Teens & Young Adult Friendship Adventure

Mountains bear cold winds powerful enough to knock strong-abled travelers off their feet and clusters of boulders from their thousand-year-old perches; high cliffs found near oceans are found even more dangerous, as ocean currents bring bushels of raging air to main lands. Yet as Komalia's gaze travelled across a soft grey sky, terns danced among the winds gracefully. Their white bellies helped camouflage them against the clouds, yet when they dove their grey backs and yellow beaks flashed momentarily to remind the young woman she was never alone. As comforting as their sights were, Komalia believed the birds were also an ominous-though helpful-warning sign; the winds were picking up. Tightening her scarf around her nose, Komalia spotted another glass bottle on the beach and rushed forward, breathing a sigh of satisfaction when she saw no shatters or cracks. Once carefully placed into a knitted knapsack, Komalia fetched her walking stick from a small bench crafted... 

Almost a year ago. 

Komalia blinked in surprise at the thought, looking over at the never-ending waves slithering over dark brown sand. A year of rebuilding the tiny society that is Nova-Juniper Village. Komalia shook her head in amazement, marching forward a few paces and turning a corner to find the tiny dock guarded by Beth and her dog Horus. The older sailor glanced up as Komalia approached, smiling warmly at the young woman; her smile made Komalia feel warm and safe despite the sea's tormenting winds blowing her scarf around. 

"Heya there, lassie! Found more coffer's along the beach, I see?"

Making sure her eyes crinkled with a smile the young woman opened her bag, showing off some lucky finds; four intact glass bottles, fishing line, seashells of various sizes and a little something that sparked light into Beth's eye. 

"Sink me!"

Komalia allowed a laugh at Beth's shocked expression as the item was pulled out and handed to her. Horus's tail thumped against the dock's wood as Beth howled a mighty cheer, spinning the long, bronze tube in her hands. 

"Blow me down! Seadogs would carry beauties like this one on any ship, darlin’; man-o-war captain’s especially, though you could’ve found these in any old salt’s duffle… yes, me days will be less borin' from now on. Been sittin' here for so long I thought I saw a clipper a few days back, reckon I be goin' insane…”

Beth's eyes scanned the horizon and a sudden sadness bestowed her gaze, her shoulders drooping slightly with a sigh. Horus noted the sudden change of atmosphere and sat up, stretching his old joints before propping a front paw on Beth's thigh. Komalia smiled as Beth gave her usual hearty chuckle, patting the old border terrier's flank. 

"Ya old bucko, your spirit is as stubborn as a siren's! Unrelentin' he is..." Beth paused to fiddle with her gift, then smacked her forehead. "Shiver me timbers, get up to your station matey! Sundown summons currents of a buccaneer's nightmare, and thy booty is precious. Vahoy!"

Some days Komalia hardly understood anything through Beth's strong lingo, but 'Vahoy' always meant she must hurry back up to the mountainous village. After patting Horus's head, Komalia made her way up the twisting steps back to the village, wondering how Beth managed to bring Horus up to their makeshift lighthouse in the middle of the achingly cold nights. If being in bed with multiple makeshift blankets didn't always mean warmth, she could only imagine being so near the shoreline… especially not so early in spring. Komalia gave a sigh and a quick prayer up to her neighbor Joey who did not make it through this year's winter. Though, quoting his wife, 'There is no time for sitting and mourning; keep his good soul in our hearts and make sure nothing like that will ever happen again.'


Looking up greeted a sight of Florence waving desperately, his hat tumbling down the steps towards her. With a quiet grunt Komalia managed to scoop up the newsboy and wave it above her head gleefully, to which Florence clapped with a whoop.

"Saved by the pretty lady once again!" Florence laughed, quickly unscrewing his leg's joint to stand, his belt buckled to a pole stationed near the wind turbine he was working on. "Honestly Lia, what would I do without you? First my leg down the stairs, then my wrenches..."

Komalia lowered her scarf with a scoff. "Don't get me started on that leg of yours; do you even bother replacing the screws?"

"Anytime Hobbs finds the right ones." Florence accepted his hat with a wink and snuggled it back on, breathing in deeply as the wind ruffled strands of inky black hair peeking out from his hat's brim. "Yes, we do need the right screws… this piece of scrap metal can only get me so far."

Komalia hummed in agreement. "Should I ask Yvon for some scrap metal? About time for a new prosthetic.”

“Good idea.” A comfortable pause. “Find anything useful on the beach?”

“Some seashells and bottles for Amelia, and fishing line, though I don't know who would need some."


Komalia spoke through a grin. "I actually found her a spyglass.”

Florence gave a nod, pursing his lips. “Wow, a spyglass.”

“You don’t know what that is, do you?”

“Not exactly. Is that to spy on people?”

“It’s this long tube that lets you see really far away. I had Hobbs fix it up for me, there are a few scratches on the glass part but otherwise everything is intact.”

Florence listened along with nods and hums, though before he could answer one tern’s high-pitched cry announced her presence before a powerful gust nearly sent Komalia tumbling down the uneven stone stairs. Komalia’s left hand immediately grabbed her bag, her mind rushing to the fragile glass bottles. Florence caught her arm before disaster struck, cursing in Romanian as he pulled her against his chest. Komalia attempted to spit some of her brown hair out of her mouth and Florence noticed, quickly brushing it aside for her. 

