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**July 7 update** I'm going to be focussing on screenwriting for the next 5 months, so not sure if I'll have time/energy to write stories. I'll try to read some and provide feedback, but it may much briefer than my usual (which some of you may prefer. :0) From Erie, PA to London, UK, with a few stops along the way. Some of my favourite writers on here (in no particular order) and if I remember, I'll rotate the list regularly as there are many more!: Claire Lewis David Gottfried Nina Chyll Kristin Neubauer K Antonio Ash Jarvis Thom Brodkin Rachel Smith Deidra Lovegren Shea West Rayhan Hidayat And you should check out Beth Connor's writing and captivating podcast, Crossroads Cantina: https://crossroadscantinapodcast.com/ The Lorelei was turned into an immersive audio drama on Crossroads Cantina . Listen here: (https://crossroadscantina.captivate.fm/episode/the-lorelei) Listen to 'The Debate' on Katie Kanning's podcast 'Unpublished, not Unknown' https://bio.link/katiek If you're still reading, a bit of background. I went to school for a long time and collected a number of degrees (Cognitive Psychology, Professional Writing, German), some more useful than others. I did some creative writing when I was a teen, but that was interrupted by decades of non-fiction, so I'm trying again. Copyright © 2021 Heather McQuaid - All Rights Reserved. Using content without written permission is prohibited.

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