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                      Everyone inside the office was busy with preparing presentation documents and arranging the table positions. Some of them were double checking the documents, printing out the agenda and etc. Mrs. Smith was paying the order over everyone else in her office. She was the supervisor here in this advertising and media department. Today was the great day for us because the CEO would came here. The person who didn’t do anything here was Mr. Arbuckle the manager. He didn’t like our idea for running and arranging this project. He told us yesterday “You will never caught the attention from MD and CEO because your idea were bad enough to disappear”. We didn’t care whatever he said. For us, he would always be the stubborn manager who always hard to say a word as a bull. During our preparation, Mrs. Smith told us “we must look at the manager this time and prepare for the questions which were coming out from his negative point of view if we didn’t want to miss our chance”. We said “Roger”. An hour later, the CEO and MD came into our meeting room together. The manager rushed in a run to greet them and changed himself as a polite person. Then, the meeting was starting with Stanley who showed the idea to get chosen for this seasonal advertising. There were many department who wanted to get this one. But Stanley’s plan met the budget and so eye catching one for CEO. We trusted Stanley can make it happened as he planned.

                     The manager Mr. Arbuckle was sitting at the end of desk and watching them like a bull. They knew what he always did so they prepared for protecting from his negative effects. In the middle of the meeting, the CEO and Stanley was discussing about the seasonal new products, themes, scenery and other for presenting eye catching show to the customers. MD also shows his attention over their ideas. But they needed to put more efforts for not only customers but also board of directors. Their company always gave surprise and present to VVIP customers so this season which item should they add to make them surprise. They also planed to add their company’s marketing video in this event too. The marketing department and their media department were working together for this event so CEO said you must get in touch with each other more for the better idea our company image was belong to you so keep it up”. Before CEO and MD leave, they ordered them “do not put our hopes in trash, please keep in mind”. Then, Mr. Arbuckle leave without saying a word. Everyone thought he was keeping silent today, no one think that’s normal. After the meeting everyone kept back to their work, Stanley and Louis in a rush on finding the themes and items to add in their advertising event show as CEO mentioned them. They must connect to marketing department and production department for this changes too. They were getting into their work so they didn’t realize it’s time to go for lunch. Mrs. Smith came forward to their table and knocked. Stanley was being shock by her and said “can I help you, do you have anything to say”. Mrs. Smith said “aren’t you two go for lunch, it’s time to fill up our stomach, I knew you had a lot of tasks and duties to be done but don’t let it blank”. Right after her advise, they stand up and go forward to canteen with their colleagues. Only, Mr. Arbuckle left in the office.

                       When they all left, Mr. Arbuckle came out from his office and head to their desk to find where were the interesting parts for the event plan. As he seen before, he couldn’t find anything that can really catch both CEO and MD’s mind. He looked at the files upon their desk and also get inside their computer. Sometime Mr. Arbuckle really dumped head because he knew he can control and enter in everyone else computer without breaking the privacy or permission. But now, he went into other’s computer by hand using passwords. During he used his time over breaking the computer to get more detail information, everyone came back to the office because the lunch time was over. Mr. Arbuckle heard the shoe tapping sound outside the office and then he hurried get back into his own office. In his mind, he wanted to show his brilliant plan for this event show with advertising. He didn’t want to praise his employee much. The seasonal special show was something he ever wanted to win. If he got authority to manage and plan this event show, he could level up to the upper role. Now, his employee got this event and the CEO loved that plan so he thought he hadn’t chance to get this event and bonus to level up also. It’s all gone and he couldn’t get a chance to find their secret. But he didn’t give up yet, he tried to change his plan and working secretly without letting them knew. He decided to put his plan before Stanley gave his new complete plan to CEO.

On the other hand, CEO and MD knew he was this stubborn person who always view negative point of view over colleagues and never want to give a chance to other. So, they chose the new one to host the event and create the rival for him. They wanted to know what he do afterward. The days passed, it’s time to celebrate the event show. There had a problem with Stanley because the ordered still hadn’t arrive yet and the presents weren’t prepare yet. It’s very close to finish it now but they got into trouble. At that time, Mr. Arbuckle came to them and stand in front of them with proud smile and said “I had a plan B, do you want to listen my plan now”. Stanley and Louis couldn't help it so they agreed to listen his plan. His plan was great but they hadn’t much budget left for changing to those. But Mr. Arbuckle said “don’t worry he prepared himself already and we could use some from your plan A”. They all decided to join in this because they had to make it happened as planned. At last, the show end well but the CEO didn’t like their work much but he didn’t say anything. The MD told directly to Mr. Arbuckle by patting his shoulder “how’s that, you showed your talent now, please gave the way to new one come after you”. Mr. Arbuckle got silent at that time and he smiled and head over to us and said “didn’t I said so they would loved our ideas, I mentioned your idea had lack of possibility, and now I hoped you know my imagination over those because of my experience and talent”. Now, they all knew why Mr. Arbuckle never gave his trust over them easily. But he still their stubborn manager. 

May 21, 2021 07:20

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