir the stew on fire. Lavan was about to speak but the noise at the front of the house stopped him. Arella squealed from where she was

“Brother Aryeh what are you doing?” she asked obviously startled. Aryeh laughed in his deep husky voice towering over the little Arella before he carried her up with his free hand. Aryeh was a hulk of a man, very tall and bulky with his dark hair and booming voice. Many said he lived after his name meaning lion.

 Lavan and their mother came out of the kitchen to see what was happening. Lavan just laughed and their mother sighed shaking her head

“Aryeh! What are you doing?” Hedya asked her hands fisted on her plump waist. Aryeh’s smile vanished, he was carrying a sheep on his shoulder.

“Ma” he started but Hedya lifted her hand up to stop him “Aryeh, you know better than to bring a freshly slain sheep through the front of the house, you should bring it through the back” she scolded

Aryeh found his voice “But ma I drained it of all the blood on the fields for most of my day before bringing it in here”

“Who knows, some you didn’t drain will fall on the carpet and who will wash it off?” Aryeh knew it wasn’t something to argue on with his mother. “I’m sorry ma, I’ll take it to the kitchen” he said putting a giggling Arella on the ground. Lavan laughed harder at him and he just glared back

“Brother you really are a beast” Lavan called out after him.

Aryeh was in the kitchen with his mother, he was skinning the sheep to cut it up after.

“Make sure you skin it properly and don’t cut it too thin” Hedya said as she cut up vegetables to boil the sheep with. “Ma, I already know that” he stopped what he was doing and looked at her

“Ma I apologized, I am really sorry you don’t have to be bitter about it”

“Aryeh, it’s not just that” she replied not looking up “you all make it more stressful to raise seven children”

“Just know something ma, you did well raising us and you are still doing well” Then she looked up smiling “thank you Aryeh” immediately Ditza came in through the back door with her water pot on her head

“Good evening brother, I thought you were still at the fields. How are the sheep?” she asked breathlessly, he just nodded in reply. Dropping her pot she turned and saw her mother glaring at her with hands akimbo and she jumped

“Oh mother! I didn’t see you, good evening” Ditza greeted shakily

“What took you so long dear” Ditza looked around like she was looking for where to escape from

“I was carried away by my discussion with Taphatha, I’m truly sorry”

“Is discussion your new cover-up for gossip?” Hedya asked still annoyed

“No mother it really isn’t gossip. You see her older sister is getting married and it’s a rich man” Ditza said with excitement, her words sparked a reminder in Hedya’s head and at that moment Gevira came in with her basket full of herbs. Hedya just stared dully at her, Gevira opened her mouth to speak but Hedya stopped her

“I’ve had an earful of apologies this evening, I don’t even want to know just bring those herbs over and prepare them for the sheep” she instructed already tired.

As they set the table for dinner their father walked in. He just came back from his shop, he was a trader.

“Ditza go wash your father’s feet” Hedya shouted as she came out of the kitchen to see her husband. There was a scuttle of activity everywhere as everyone was busy setting up the table for dinner or washing up

“How was your day dear” Hedya asked her husband as she set a bowl for him to wash his hands “Fine, thank God. The new orders came in today, what about you. How was your day with the children?”

Hedya smiled lightly before she answered “we thank God for seeing us through but Vardimom’s not back yet” he just shook his head slowly. Then she stood patting his hair affectionately, carrying the bowl with her she went to the kitchen.

Just as they about to start their meal Vardimom stumbled into the house breathless. Their father looked at him sternly

“Vardimom why are you late and where were you?” he asked. Vardimom just smiled brightly

“Father, my greetings to you and mother” he said coolly as he washed his hands before sitting down “I don’t believe I am late, in fact I made it just on time since you haven’t started the meal I suppose”

Father banged his fist on the table “Vardimom! I will not have any of your smart talks, I have been too lenient” he roared. Hedya took her husband’s hand “Nadav, take it easy” she whispered. Looking at his wife he calmed down, but the tension at the table hadn’t

“Ditza say the grace” he said gruffly. As the grace was said Hedya looked around the table at her children; Aryeh with his hulk, Gevira with her queen like beauty, Ditza with her alluring smiles and her twin Vardimom with his handsomeness no woman could turn from, Lavan and his cool nature, Arella who came after a miscarriage-her own little angel and then Idan her last, people said he looked exactly like her father a reincarnation maybe. They had all grown, she felt old looking at all of them a tear escaped her eye.

After the grace they began to eat, then father looked up from his food

“Vardimom, you haven’t explained where you were” he said it calmly

“I was at Chagai’s place with some other friends” he answered not looking up from his plate, it annoyed the father

“I have warned you about going there haven’t I? All they do there is party and drink or do you want to become like your uncle Mordecai?”

Vardimom paused facing his father “I don’t drink father, if you should know and I can't refuse a small party for the Passover” he replied now vexed, he hardly got angry.

