I had better things to think about than my life.

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Fantasy Coming of Age

"Can you keep a secret." Jessica snatches my phone from my grasp. "Depends." I snap angrily. "Can you?" Jessica asks gravely. " Can I have my phone back?" She glares at me.

" Fine, yeah, I can keep a secret. I mean it's not like you've kept a secret like I am actually a wizard that is going to a wizarding school and I have to defeat a dude that is nose-less." I giggle but Jessica is still glaring me down. I suppress the rest of my giggles and look at her.

" Look at my hands." I look at the palm of her hand and a blue light glows out of her hand with a circle and unique patterns in the circle. I squeal but she closes her hand. She nods towards my hand.

I steadily opened my hand and she murmured an incantation.

Slowly a white light emerges from my hand along with a black circle like Jessica's but with a different pattern. I gasp and I glance at Jessica's face who is smiling at my hand. I close my hand quickly. Jessica scowls at me but then starts explaining.

" Alchemy is a very hard type of magic. Maybe because it is the only type of magic." I force a laugh but it comes out like a sigh. " Your alchemy is more special than mine or your mom's."

" What!? Mom knows about this and never told me!" Betrayed I get off the bench and rush home. " Hey! Wait!" She runs behind me heaving after running 3 blocks."Nnggh!" I glance to my side to find an ugly creature gaining on me.

I scream and a white bullet shoots out of my hand. I look at Jessica who is heaving and grinning. My shoulder burns and I scream at the searing pain. Jessica shoots a blue bullet behind me and I hear a groan." Oh my god!" I shriek and I grin broadly.

Along the way we find more gooey creatures lurking in places I've been in. Like in the bathroom stall in the library that no one uses. The librarian was surprised I even wanted to use the bathroom. Jessica wanted me to practice anyway, and she told me ideal living conditions for these creatures. The musty smell of cabbage and rusty rushed to my nose.

I gag and investigate. A burp comes from the last stall and we creep towards it carefully, our circles formed. Before I clearly saw the creature my hand automatically shoots it with a white bullet of light.

Delighted we squeal together and head to the alley between the pet shop and bakery. We walk slowly into the narrow alleyway and the same smell potent smell of cabbage and rust attacks my nose again. We attack it at the same time this time and we look at each other with a look of satisfaction.

We stop by the gelato shop and we part ways. Jessica is my cousin, but we're basically sisters. We both don't have any siblings so it works out quite well. Aunt Lana is so cool. Kinda like you're typical cool aunt, dyed hair, multiple earings, and trendier than me. Jessica always whines about her mom being too childish and annoying and I agree with her. Although I'm secretly jealous of Jessica. Jessica's dad is always traveling and my mom is a manager for a random company or whatever.

Mom is my favorite person in the whole world. Kind of cliche` but mom is super stylish, sophisticated, pretty, and well...perfect. We call each other best friends and we tell each other everything. But I understood why she never told me. I feel stupid for understanding her. She didn't need my sympathy. She didn't need anything from me.

"MOOOOMMM!" "WHAT!" Mom walks into the living room of our apartment. I glare at her playfully and she glares back. She goes back to the kitchen and says "Chicken, Brussel sprouts and rice." " Kay." I plop onto the couch and grab my computer. Alchemy. I type into the search engine. "The medieval forerunner of chemistry, based on the supposed transformation of matter. It was concerned particularly with attempts to convert base metals into gold or to find a universal elixir." " Mom!" " Yeah!" " Do you know what alchemy is?" Mom pauses then go on. " Why do you care about that?" I shrug. "Did Jessica say something about alchemy, that brat. Did she scare you? Or did you watch a Japanese cartoon with a guy who has a brother who is the armor? And he has a metal arm and leg." Mom is eating a granola bar while leaning on the dining table. I roll my eyes and laugh. " Anyway, why do you ask?"

I open my palm and focus on the pattern that I had on my hand earlier. Mom, confused watches me. Once the white light and black circle form in my hand Mom spurt pieces of granola onto the carpet. Wide-eyed she shrieks and clamps my hand shut. " I'm going to beat the crap out of Jessica." She starts to put on her shoes then pauses. She rubs her head and sighs. " Wait here and look out the window. " I follow obediently. Excited, I fiddle with the end of my lace dress. Then I feel it. A searing pain like before hits me in my back and makes me stumble. Coughing a silvery liquid, I turn around to find mom concentrating on my back. " Wh-what are you doing?" I ask spurting more liquid. " Honey, just relax and have a quick death." I freeze. So this is the end. I should've known. Is this how death feels like, no who will know how I die. I can't believe my own mother is killing me.

Then it all goes blank

I slowly open my eyes and get blinded by the blue sky. I push my self up and find myself on a... cloud. I scream and trip and I fall through the cloud. I start to recall all my thoughts and a sudden jolt of betrayal hits me in the stomach. Tear rush down my face. Disgusting.Disgusting.Disgusting. I thought she loved me. She didn't love me enough. Maybe not at all. It was all an act. I start sobbing while I plummet to my death. When I think about it now, I feel dumb. Not noticing that I was plummeting to my death. But I guess I had better things to think about than my life.

August 16, 2020 20:09

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