“Get going; I’ll meet you for dinner at the Inn.”

 “Good idea,” Komalia muttered, pausing before unraveling her scarf and tucking the knitted length around Florence instead. 

Florence gave her back a pat before turning back to the turbine, a scowl settled onto his forehead as he began poking at gears. Komalia never understood how electricity possibly appeared from wind; all she knew was the process was complicated and took up most of Florence's time. After another minute of walking she found herself walking past a greenhouse overflowing with vegetation, giggling as Patricia leaned against the wall, pushing her bandana higher up to push her afro from her eyes.

"If we don't get an early summer I'll have beans sprouting from my ears," she murmured dramatically, smiling when Komalia laughed. "Wanna trade?"

"What do you have?"

"Red kidney beans and too much lettuce; those bad boys grew over the entire winter."

"I've got powdered milk and I can knit you another hairband."

"Sold." Patricia rolled her eyes comically as an elderly man's voice called for her from inside the greenhouse. "There's my cue to get dirty again. How long will it take for the hairband?"

"About two weeks; I'll use the thick yarn this time, I'll make sure there's more stretchiness."

Patricia grinned and flipped up two thumbs before cracking the door open and slipping inside the indoor garden; Komalia felt a wave of warm air hit her and longed to go inside as well, wondering if Mr. Kim would mind if she sat inside and listened to his timeless stories of survival and overcome hardships. If a man can survive a week smuggled in a ship heading to Europe, she could certainly survive without electricity for a few months...

Her thoughts were cut off by another strong gust of wind blowing her hair around; she gave a growl, making a mental note to make a few new hairbands for herself as she hurried to her house. She walked past a group of fishermen gutting their catches, Mrs. Julie watching her children run around, a cart of materials being pulled by Hazel and her horse. Life was busy and bustling, and Komalia loved to see everyone keeping one another busy with chores; silence was deafening in this town.

"They're back!"

So were Jeremy's yells. Komalia flinched, hands flying to pull her bag up as the young teen sprinted past her, beaming.

"What are you on about?" Hazel stuttered, pulling the reins of her steed as Jeremy narrowly ran into her.

"The foragers are back!" Jeremy got choked up with emotion, and Komalia noticed tears brimming in those wide brown eyes of his. "My dad's back!"

Komalia watched as he ran for Elke Hill, and without a second to waste pulled out a clear bottle from her sack to try out her theory. Sure enough, as she glanced through the slim nozzle a blurry group were made out from the gloomy grey backdrop of the mountain. A white horse was very distinguishable from the rocks, and Komalia's hopes soared as she shoved the bottle away.

"Jeremy's right! The forager group is back!" Hoping Florence heard her, Komalia began sprinting; she gave a hiccup as someone's hand blocked her from running forward, only to grin breathlessly as Hazel patted at the space behind her.

"Hop on!"

Taking her hand, Komalia jumped onto her horse and squeaked as Hazel gave a sharp whistle, propelling her steed forward. Komalia noticed how fast they ran and glanced behind them to see the cart left behind. Hazel breathed something under her breath and Komalia could only imagine her excitement; Sugar, the white horse coming clearer into view, had been away from her for a solid three months. The longest expedition the town has ever done, and so far everything seemed successful.

With a sharp click, Komalia gripped Hazel's waist as her steed came to an abrupt stop; Hazel glanced behind her, distaste painting her tone. "Too many sharp rocks."

Hazel nodded and glanced up the hill, smiling at what she saw. "Don't worry, they're leading Sugar with a lead."

"Better be." The huff in her tone made Komalia smile. "I taught Daniel better than riding her downhill."

"Daniel..." Komalia murmured, feeling her chest swell with excitement. "Quick, help me down..."

Hazel jumped off the horse with ease, allowing a chuckle at how Komalia gripped her shoulders tightly as she was swung off. She patted the horse's flank gently before beginning her track upwards, stuttering as someone shoved her aside.

"Dad!" Jeremy sprinted upwards, heaving with sobs as he clambered up the uneven path. Komalia watched in delight as an older man jumped from the cart and made his way down, arms outstretched and practically colliding with his son midway down the slope. Komalia glanced past them and her hopes soared when she saw that familiar, faded green coat.



Now Komalia ran, wincing as her ankles were twisted awkwardly and scraped by boulders surrounding her; as if heaven blessed the moment, a ray of sunshine peaked from the clouds and illuminated the hillside as a beauty of a woman ran into Komalia's arms, her grin resting against Komalia's skin.

"You made it," Komalia gasped, feeling her voice finally become stronger after all these weeks. Ivy pulled away, an amazed smile adorning her freckled face as she caressed Komalia's head, eyes nearly double as wide.

"You're actually here..." Ivy looked deep into Komalia's eyes and laughed, giddy. "You're finally in my arms."

The two girls enveloped in each other's arms laughed in pure joy, a group of story-clad explorers making their way down to a town awaiting their arrival impatiently. Terns sang their songs of greeting to harmonize with happy cries.

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This story appeared on my critique circle. Your story is amazing!!!!!!!!!


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