“I will not have you in the company of that characterless boy and his family” his father shouted, everyone at the table stopped eating shocked at the outburst

“I thought we aren't to judge father, and you are ruining the mood at the table” he said calmly returning to his food. Father was angry but Hedya placed her hand on his shoulder calming him a little. After eyeing Vardimom for a while he turned to Aryeh

“Aryeh I want to speak to you about tending to those sheep all the time” Aryeh looked at his father

“And what’s wrong with that father?” he asked spitefully, it wasn’t the first time they had this discussion

“I want you to take up trading and exports too, with your brain for numbers and all that it would be good”

“Father I am good with the sheep and I believe it is those sheep that provide the best wool for your market and exports, right?”

His father shot out of his chair “you want to remain with them in the fields like a wild beast, have you heard what people say, how would you get a wife?!”

“When God wills it I will take up a wife and I will remain with the sheep, I already get good income from them. I will not discuss it again”

“You will leave the sheep Aryeh, Lavan can care for them” Lavan opened his mouth to refuse but his father glared at him to be silent “You have challenged me too much I need to show you your place, you will obey me” he continued

“Nadav!” Hedya shouted “please let us not do this here” she pleaded pulling him into his chair. He sat down and they continued to eat in silence.

After a while Hedya cleared her throat breaking the silence. “Um Gevira there is something your father and I would like to tell you” Gevira looked up eyes glittering, hoping for good news

“There’s a suitor we have gotten for you, the exporter’s son I am sure you know him” Hedya said smiling slightly meanwhile Gevira frowned

“Mother who doesn’t know him but I have no wish to marry him” she said stubbornly

“Why do you say such, his parents already came by yesterday. You are already 18, you’re old enough”

“Mother I already have one I wish to marry”

“You want to disobey the order of your mother and I?” her Father asked his voice rising

“Father I have no wish to do that but I already love another, it’s Katriel”

“Is that why you were late home today Gevira, because of that low man’s son” Hedya quipped in her anger brewing. She and Nadav had already promised her hand

“Mother?!” Gevira shouted in shock as she stood up “you are no better than the hypocrites the preacher Jesus who you took us see to preaches about” and with that she ran upstairs Ditza chasing after her. Then Aryeh stood up and left the house, Vardimom stood up quickly

“Thank you father and mother for ruining our meal, because we are somewhat rich doesn’t make us better” he said before storming out of the house following his brother. Hedya slumped into her chair and Nadav glared at her sparks in his eyes

“What did Gevira just say about that man called Jesus” he asked fiercely, she stood up opening her mouth to explain herself but words failed her she only let out a gasp. She had been going to listen to Jesus’ sermons with the children because she believed his miracles and his teachings

“Hedyyaa?!!!” he growled “do you want to stray from the way of our forefathers too, answer me” Hedya was about to try speaking again before Arella screamed

“Mother! Father! Please stop, Idan is having it again” they turned to see Idan in Arella’s arms having one of his fits. Hedya ran to her side taking the child from her

“Nadav please go and fetch the physician” Hedya shrieked but he only stood glowering at her “please, he is your son” she cried before Nadav ran out of the house. “Lavan please follow your father, make sure he gets there”

Hedya clutched her child closer to her chest as she walked to her room. After listening to all of Jesus’ teachings she felt ashamed of herself for acting the way she acted. She had always tried to keep her family together but now she helped to tear it apart, her children trusted her so much before but now they would no longer do so. She sighed as she placed Idan softly on the bed before she started to whisper her prayers in the new way she had learnt

Our Father, who art in heaven….

**These are the meaning of their names

Hedya: voice of God

Gevira: queen

Arella: angel

Ditza: joy

Aryeh: lion

Idan: era

Lavan: white

Nadav: noble

Vardimom: essence of rose

June 29, 2021 22:51

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H L McQuaid
18:28 Jul 01, 2021

Hello Ogechukwu. I think you have some interesting elements in here, namely the relationship among the different family members, and a snapshot of family life. However, I wasn't really drawn into the story. Stuff happened, but there didn't seem to be any narrative arc...Just a bunch of people doing things with some arguments. If you had summarise this story in one or two sentences, what would it be? I've found writing a logline for my stories helps to clarify who the main characters are, what they are trying to achieve, etc. My advice i...


Ogechukwu Anyaso
11:03 Jul 21, 2021

Thanks for the creative input, I'll try my best next time. I hope I will be able to improve and yeah I really do hope my voice becomes clearer, I'll just continue writing and I'll probably turn out better :)


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Joan Wright
00:58 Jul 08, 2021

Dear Ogechukwu, I enjoyed learning about the family and their daily differences. Each of them had a strong personality. I felt like I had missed part of the story. I didn't see a problem and a solution. I was sometimes confused about the characters. I think you have the basis for a great story. Develop a beginning, middle and end. Define a problem and end with a solution. Maybe before you start writing. I like your character descriptions and how your characters stayed in character throughout.


Ogechukwu Anyaso
11:09 Jul 21, 2021

Sorry for replying late, I have been off for a while. Thanks for commenting it really lights me up seeing people commenting but can you clarify on the not seeing a problem and solution, and the part on missing a part of the story maybe I can explain. Again thanks for liking 😊


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